Unwrap me: Christmas erotica

Image by me, of a random Christmas plus scissors because i'm unimaginative like that

There are two types of people in this world: those who unwrap their gifts with care and precision, trying not to shred the paper as they go, and those who tear into it with eager, gleeful joy, destroying the wrapping in their haste to get to the gift. If you’re the second type of person, this Christmas erotica is for you.

In the morning, he finds stockings in his stocking. Black, silky, tactile and clearly expensive. He looks at her quizzically and she raises one eyebrow. “I’ll wear them later,” she explains, and his dick twitches under the soft cotton of the duvet.

Later, over breakfast, she gives him the next gift. A pair of wine-coloured knickers to complement the stockings. Silky, again. Expensive, again. The fabric smooth and cool in his hands. She winks at him over coffee and tells him once more: “Later.”

There are four more packages throughout the day, each one a new layer that she promises to put on that evening. An open-cup bra, a wisp of suspender belt, long smooth gloves that will cover her arms from fingertip to bicep.

He opens each package carefully – reverently – stroking the pricey fabrics in his hands. At one point raising the knickers to his face so he can feel the cool silk against his skin. He imagines what it will feel like when the wetness of her cunt drips through them. He wonders what it would feel like to tear them with his bare hands.

She teases him for how gentle he is with the wrapping – usually he’s the sort of person to rip into his presents, recycling-be-damned. She’s the one who carefully unsticks sellotape and saves the larger bits to reuse when birthdays roll round.

The final package is even more surprising. Not underwear this time, but a dress. Long, rich, dark fabric which will drape from her shoulders to her feet. The kind of dress you’d wear if you were a bridesmaid, at the wedding of your best and richest friend.

“Later,” she tells him again. “I’ll wear this for you later.”

She’s never worn dresses before.

When he unwraps the dress he pictures her wearing it, with those heels she bought that – so far – have never been outside. The ones she purchased purely so she could be being bent over while them. Heels and a t-shirt and no knickers, cunt tight as he fucked her, at just the perfect height. The first time she wore them, she looked over her shoulder at him with eyes like fire and hatred. Told him: fuck me harder, fuck me up. And he was only too happy to oblige.

This time she’ll wear the heels with that lavish, elegant dress. And he’ll find it hard not to fuck her that same way: intense, brutal strokes and smacks to the skin where flesh is exposed. His belt threaded round her hips and gripped in both hands so he can yank her good and hard down to the base of his cock.

He will struggle to call her ‘bitch’ because she’ll look like a goddess. And maybe that’s what she wants: to be a goddess for one night.


Christmas this year is a boring affair: no giggling nieces and nephews running round, or obligatory massive roast dinners with the family. The two of them spend the day in companionable silence – her playing video games, him reading by the fire, occasionally turning to catch a glimpse of the other when they think they’re not being watched. She admires the frown of concentration as he turns each page: the same frown he wears when he’s pretending she’s been naughty. He admires the way she grits her teeth as she tackles a difficult enemy: the same determination she conjures when he’s punishing her for some perceived slight.

And every half-hour or so, he glances at the neat pile of rich fabrics in the corner. Wonders when ‘later’ will come.

They exchange funny, playful gifts: lego sets and board games and those books each of them have dropped heavy hints about in the weeks running up to this day. And while he tears into them like an excitable child, she rolls her eyes and laughs and carefully folds and saves paper.

Occasionally they dissolve into giggles.

Constantly, he thinks about that dress.


When ‘later’ finally comes, she doesn’t say a single fucking word. Just throws down the controller, flicks the TV off, and saunters to the table in the corner of the living room, where the stockings and knickers and dress and other items all sit ready and waiting.

She picks up the pile, and does not glance towards him. He, watching her every move, shifts slightly in his seat. It’s time. She’s ready. He’s aching for it. Having steadfastly not mentioned the whole thing all day, he wants to bubble over with orders and commands and instructions: that’s how this usually works.

Good girl. Wear the dress. Let me feel the meat of your arse through the soft fabric. Get those knickers on so I can press my face against your cunt clad in expensive silk. Put on the stockings so I can enjoy ripping them off you. Dress up to please me you filthy fucking slut. 

But no – that doesn’t seem the way of it, today. She’s in control and that dress is expensive. He’s eager to fuck her in it, but knows he should probably be careful, to avoid wasting her money. That dress doesn’t say ‘fuck me like a slut’ but ‘fuck me like a goddess.’ Slow but intense. Careful. The way she unwraps all her gifts. He’ll peel the dress off gradually, teasing her into a frenzy. Roll the stockings down inch by inch so she wriggles under his touch. Perhaps order her to take the knickers off herself, while he sits observing from a chair in the corner of the room: worshipping her from a distance.

