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Guest blog: One woman’s battle to own her sexuality

Bonus guest blog today! Sarah Beilfuss is one of the co-founders of Scarlet Ladies Talk, running regular events aimed at normalising the conversation around female sexuality. Last month other co-founder Jannette wrote a gorgeous post about learning to love her breasts, and this guest post tells a similar personal story about learning to enjoy your body and your sexuality. It’s awesome.

This blog is part of a sponsored series by Scarlet Ladies Talk, so if you like it please go and check out their website  and sign up for their newsletter. They run loads of really cool events, the next one of which, on 29th July, includes live sensual massage. They’ve also just launched a free ebook – the Scarlet Ladies Guide To Solo Sex, which collates tips from experts on different masturbation techniques. Or, as the Scarlet Ladies put it, “how to wank yourself into heaven.”

Meanwhile, enjoy this gorgeous guest blog.


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Guest blog: Sex and grief

This week’s guest blogger – @19syllables – is best known for writing gorgeous haikus over on Twitter, and I think I first came across her long form writing with a beautiful piece about sex and anticipation and unrequited lust in SexBlogOfSorts’ writing competition. Her guest blog this week tackles something powerful and intense and moving – sex and grief.

When I read it, I cried. And I don’t really have the words to express how touched I am that she’s decided to share it here.


Guest blog: peanut butter, jam and my best friend

Some of my best friends are lovers. And some of my favourite lovers have been truly exceptional friends. I adore stories about those moments where friendship crosses over into sex, or vice versa, and this week’s guest blog explores one of those moments with such playful, impulsive sexiness that you’ll probably wish you’d met her and her best friend too.

So: whether you’ve slept with your best friend, or never even dreamed of it, I hope her story gives you something beautiful to think about over the weekend.


Guest blog: Rings make hands even sexier

Hands are beautiful. To my mind they can be one of the sexiest things about a person. The way they gesture to highlight playful flirtation, the skilled things they do like driving or playing Xbox. The ways you can use them to touch and pinch and smack and stroke… Mmm.

Alongside the sexiness of hands, I’m a big fan of the way in which things like watches can draw attention to sexy movements (like wearing a watch while wanking, for instance). So when Monica got in touch to explain how rings accentuate the hotness of hands, naturally I could not resist the opportunity to share in her deliciously hot thoughts about them…


Guest blog: Starting BDSM training

Sometimes I hear stories about kinky events or places, and I often wonder if they’re urban legends. I want to dig deeper and find someone who’s been – to a BDSM training manor, or to the sex taxi which apparently used to do trips around London. Well, this week’s guest blog is from someone who has been – Kate Julia White is an author and submissive, and she’s recently released a memoir of her BDSM training.

Her guest blog focuses on ‘The Manor’ – one of those places I’ve heard about but never been able to go to. So, naturally, as a voyeur and lover of secret things, I was delighted when she offered it as a guest blog, especially because it focuses on something that other guest blogs have highlighted before – the build-up and anticipation prior to launching into something. If you like it, check out her book – Tough Love: The True Story of My Submissive Adventures – check out her blog, and follow her on Facebook.