First time squirting: I finally managed to squirt, here’s how

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

The other day I squirted for the first time and it was fucking AWESOME so I’m going to tell you all about it. Regular readers will know that in the past my inability to squirt has caused me much heartache. I’d seen the people in porn squirting all over the place, including into the eager faces of their sexual partners, and my heart throbbed with sadness that I’d never quite managed to muster anything more than the odd sploosh. But finally – FINALLY – after years of longing and wishing and getting eagerly fingered to little result, I recently managed my first ever squirt and it was everything I’d dreamed of. Here’s how it happened, in case you’d either like to try it for yourself or just have a lovely wank because the thought of squirting turns you on.

It began in the ’69’ position. I’m not normally a ’69’ kind of person. Mutual head (or masturbation) is fun, of course, but it’s hard to enjoy you playing with my cunt if I’m busy trying to give you an awesome blow job. Sucking dick ain’t easy to begin with, and doing it while getting head in return is like trying to eat an ice cream sundae while having an orgasm on a rollercoaster. There’s just too much going on.

But as regular readers will also know, I only usually open blogs by saying ‘I don’t like this’ because I want to talk about That One Time I Really Liked This.

We were in the 69 position when I squirted for the first time, and so it has forever redeemed itself in my estimation. Here’s how it happened…

First time squirting

Having spent most of one Saturday evening casually fucking and touching each other, we were building to a sort of grand finale where I lay on my back on the rug, and he straddled me with his dick in my mouth and his hands vigorously fucking me with a curved, g-spot dildo.

Sorry, this one doesn’t have much good build-up – it turns out that when I’m overexcited I suck as much at foreplay in erotica as I suck at foreplay in real life. I can’t really remember what we were doing before we got into this position, because all of the build-up has been overshadowed by the fact that this position made me ejaculate for the first time.

We were naked. We were fucking. I had tipped my head back as far as I could to take as much of his cock as possible down the back of my throat. And he lay on top of me, resting on one elbow, using his free hand to pound me really really intensely with the dildo.

I squirmed a bit to get it at just the right angle, and made enthusiastic noises to urge him to go on. Well, I made noises at least: it’s hard to express the full range of subtle human emotions when you’re being throatfucked until you choke, so I had to make do with a garbled but loud ‘Aaackmmmmaaaa’ while gripping his arse with my hands. Actions speak louder than words, after all, and pulling his dick further into my mouth was long-ago established between us to mean ‘please keep doing this as hard as you possibly can.’

Anyway. The dick in mouth is important. I’ve read any number of advice articles on how to squirt, and pretty much all of them have focused on the specific things I (or someone else) needs to do to my vagina in order to get that magic ejaculation to happen. To date I haven’t found any that say ‘also you could probably do with having a cock in you throat’, and seeing as the cock in my throat was so pivotal for me, I figured I’d add to the body of literature with this one specific tip.

As he fucks me good and hard with the dildo, and I pull his arse towards my face until he gets the message that vigorous throatfucking is what’s required, I can feel the warmth that is the start of the orgasm building at the top of my thighs and in the pit of my stomach.

My legs are tense, my eyes are closed, there’s drool and precum spilling out of the corners of my gaping mouth, and I can feel him almost bruising my insides – so powerful is the force with which he hand-fucks me.

And here’s the crucial part: just before I squirt for the first time, I choke.

A proper choke: that tickle you get at the back of your throat like you’re going to throw up. The one that makes my stomach tense involuntarily causes something else to tense too: my cunt. At exactly the moment he fucks my throat so hard I almost vom, my cunt squeezes even tighter around the g-spot dildo with which he’s fucking me, and clamps it good and hard against the sweet spot.

And I squirt.

I squirt in a great, clear arc at least two feet across the rug, drenching it and his hands and the dildo and everything. I’m still coming at this point, I haven’t stopped. I’ve barely even realised what’s happening other than that something feels ridiculously good, and he’s clearly enjoying it because he’s growling ‘holy shit, good girl‘ from somewhere down near my pelvis.

He keeps fucking my throat with his dick, and wielding the dildo with his hand like it’s a weapon with which to punish me, and I keep coming. And coming. And squirting. And squirting.

