Undress me: it’s hotter than starting off naked

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I don’t want to be naked when we start to fuck: I want you to undress me. I want frotting and cotton – want to rub up against you with a barrier between us. I want to be able to slip a hand inside your t-shirt and feel the soft hair in the small of your back with my palm. I want to feel like we’re going somewhere.

If we’re naked, we’re already there. If we strip in front of each other, tearing off our own t-shirts and jeans and socks, it’s half performance and half nuisance.

These clothes are no more than things to remove. A step that gets in the way.

So I don’t want to be naked: I want you to take off my clothes.

Do you know how delicious that sensation is when you pull down at my bra? Tugging the hem of the fabric so it grazes against a hard nipple as it slips down? The satisfying tightness as it strains to sit just below my tits? The way it sits so neatly – pushing them up as you bury your face in them.

I love the satisfying ‘pop’ of the clasp as you manage to get it undone and that is why I need you to undress me.

I want to undress you too. I don’t like the fait accompli of a naked guy standing proud and hard and grinning. I need – sometimes – to unwrap him myself. I need to kiss his neck and grab his arse and run soft hands over the crotch of his jeans. Judging just the right moment to unbutton the fly and slip my fingers inside to tease round the head of his dick.

I need to undress you.

I get told off sometimes because I’m impatient with foreplay. I get fidgety if someone tries to kiss my naked body all over. I squirm if he’s giving me head, because what I really want is a fuck.

But I do like foreplay like this: all twisted cotton and frotting and becoming naked together. Foreplay, for me, is watching someone’s dick get hard. It’s that moment when you run your hand across cotton and slide it up to find bare skin beneath. It’s discovering what colour your boxers are when I’m panting and halfway to wet, rather than seeing them screwed up on the floor before we’ve even begun that first kiss.

And when you’re together a long time, you’re often naked already. In bed you cuddle and it’s all skin-on-skin. No surprises. No frotting. No undressing. No half-clothed make-outs on the sofa because you couldn’t bear to unlock lips for long enough to go down the hall.

We’re naked already, so we’re ready to fuck. Except I’m not quite ready to fuck. I want you to put your pants back on, tuck your tight-wrapped junk back inside your jeans and let me discover it myself.

Besides: I like it when he undresses me.

I like it when he barely undresses me – just yanks my knickers to the side, then presses the swollen head of his dick against my slick cunt. Biting my nipples on a whim, because he’s just spotted them sticking out from a hastily-opened shirt and roughly pushed-down bra.

Being exposed piece by piece.

Discovering each thing as if it’s new, because we had to uncover it together.


  • notnk says:

    Can I have…can I have partial nudity please?

    Skin against skin, skin against cloth, cloth against skin, cloth against cloth. That couch, that super-excellent make for fucking couch (not the squeaky shit one) that also rubs against my body, and rubs my clothes against my body, when we do it. The denim, the cotton, the nylon and spandex, the rough skin, the smooth skin, the hair, the rope, the rubber, the sploshing, the soft rain and the warm breeze and heat of the sun.

    Greedy is me. Greedy. Want it all. All the textures, all the touch, everywhere, against everything.

    Oh yes.

  • V. says:

    I actually think partially clothed is far sexier than naked.

    I fetishise clothing in a big way. Cotton, satin, lace… it accentuates. If my girlfriend whisks her knickers off I ask her to put them back on please, so I can move them to the side. I’ve got friends who are the same, apparently it’s a known thing!

  • Yes starting sex directly naked is not so much fun and arousing.
    It is a whole different feel getting undressed by the partner. I feel chills down my body and I orgasm a lot.

  • Weebs says:

    Discovery through clothing is fun, I agree. But, depending on your mood – ‘baring’ down to sheer nudity is fun too.

  • fan says:

    i love that Stuarts drawing has cellulite 😍😍😍

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