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Two things: Leo DiCaprio and the best sex blogs

Monday. The day when staying in bed seems like the most tempting thing. If you need some temptation to get out of it, here are two things. One good: for inspiration, and one bad: to give you a fiery kick of rage that should see you through til lunchtime. Ready?

The bad: Leo DiCaprio

When I was young a thousand teenage hearts beat for Leonardo DiCaprio. His cheeky, youthful face aboard the Titanic gave most of my friends the special shivers.

Now he is a grown man who gives dirty looks to Gaga behind her back.

Watch again: initial surprise (“someone is preventing me from taking up space!”) is immediately followed by a calculated ‘eww’ (“this person meets with my disapproval!”). I’m not going to guess why, but I can tell you that if you want to know whether someone’s a nice person or not, you could do worse than judge the faces they make when they think no one is looking.

Given that there was plenty of space for Leo on that piece of floating wood, maybe 90s-era Kate Winslet knew something we didn’t.

The good: Top 100 sex blogs

Nominations are now open for the Top 100 Sex Blogs list. This used to be compiled by the fantastic Rori at BetweenMySheets. Unfortunately she’s retiring from sex blogging, so she has passed the mantle on to Molly at MollysDailyKiss (who is also utterly fantastic). You can’t nominate me in this best sex blogs comp, so I have no qualms whatsoever about pointing you to the nomination page – go and nominate your favourites!

Bonus: Eroticon tickets now on sale

I get tonnes of emails from people asking how to start a sex blog, or what to do with their sex blog once they’ve got the first few posts live. There’s a bit of guidance at the link above, but the best thing you can do is learn from other bloggers and writers. I am a huge fan of Eroticon – the annual event where we get together to share advice and meet up.

Tickets for Eroticon are now on sale, so please do consider coming along if you’re a sex writer. Here are some highlights from last year.


  • ooooh, yay for eroticon tickets!!! i hope you are going to do another kick-ass session like you did last year!!!

    • Girl on the net says:

      I’ll need to pitch one to Ruby =) I’ll definitely be there though! Are you coming too? Will be awesome to catch up!

  • Fallenone85 says:

    ya, how dare that guy give her a look, that son of a bitch. What kind of asshole gives looks, clearly that kind. I normally like your blog but that’s way blown out of proportion.

    • Girl on the net says:

      You like my blog and yet the first comment you’ve ever left on it is to tell me off for one miserable little thing you happen not to like? Why, how lucky I am to have a fan like you!

  • Metastopheles says:

    Good old Leo. I hope he gets an Oscar for his performance in The Revenant. I don’t give a hoot who he gave a dirty look to for whatever reason, and I certainly don’t know why this merits putting him on a shitlist.

    • Girl on the net says:

      OH NO NOT THE SHITLIST! How will poor Leo cope?! It’s lucky you’re here to defend him from a blogger who made a half-arsed comment.

  • El Stevo says:

    If you want to work out if someone’s a nice person or not you can’t do much worse than leaping to a judgement based on a facial expression in a video lasting a few seconds.

    • Girl on the net says:

      I don’t get why people care so much about this. I will resolve never to be mean about Leo again. He clearly has an army of fans who are on permanent standby, ready to be slightly miffed on his behalf.

      • Metastopheles says:

        We don’t get why YOU care so much about Leo in the first place. Your longer angry rants at least give an argument, when you make a twitter-length statement about not liking Leo, many people will feel the need to respond in kind with their own opinions.

  • Aaaha. Perfect Titantic joke.

    Congrats on not being eligible for the top 100. There are worse reasons to not be considered!!

  • Whoops says:

    Just in to say Haters gonna hate and I love what you say GOTN :)

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