Two things: twitter trolls and a sexy ghost

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Two things! I have been away all weekend, at the incredible EroticonLive. I’ll do a proper write up at some point, because I have a million thoughts and lovely things to say about the amazing sessions I went to. But in the meantime here are two links to things that you need to read: one sexy and shiver-inducing, and the other practical and wise.

The good: MollysDailyKiss will haunt you

I don’t often cry. Usually, to get my tear ducts working, I have to be six gin and tonics into a miserable night, or at the very least getting my eyebrows waxed. But Molly read this piece out loud yesterday and I had to run out of the room for a little weep. I’ll let you decide what that means, but you should definitely head over to her blog and read it:

“I am going to haunt you when I am gone. You will never be free of me, I can promise you that. I will find a way back here, to this town, to this house, to this room, to you. I will sit with you here, day in and day out and watch you mourn me. I will haunt you when I am gone.”

Read the full post – Haunting You

I think it’s most effective read aloud in Molly’s voice – there is so much passion and rage and lust and grief and all the incredible things in it. She’s promised me she’ll record it as audio and now I’ve put it in writing she definitely has to. So keep an eye on her blog and Twitter.

The bad: Twitter trolls – mute or block?

Last week Holly Brockwell published a post at Gadgette about dealing with Twitter trolls. Holly recently committed the heinous crime of telling people she didn’t wanting children, so naturally a bunch of reprehensible bellends have popped up in her timeline to let her know that is an Unacceptable Decision. She explains why the ‘block’ button isn’t quite as handy as the ‘mute’ in these situations. Why?

“It does what blocking is intended to do – stop the troll’s unwelcome opinions from appearing in your mentions ever again – but without notifying the mutee. They have no idea you’ve muted them, all they can see is that you never reply. It’s easily reversible if you change your mind.”

Read the full post – Why it’s better to mute your trolls than block them

I agree with her. Although I do sometimes block people, more often these days I’ll mute the ones who annoy me. They can have their angry rambles, and I can have a bit of peace and quiet.


  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    I just don’t have a Twitter account, which effectively amounts to muting everybody. It’s bliss, let me tell you. :)

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ha, well that’s definitely one way =) Thing is, I ADORE Twitter – it’s my happy place a lot of the time, and I’ve met so many incredible people through it and learned so many awesome things. I’d never want to give it up for those reasons. But I think when you start getting more interactions, etc, then you have to treat it less like a public square and more like a big party – you need to pick and choose who to engage with, otherwise you’ll end up having a pretty bad time.

  • Kevin says:

    Yeah, it really bugs me when I get people on twitter that are just phishing for info or looking for something. Its hard to sort them out sometimes.

  • Molly says:

    Ohh thank you so much for this. I would say I am sorry I made you cry but that would probably be a fib because actually it means I wrote/read something that touched you and as a writer that makes me oddly proud. I hope that makes sense and yes I will record it and post it at some point soon.

    Mollyxxx (Sister Wife No.1)

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