His cock twitches at the thought of not doing that, though. Of holding her down instead, gloved wrists pressed against the floor with one of his big hands. Her body laid out before him like a treat he can devour in one go. He pictures grabbing fistfuls of silk and ripping it with strong fists. Taking his teeth to the delicate silk knickers and biting, tearing to reveal the wetness of her cunt.

But no. Not that. It’s expensive. Perhaps the reason she revealed her outfit early is because she wanted him pondering exactly this: how he’d ravish her without destruction. Maybe that’s what she’s after here, to teach him to have patience – savouring his best gift by unwrapping it oh-so-slowly.

He can hear her upstairs walking back and forth: from bed to mirror and back again. He imagines her putting on first the stockings, then the knickers, then hooking the bra up behind her back. He hears a creak as she sits at her dressing table and imagines her applying lipstick and eyeliner. Mascara in thick black layers. Painting on a face so delicate and beautiful he’ll be frightened to slap it in case he breaks the spell.

And – God help him – as he touches himself he doesn’t imagine her face staying perfectly painted. He pictures utterly fucking it up. Gripping her jaw in one hand and deliberately smearing her lipstick with one thumb. Shoving his now-rock-solid dick into her mouth and having her choke on it – the way she does so beautifully, the way she loves – until her eyes stream black rivers down her eager face.

But the dress. It’s expensive.

It’s all so expensive.

He grips his cock through the denim of his jeans and tries instead to focus on how he might unwrap her without spoiling any of the beautiful things she has shown him. Remembers his years of practicing to undo a bra one-handed mid-kiss, and how sometimes he’s managed to strip her slowly and carefully. He’s a little out of practice because their fucking these days is so brutal, but perhaps what she wants today is caution and care and teasing. Why else would she show him what she’d picked? Why else would she choose such expensive, beautiful things?

By the time she returns, his heart is in his mouth and his cock is in hand. He hears her footsteps on the stairs and feels the throb of the long day’s build-up, like a pressure. Urging him to come. To take her. To fuck her quick and hard for this first time, and leave the teasing stuff till after he’s relieved that ache. If he were to follow that feeling and that alone, he’d have himself in her throat before she were halfway down the hall. Pull out as she gagged and spray come all over that made-up face and the silk dress. Despoiling her perfect skin and trashing her outfit. He grips his cock tighter and tries to clear his mind.

She walks in.

A vision: polished and perfect and shimmering in the dark silk dress. She’s wearing those heels. That make-up. Eyes rimmed with black kohl and mascara. Lips dark red to match the dress. Hair piled in a style that makes her look regal. Beautiful. Untouchable. Exactly as he’d pictured.

“You look so…”

“Ssssh,” she tells him, and winks again – the same one she gave him when he opened those packages.

With slow, determined steps she crosses the room to the table next to where he sits, glances at his dick and smiles. She positively shimmers in that dress. Her hair looks neat and perfect. He’s breathless and speechless and for once unsure what to do. Where to put his hands. Where to look. What to say. His cock throbs, pounds, and his head spins with visions of him spraying spunk in thick ropes all over that expensive silk.

She smooths the dress with the palm of one of her gloved hands, then pats her head to make sure her hair is still perfect. Takes a quick glance in the mirror over the fireplace, flicks a brief smile of satisfaction.

Then she takes the hand she’s been hiding behind her back, and places a pair of scissors on the table. Grips facing him. Like an offering.

As he tries to process what this final gift might mean, she drops to her knees on the floor.

Looks up into his eyes, tells him: “Fuck me up.”

And then spits at his feet.



It’s become something of a personal tradition that I write something filthy and/or Christmasthemed to publish on Christmas Eve, usually just to distract you (and me) from the otherwise wholesome family-focused funtimes that are planned. This year fewer of us are doing this, and so 2020 might be more lonely than previous years. But wherever you are I hope you have something to bring you cheer, whether it’s random Christmas-themed porn or something tasty or drinkable with which to treat yourself, or even just the knowledge that next year will be different.

Merry Christmas, you lovely fuckers. Thank you for sticking with me through the hell of 2020 – in 2021 I’ll tell you the real life story which inspired this piece of fiction. Here’s to next year. 



  • StarMind says:

    That was just yummy!

