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On what’s hotter than being naked

I love your dick. It’s beautiful even when it’s soft. And I love your arse and your thighs and your big shoulders and your arms and – oh God, everything.

But there’s something better than seeing you naked – seeing you almost naked.

Guys in pants

You’re slightly hotter with your pants on. Not because I don’t want to see your dick, but because I really, really do.

You standing in front of me, walking around the bed, in tight boxers that cup the bulge of your dick, makes me wetter than even the sight of your dick can make me. Because I know that it’s there – I can see the outline, temptingly close. Because I want to watch your boxers stretch as you grow harder. I want to put my mouth on the fabric and suck you in, wetting the cotton with my spit and feeling you grow thicker as you strain to get out. And if I’m lucky, I want to feel you twitch, and taste precum leaking through.

It’s hot because you’re not letting me see your dick.

Guys naked from the waist down

One word: boywanking. At University a boy I was deeply hot for used to sit in front of his laptop in a t-shirt in the morning. Not quite wanking, but not quite not wanking either. He’d shift in his seat, and I’d look at him from my position in the bed across the room. I’d pretend to be asleep as I watched his arse pressed against the back of the chair. I could see the slight curve of his hips, and watch his hands – one gently brushing the trackpad to mouse over a page, open and close browser windows, and the other holding his semi-hard cock as he waited for me to announce I was awake.

If I didn’t get so wet looking at it I could watch it for hours, just thinking about the cold chair against his arse and the weight of his cock in his hand.

Guys in not-quite-clothes

By this I mean primarily pyjamas, dressing gowns, towels. Anything that’s temporary and relaxed.  Clothes you’d wear sitting on the sofa when no one’s around except me. Private clothes, in which I can imagine you alone, casually puling the drawstring on your pyjama bottoms and sliding your hand inside to have a solitary, functional wank in front of the TV. Clothes that – if I’m lucky – still carry the scent of spunk and the filthy, idle promise that you’ll let me bury my face in them.

Not onesies, though. Even I have limits.

Guys draped in bedsheets

This one’s a bit of a cheat really – you’re technically naked in this scenario even if you’re not wholly visible. But crucially lying underneath a bedsheet or duvet is still ever so slightly hotter than lying fully exposed on top of it. Why? Because what I really want is to be unsure whether you have an erection or not. I want the satisfaction of reaching for your dick and either finding it hard or finding it about to grow hard in my hand.

I want to guess. I want you to roll over, sleepily, and let me strain to see whether your dick is pushing out the bedsheet. And then I want to walk over to where you’re lying, just as you wake up, and sit my fully-clothed self on top of you, squirming to feel your cock pushing back up against me. And I want to feel it twitch as I kiss you good morning.


  • Completely agree with guys in pants (jeans for me) or under just a sheet. Mmm hot

  • Melanie says:

    Yup. the promise of hard cock is really, really fucking hot.

  • Ash says:

    When I was in high school, we went on a field trip that was notable only because there was an all-girl group staying at the same campsite (I attended an all-boys high school). Naturally, our horny teenage minds started scheming ways to get their attention.

    Later that night my dorm went for a game of moonlight football – three of the best looking and most ripped boys in the class playing in shorts, then unathletic, leg tattooed me in just a very long Oakland Raiders throwback that came down to my knees and that I had purchased two days before the trip. Yes, I was playing football with a bunch of very straight and very hot boys without any underwear. Luckily I didn’t look too much or I would have gotten hard.

    Anyway, I’m taking a break to go have a smoke behind our bus and I see one of the hotter girls from the group coming to do the same. Now I was no stud in high school but I’ve always been a witty conversationalist. Somehow I managed to move things to my waist-down nudity. She agreed to take a peek, next thing I know my cock is in her mouth and I’m covering her head with my dress/jersey and moaning just loud enough for the boys to hear.

    Long story short, not only did no one ever claim that I had a small cock ever again but the next night my fashion sense caught on with the whole group. I rooted that same girl for the three nights we were there, then caught up with her in Brisbane later in the year.

  • Ash says:

    Oh, and seven years later – I still have that jersey. I wear it around the house many mornings. I had a bit of a late growth spurt but it still covers the ol’ genitals enough so my roommate’s girlfriend doesn’t freak out/roommate gets jealous.

  • freddy says:

    You capture these things so perfectly GotN

    I love being kissed through the fabric of my boxers and that moment when they are peeled down to free my aching cock is a huge turn-on.

    It works both ways of course – pyjamas and nighties are truly sexy and as you wrote recently, sliding knickers to one side to gain access can be deeply erotic.

  • Chillibeer says:

    Just as I read this blog I’m a ‘not-quite-dressed’ guy. I’m at home today because I have flu. I’m sat on the couch in my pj’s and a t-shirt watching TV and browsing through GOTN. The drugs must be working because my cock started to stiffen.

    Now I’m a guy ‘naked-from-the-waist-down’ indulging in some casual boywanking.

  • N. Likes says:

    Yup. And vice versa. If you stand there in jeans and a bra? Or thigh-highs and panties, topless? Or just a skirt?

    Damn, girl. I’ll fucking knock you over on the way to fucking you.

  • O says:

    Now that explains a lot. My wife can’t get enough of me in just jeans or boxers. I, on the other hand, can’t wait to whip ’em off and get down to it, at which point she loses that slightly dazed look.

  • Molly says:

    This is so well observed. A total truth about hotness! You are so right about a man in just his underpants with that bulge of potential in his pants. Just the thought of it makes me wet let alone getting to see it.


  • Nic and Lace says:

    This is so true. Sometimes anticipation is the best thing. I like to contemplate unbuttoning a shirt for as long as I can before I actually do it… And one of my favourite things ever is grinding on someone while you’re still fully dressed: simulated sex with clothes on, just to get you both shaking with need. Best way to be :D

  • Harry says:

    Just when I thought you couldn’t be anymore perfect, you announce a dislike of onesies.

  • Jillian Boyd says:

    Well-observed! Nothing better than the promise of nudity to get someone into third gear…..


  • crafty banker says:

    …and yet: I always thought (as a man) that if you were going to be half-naked, it’s the top half that wants to be stripped to be sexy.

    Have learned much here…

  • Anon Girl says:

    Wow. Great post. Agree with all these.

    Nothing whipped me into more of a horny frenzy than my bf replying with a pic of his bulge after a flirty text from me.

  • Maddie says:

    Boys in pants – with bulges,,,,sigh.

    At 14-16 I used to ‘collect’ catalogues showing blokes in their underwear. Muscles, thick thighs, tiny tiny pants showing outlines of cocks and balls….way hotter than actual naked men.
    Where to hide them, while still being available for a wank at a moment’s notice? The tough decisions life expects of 15 tear olds with a permanent wide-on….

    • Sara says:

      Ha! Same for me. My brothers were swimmers so there were lots of speedo catalogues around. Also footy magazines. Lots of thick thighed tight bummed footy players in little shorts!!
      I had to steal them from my brothers; have a quick wank, then put them back before they noticed they were gone.

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