Guest blog: What happened when she released me from chastity…

Image by the genius Stuart F Taylor

As regular readers will know, I’m a sucker for amazing ‘first times‘. And today’s guest blogger, Sara, has one hell of a hot first time story to tell you. She gave herself over to her girlfriend to ‘use’ as she saw fit, and after an intense few days locked in a chastity belt, she was begging for release…

What happened when she released me from chastity…

We’d been driving for half an hour. I had no idea where we were; not because I didn’t recognise the area but because I couldn’t see it at all. My girlfriend had become quite fond of blindfolds over the past few days. Depriving me of sight allowed her to force my senses to focus on other things – sound, touch, or the faint scent of her pussy that lingered on the fabric from when she had inserted it prior to blindfolding me.

It was Day Four of our experiment. I had willingly given myself over to her to be used as she saw fit. My body was bruised; tits sore, arse red and nipples swollen. That, however, wasn’t what hurt. It was my cunt. Used to gratification whenever it demands – and it demands a lot – it had been locked behind a chastity belt. I was so horny, I could feel phantom trickles of cunt spit running down my legs. Whenever life was quiet, it groaned, pleaded and strained against the leather. It wanted, and needed, to be fucked mercilessly.

Charlotte wasn’t fucking me, though. I was fucking her, a lot. With my tongue, my fingers, even at one point my big toe. Her pussy was getting the workout I so desperately craved. She’d started slowly, nervous at first about what we had planned for the week. Giving myself over to her was a new experience for both of us. In past relationships, I’d been the domme and she had never even tried this type of thing. Realising I wasn’t made of glass, she soon started to enjoy herself. She’d wake me at all hours, demanding an orgasm. If I so much as grumbled, I would be punished. And sometimes she’d just torture me to giggle at my yelps. I was her on-demand sex slave, pleasuring her whenever she wanted, in any way she wanted and forgoing any myself.

Finally, we arrived… somewhere. A leather collar was slapped around my neck and I was walked like a dog. I thought the blindfold would have come off by now, but it hadn’t. Instead, I could only tell we were in a field by the wet grass beneath my bare feet.

“Here,” she said. “We’re here.”

Again, I expected her to take the blindfold off now. She didn’t. Instead, she stripped me. The cold September air stabbed at my naked body. Charlotte grabbed hold of me, forcing me forward. I collided with what I can only assume was a smooth-barked tree. The first nipple clamp tightened; I must have winced or shuddered because the sharp crack of her hand met my bottom.

“Stay still!” she ordered.

When the second nipple clamp was tight, I heard the chain jangling. Charlotte wasn’t being gentle as she pulled at my sore tits, yanking my nipples hard as she attached the chain.

“Step back,” she demanded. I took one step back and no more; the chain tensed, and I yelped as my tits were forcefully tugged.

She laughed a little before whispering in my ear, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

I hadn’t been given permission to speak, so I nodded.

“Beg me.”

“Please fuck me.”

“Louder. Beg me!”

“Please! Please fuck me. I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me! Please, please!”… over and over, I pleaded with her.

Charlotte unbuckled the chastity belt and rubbed my cunt a little. After four days of only being let out to pee, each gentle touch sent electric shocks through my body. She stopped. For a moment, silence.
I waited.

A sharp, cold sensation of oil trickled down my back. Charlotte’s hand slid down my body rubbed it into my pussy and ass. Then the muffled sound of a vibrator. I smiled. Perhaps I use too many toys, but I can identify which one is which by tone alone and I knew which vibrator that was. Our preferred strap-on has a little pouch in which you can pop a vibe for the giver’s benefit. She was finally going to fuck me! I didn’t care that we were in the open… fuck knows where… all I cared about in that instance was that my slit was finally going to be filled.

The tip of the strap-on played with my swollen lips. I was so ready to be fucked that my cunt clenched, trying to pull it inside me. The harder I tried, the more she teased. Already my knees were shaking and my body shuddering. I carried on begging, “please… fuck me” again and again but she didn’t. I felt the tip move away. She rubbed it between my ass cheeks before grabbing my hair and yanking it back.

“Now you’re gonna get fucked!”

With that, she started pushing the dildo into my asshole.

I immediately panicked. I’d never let anyone fuck my ass before… as sexually open as I consider myself to be, I’d never trusted anyone enough. My safe word was on the tip of my tongue… but then I realised, it wasn’t hurting.

Charlotte gently eased the dildo inside and began fucking me. She alternated between pulling my hair, grabbing at my tits, slapping my butt but alongside all of that she wasn’t humping away at my ass like a porn star. It was restrained and controlled.

My fears dissolved as I eased into it. And fuck me, I was starting to enjoy it. I started to encourage her to go a little bit faster and be a little rougher. She must have fucked my asshole for a good thirty minutes before I felt her thrust forward and grind her body against my butt cheeks, using the vibe to get herself off. Her nails dug into my tits hard as she shuddered behind me, climaxing hard with the vibe buried in my hole.

My cunt remained unsatisfied that day. Once she had composed herself, the dildo came out, the chastity belt went back on and I was dressed and led back to the car. I wasn’t permitted to come myself until three days later when, during the culmination of an all-day tease and denial, she fucked my ass once more and used a wand to give me an orgasm so powerful I almost passed out.

To this day, I have absolutely no idea where I lost my anal virginity. I probably never will know, either… but that doesn’t matter. Knowing that I have nothing to fear from my girlfriend is liberating and my ass is fucked on a regular basis.


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  • O my, I was clenching all the way through reading that. Super hot, I loved the submissive and restraint elements, and the writer’s frustration was tangible. I loved your guest author!

  • Steve says:

    In roughly one week, you’ve gone through “the fight for equal pay”, “she likes to use vibrators to make me come”, “chivalry is dying”…. and now this?! Truly your site is full of brain and heart and body, and to me fulfills the original promise of the Internet. What an amazing and wonderful creation of yours, thank you for doing it!!

    And this post, whew… as you say, “definitely one hell of a hot first time story”!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Blimey, that’s quite a compliment – thank you so much! I’m really lucky to have such amazing guest bloggers willing to come and share their stories here! I couldn’t get this breadth of sexiness without them, and this post is such a glorious story as well as being beautifully written. I’m v lucky to have such fab guest bloggers! Thanks for taking the time to comment and be nice =)

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Holy fucking shit.
    I hope this is true, but even if it was fiction, what a story.

    • Girl on the net says:

      This one’s true (although names have been changed etc), but just so you know I usually tag or flag as fiction if people say stories are. It’s interesting though how it’s usually the sexiest stories that cause people to wonder if they’re true or not. It used to frustrate me when people asked if mine were true but now I guess it’s more a badge of honour. This is a really amazing post – I love the way Sara has written the build-up and anticipation!

      • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

        Yeah, at least for me that reaction isn’t meant negatively – it’s not ‘this is bullshit’, it’s ‘this is so hot, I find it hard to believe such things can be real’.

  • Leafy Arms says:

    Fabulous post!

  • Marie Louise says:

    This was such a hot story! Reading the comments I’m surprised people thought this might have been fiction. I think you can tell when something is and isn’t and this felt definitely very real!

  • Marie Louise says:

    Also, do the guest bloggers have their own blogs as well? Am I just not seeing them?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Depends on the person! Some people are bloggers and want to be credited with links, others prefer to be pseudonymous or anonymous. I’ll always credit a guest blogger in the way they choose, so if you don’t see a blog name/link in the intro it’s because they don’t have one or would rather I didn’t post it. Glad you enjoyed this one, it’s amazing and I love it too!

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