    Really looking forward to hearing the real life story that inspired that piece. Mmmmm.

    Thank you for your oasis of calm and hotness through this crazy year. It’s been a lifeline for me. Keep on keeping on through 2021. Stay safe sweetie x

    • Girl on the net says:

      Thank you so much SM – I’m so glad you liked it and I’m excited to tell the real life story that inspired it too – it’ll be coming v soon I hope =) I am so delighted you like my work, and I really appreciate you saying so. Yeah it’s been a horrible year, and I hope that 2021 brings much brighter things for all of us. Much love xx

  • Beth in Arizona says:

    Merry Christmas 🌲🎅🍻 GOTN!! 2020 was a rough year but it too shall pass and 2021 will soon begin. Cheers to that, looking forward to reading some hot, fun and kinky stories, no more sadness……

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ah thank you Beth! You’re right – this too shall pass, and I have high hopes for better things this time next year. I can definitely promise more fun + kink although I definitely can’t promise no more sadness. Sadness is as much a part of life as happiness, and I am comfortable embracing that here – there’ll definitely be more sad things to come as well as happy things, but I think that’s OK =) xxx

  • PNB says:

    Good Afternoon, GOTN,
    I enjoyed the story, but there was one sentence that definitely constitutes grounds for chastisement. I quote:
    “The ones she purchased purely so she could *be being bent over while them*.” There’s a key word missing: ‘fucked’, and several others in the wrong order. I presume you intended to write something more like:
    “The ones she purchased purely so she could be *fucked while bent over standing in them*.” Am I right, or am I right?
    That error-filled sentence is worth at least six of the best, right there!
    However, while I’m in proof-reading mode, I might as well point out that in British English, the spelling ‘practice’ with a second C should be used only for the noun. The verb ‘to practise’ and all its conjugations, is spelled with a C and an S, not two Cs, so in the phrase: ‘Remembers his years of *practicing* to undo a bra’ the correct spelling in British English is *practising* and since you’re clearly a Brit, not a Yank, that counts as another error worthy of at least one spank, if not one for each cheek! But that’s not the end of it it! Oh no. You also mis-spelled the word *smoothes* in “She *smooths* the dress and spelled Sellotape without its essential capital S’. I have to tell you that all things considered, that’s at least a dozen of the best that should be coming your way. What have you got to say for yourself?! Merry Christmas! PNB

    • Girl on the net says:

      Blimey, there’s a lot to unpack here. Let me start by saying as a general rule I totally welcome people letting me know where I’ve got typos or errors in a blog post – I write a LOT of content, and I don’t have the money (or time) to have everything professionally edited before it goes up on the site. On a good day, I might churn out over 5k words of content (posts, articles, books, patreon updates etc etc etc), and the possibility of all that being entirely error-free is slim to none. So. I welcome feedback, and I’ve edited that sentence to what it should have been: ‘be bent over while wearing them.’

      Having said that, the way you’ve decided to issue these corrections is patronising and pompous. What’s more, trying to pretend you have the authority to issue me with sex-related punishments is actually really troubling. I am intrigued as to what you thought my response would be. I don’t know you, have never met you, and certainly haven’t ever engaged in sexy chat/play with you where we’ve mutually agreed you could issue me with punishments. Even the men I know extremely well, with whom I *have* engaged in this kind of sexy chat/play wouldn’t ever dream of using consensual power play as a tool to correct my *actual work*, because that’s wildly inappropriate and not a dynamic I would ever welcome. Some people might, but I do not.

      As I say, I’m intrigued as to what you thought my reaction to this might be. You end on a jolly ‘Merry Christmas!’ so I can’t help but think you believed it might be well received – can I ask why? I am curious.

      To your specific other points: I’m not massively fussed about British v US English – I often use the two interchangeably (not deliberately, it’s just how life works because I read US media as well as UK, so I don’t really mind if I mix those up sometimes). I don’t care about capitalising ‘sellotape’ because I don’t work for a stationery brand, and I think you’re wrong on ‘smooths’. But yeah, you’re right about that messed up sentence, and I always welcome people giving me a gentle nudge to let me know when I’ve made an error – I make lots of them, and I appreciate the help! What I don’t welcome, though, is someone pompously nitpicking my work and treating me like I’m silly for making mistakes, or play-acting sex games to which I have absolutely not consented.

  • Purple Rain says:

    That’s quite a comment. Four mildly complimentary words – namely, “I enjoyed the story” – then a long screed of criticism.

