Guest blog: The first time I experienced sleepy subspace

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This week’s guest blog talks about a sensation I think I might have experienced. I have no solid memories of this happening, but when I read this guest blogger’s post I felt like I was brushing up against this sensation in my mind – like I’m straining to remember the detail of something which happened in a dream. It’s glorious. Please welcome Phoenix Rose, who is here to talk to you about sleepy subspace.

Sleepy Subspace

I didn’t know what this was until I gave it a Google. What had happened to me? This term seems to be the most fitting of what my body and mind went through…

Sometimes, without warning, my identity becomes very submissive when I’m half asleep. Sometimes it’s for no reason whatsoever and other times there’s a trigger. This account is based on the latter, the trigger being this amazingly hot story. Having read it just before sleep and not wanting to pester my loving, sleeping partner with my ‘night-boner’ I tried to will my hardness away with a view to bothering her later with some morning wood.

A couple of hours later I awoke, shaking with sexual energy. This isn’t unknown for me but this time it was different. My body was craving release but my mouth was unable to ask for it and my body unable to respond, becoming so submissive it needed her to decide if I deserved it.

I managed to drift back to sleep but I awoke another couple of hours later when her arm wrapped around me. Just this simple touch was enough to set me off and I writhed and spasmed under her electric touch-powerless to ask her for more or to stop my body from reacting. To say it was a strange experience would be the understatement of the year, but it wasn’t unpleasant.

This time my movements awoke her, and I felt her hand slide downwards for her fingers to caress my balls. As her thumb came to rest on the top of my straining, erect shaft, I breathed a heavy sigh of relief as I knew she would take care of me with her expert touch.

I was still partly unable to move but I could manage a few words.

“Thank you Goddess” was one phrase along with “I’m sorry.”

We use the word Goddess when I want her to know she’s in charge – she doesn’t like the term Mistress and Goddess is an accurate description of her to me. Especially when I’m in that headspace. I worship her. I will do anything she says. I am her willing subject.

I kept saying I’m sorry as I’d woken her from a no doubt peaceful dream with an insatiable, out of control libido. I genuinely believe it’s not her job to satisfy my urges and I felt bad about needing her touch. My apologies became even more genuine as I couldn’t seem to cum, and I was unable to move my hand to assist – my body still frozen in ‘subspace’.

I was overwhelmed with pleasure – she knows exactly how to touch, tease and please me in order to get me to respond however she wants, but I couldn’t reach the tipping point. I tried to concentrate, to force myself to cum. Blowing thick loads of sticky spunk all over my torso as she giggled in response, my length expanding within her grasp.

But I couldn’t.

My body fought my brain and I kept apologising, the pressure of my cum building just below my shaft but remaining stubbornly there with no release.

Her movements sped up and, I’m not sure what tipped me over, but I finally came. I came hard. Spilling my seed all over myself and thanking her as she giggled to herself for a job well done, mopping what had trickled over her fingers.

Afterwards, I felt vulnerable. Really vulnerable. I felt ashamed at having so little control over my body, my urges, my demands on my partner and I felt pathetic. Why was I begging so much? Why couldn’t I just ask for what I wanted? Why wouldn’t my body move? After some research, this can be a normal side effect of being or coming out of a sub space mindset but at the time I just felt raw.

I didn’t explain any of this to my loving partner. I didn’t have to. After we were done cleaning up she sleepily threw her arm back over me and I’ve never felt so safe. So nurtured. So lucky. We drifted back off to sleep and I counted my blessings once again for having met my Goddess.

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  • Phillip says:

    Hate to tell you this, but it sounds just like waking up while under anesthesia. TOTALLY PARALYZED and waiting for the next shoe to fall. At least it was without pain and ended in pleasure. Just let her know what happened and she won’t be worried by the odd behavior. She knows what to do.

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