Again. And again. And again.

His dick in my throat muffles my moans, but nothing can muffle the spasms of tension and release as I squirt four or five times, hard, across the rug I’m lying on.

And naturally, the sight of seeing me squirt for the very first time, thanks to the combination of his own awesome wanking powers and the thickness of his dick in my throat, does excellent things for my partner too. As I choke my way to the end of my orgasm, his dick starts twitching and he pours what feels like half an actual pint of spunk down my gagging, eager throat.

So there you have it: the first time I squirted, recounted in wide-eyed enthusiastic detail. I haven’t managed to reproduce the same thing since, but to be honest that doesn’t matter. Even if I never squirt again, I can die happy knowing that one time, in the 69 position, thanks to throatfucking and dildos and a very dextrous partner, I finally managed to squirt.

We didn’t even fuck up the rug too badly, although the pattern is 90% wine stains by now so there’s no way we can really tell.


This post is available as audio. Click ‘listen here’ at the start of the post, or check out the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 


  • Jul says:

    Yaaaay what a triumph! Congrats on being a vaginal rock star. Ejaculation, male or female, is such a wonderful moment of drama, and seeing/making it happen makes me gleeful. Holy shit, I just rocked their body so hard that it blew a geyser in response.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Thank you!!! <3 Also am totally going to try out this phrase post-ejaculation on my partner 'I just rocked your body so hard you blew a geyser in response' =D

  • Lisa says:

    After being an abusive relationship I swore there were things I’d never do again, including a man going down on me. However, my now (7 year partner) changed my mind… thank the Goddess!! The first time I squirted apparently I nearly drowned him! I honestly had no idea that I could feel that good! Second time I was on top for our first time – my favourite position depending on how I’m feeling about my body – WOW!!!! I literally had to get loo roll to clean him up – it was like a pond!!

  • Hazelthecrow says:

    *concert hall sized standing ovation*

  • parisgirl13 says:

    I so feel you! I have been envious of women who can squirt since I first learned about it. I’ve been practicing by myself and with my partner and last night I squirted all over his face! Twice! I felt so proud. And hearing “good girl” makes anything better.

  • Cat Enne says:

    Thank you so much for all your posts – audio and otherwise. I’m having to live vicariously through your partners right now and am sat at my desk trying not to stand up so people won’t see the huge bulge in my tight jeans.

    I’ve only ever been with one woman who squirted. It was near the beginning of a long-term relationship and we were at my place and in bed. I love going down on a woman; how every woman’s pussy looks and tastes different, but equally amazing. This particular girlfriend wasn’t a massive fan of giving blowjobs and to be honest, most of the time, I’d rather have an enthusiastic fuck than a half-hearted blowjob anyway.

    Sometimes however, like a wank (either by me or someone else), a blowjob just hits the spot. 69 Makes giving or receiving head ten times better though.

    Anyway, I digress. It was pretty late at night and the light was already off and it was probably one of those
    “Are you still awake?”
    “I’m horny”
    Moments where nothing spectacular was expected.

    Thinking back, there have been some details I’ve been unable to remember over the years, but having listened to your description, I’m pretty sure we must have been in a 69 when it happened; me on my back with her sat on my face, my tongue lapping furiously at her clit and held open cunt; my cock in her mouth, tits squashed against my stomach as her head bobbed. All of a sudden, she shook, ground herself against my face, came hard and squirted.

    If she’d peed, which we don’t think she had, I missed out on my first ever (and graphically close) sight of a woman peeing in real life (damn it!). If it was girl-cum, I missed out on my only ever view of a woman squirting (damn it!).

    It never happened again and we never really tried to make it happen again. I often wondered how we made it happen an why it never happened again.

    The moral of this is never have any kind of sex with the lights off, lovely though sometimes that is.

    • Lynn says:

      I must say I usually don’t reply to any kind of random comments on the internet, but yours has been the most naughty-witty-chandler-perv one I have ever read, and I only wanted to say thank you for that.
      Lucky girl, that one.

  • Ry83 says:

    Good on you

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