    How very festive of you. I guess you weren’t that busy on Christmas Day.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ah it’s probably not a comment I should have put live, to be honest. It’s PNB’s first so it sat in the mod queue and I could have just trashed it. I only pubbed because I’ve had comments/emails like that before and I am feeling curious today – I’d really like to know the answer to the question in my reply. i.e. what did PNB expect my response to be?

      Merry Christmas to you PR <3

  • Northern Boy says:

    Merry Christmas GOTN, thank you for the ache

  • Purple Rain says:

    Thanks, GOTN! I had a lovely Christmas Day and I hope you did too!

  • Emilia Romero says:

    Merry Christmas, GOTN. Your site has been one of my absolute favourites this year. I love how you write about all of life’s intricacies and I’m looking forward to reading lots more in 2021.

    Thank you for your honesty, generosity and wit.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Thank you so much Emilia! I’m so glad you enjoy my work, and THANK YOU for your amazing guest blog this year – it’s so beautiful and a real highlight <3

  • PNB says:

    GOTN, I really didn’t expect you to put my corrective comment up in public, but since you have chosen to do so, I feel obliged to reply. First of all, it was supposed to be entirely light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek and not in any way serious, apart from the actual corrections. You clearly didn’t take it that way, so please accept my apologies. I’m not actually in the habit of handing out corporal punishment to anyone but, FWIW, I am in the habit of sending berating emails to the BBC when their presenters talk or write nonsense and I do frequently suggest that they should be taken down to the Broadcasting House dungeons for re-education. I fear you will find this entirely unfunny. I’m afraid I’m a nerdy nit-picker both by inclination and by trade. I can spot a typo at fifty paces, which is both a blessing and a curse. I’m amused by the insouciance with which you declare “I think you’re wrong on ‘smooths’” when, if you’d bothered to check, you would have discovered that while both the adjective and the infinitive of the verb are spelled ‘smooth’ with no E, an E is required for ‘he smoothes’ and ‘she smoothed’….Amusingly, the spellchecker in my computer thinks both spellings are incorrect but spellcheckers are notoriously untrustworthy and I have checked in my old-fashioned paper dictionary because that’s the kind of nerdy nit-picker I am. Finally, I have many failings, but pomposity isn’t one of them – except in jest. Again, I’m sorry you clearly weren’t remotely amused. Happy New Year!

    • Girl on the net says:

      “I really didn’t expect you to put my corrective comment up in public”

      You left it in the public ‘comments’ section on my website.

      “it was supposed to be entirely light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek and not in any way serious, apart from the actual corrections. You clearly didn’t take it that way”

      Sorry I pissed on your shoes, I meant it as a joke but you clearly didn’t take it that way.

      “FWIW, I am in the habit of sending berating emails to the BBC when their presenters talk or write nonsense and I do frequently suggest that they should be taken down to the Broadcasting House dungeons for re-education”

      That sounds tedious and rude, why would you do that?

      “I’m afraid I’m a nerdy nit-picker both by inclination and by trade.”

      I’m afraid *I’m* a bit of a website nerd, and from the website address you’ve given in your email, I notice your own site welcomes users with a security error because you do not have SSL, and your design choices (grey text on black background) make your writing incredibly difficult to read. What’s more, not only do the photos on your site not display correctly in a browser, they are also taken from other sources which you have not credited, which tells me you likely just stole them from other websites rather than licensing them for your own use. I could go on.

      “I’m amused by the insouciance with which you declare “I think you’re wrong on ‘smooths’” when, if you’d bothered to check”

      I did: https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/smooth_2 Please don’t be upset though, it really genuinely doesn’t matter. People can enjoy the story with or without that ‘e’, and I won’t hold your mistake against you or treat you like a fool for not knowing what I know. My issue is not with the fact that you’re wrong, but the fact that you’re horrible.

      “I’m sorry you clearly weren’t remotely amused”

      When someone tells you that your ‘jest’ is troubling on the grounds that you’re being sexual *at* them without their consent, the problem doesn’t lie with their sense of humour, but with your joke. When they tell you that, apologising for their reaction rather than your joke makes you look like a bit of a tit. https://www.girlonthenet.com/blog/offence-is-not-taken-assigned/

  • Molly says:

    Agreed PNB… you look like a bit of a tit.
    Great post. Certainly an idea for future gifts.
    Always feel like underwear is a gift for both of us… this is a good way to share the gift.
    Thanks GOTN.
    Hope 2021s a good one x

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