On my sexy Christmas wish: a casual gang bang

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

A while ago I asked people for their sexy Christmas wishes. What sexual favours did they want for Christmas? Things they wouldn’t normally get but would normally get wet for. Only one person replied, which I can only assume means you’re either all prudes or you’re all already so sexually satisfied that nothing short of a jizzbomb to the face would satisfy your devious ends.

And although I prefer to write about things that have actually happened, sometimes it’s fun to be a bit lazy – to write things that wouldn’t, or couldn’t ever happen, because they’ve been living in your head for the last 10 years or so and are screaming to get out.

Let’s assume for a minute that even people’s most inappropriate and un-festive dreams can come true – let’s assume I’m pissed and horny and stuck in the childhood home that reminds me of teenaged wanking and sexual frenzy – here’s my sexy Christmas wish:

My sexy Christmas wish: a casual gang bang

A boy I know throws a party. He’s one of my favourites – filthy and enthusiastic and dominant and more than willing to share.

Not just willing – he’s desperate to share. Nothing gets him harder than using other guys to humiliate me. To show off what he has, and make me feel wrong and dirty. My dude wants to watch me being used, abused, beaten and covered with spunk. That’s the key thing that he and I have in common.

He invites some other men to the house. About six of them. The evening begins very casually – they’re drinking and chatting, and I’m running back and forth getting beers, bringing snacks, and deferring to him as the party host. Doing what he asks.

He tells the rest of the guys to make themselves at home. To help themselves to anything: especially me.

I’m wearing something insignificant, inappropriate. Black knickers and a shirt. The men are all fully clothed – looking at me, touching me, slapping my arse as I walk past them. As the party gets going and they get drunk and bold enough, one of them tells me to sit on his lap.

I sit as the others watch steadily, sipping their drinks.

I’m sitting on this one guy and he has his hands all over me – squeezing my tits, slipping fingertips inside my bra to pinch my nipples. He puts one hand round my throat and pulls my head back as, with the other, he pulls my knickers to one side to feel how wet I am. Very.

A couple of the other men in the room move closer to watch. Our host – my partner – is looking on from the other side of the room. He’s smiling at me, sipping beer and watching what unfolds.

The guy I’m sitting on pulls one of my hands back behind me into his crotch, tells me to touch him. I comply: unzipping and pulling out his cock – thick, fat, hard – and then squeezing it as he slips my knickers down. He directs me firmly with his hands – gripping my hips and lifting me so he can slide his dick inside. I can feel my cunt twitch as he fills me up. Stretching – hurting.

The other guys move forward.

Some of them move in and start touching me. The first guy is still fucking me – slow, intense upstrokes that make me gasp when he gets all the way in. I’m moaning and squeezing my cunt around him, and now the other guys are grabbing at me. Like I’m entertainment for them to pore curiously over. Beers in one hand, one of my nipples or a handful of thigh in the other. The guy whose dick I’m riding I’m pulls open my shirt. He rips down my bra and exposes my tits – jiggling as I fuck him, nipples nice and hard – for the others to pinch in their grasping hands.

More guys move in. Some of them have their cocks out, touching themselves. Stroking rock-solid erections of all different shapes and sizes.

The host – my partner – is there too now, still fully-clothed. Telling them about me. Encouraging them to do more. As agreed, his job isn’t just to make sure I’m safe, it’s also to make sure I’m satisfied. He gives our guests permission to ramp things up. So he tells them…

“That’s it, don’t hold back. She’s such a slut. She wants it. She fucking loves it. Do more. Hurt her. Feel her tits, that’s it. She loves it when you touch her tits. Yeah, get your cock right inside her.”

As the guy beneath me starts to pick up the pace, thrusting violently up to meet me as I’m riding him, others want to join in.

“Come on, my turn.”

“Let me have a go.”

“Let’s bend her over the fucking sofa.”

Great idea! Our host does exactly that – yanking me sharply up by my hair, then shoving me into position so I’m bent and spread wide, resting against the arm of the sofa.

“Good girl. That’s it. Sssh, be quiet.”

I can feel the guys behind me – three or four of them, pushing to be next in line to fuck. I let out a little moan as the host kneels on the sofa in front of me.

“Let me give you something to concentrate on. Something to shut you up.” And he forces his cock into my mouth. Hot and throbbing, and dripping wet. I take it down to the back of my throat, and it’s jammed in further in as the first guy slams his dick into me. He’s got his hands on my arse, spreading me wide as he shoves his cock into my cunt – fucking me so hard it feels like punishment. Other guys reach forward and touch my tits, my back, my hair… they push my head further down onto the host’s cock until I choke and he grunts out an appreciative “thank you,” before adding, “fuck yeah, that’s good. Look at how hard she’s taking it.”

Guys crowd around the action – grabbing at themselves, squeezing their cocks, rubbing vigorously then pausing when it all gets too much – I can tell more than one of them is edging himself. Holding onto the thick streams of come, saving all his spunk for the main event. The host remains still – not fucking my throat, just keeping his cock there to keep me quiet, to spread my mouth wide and choke me and make it harder to breathe and scream – as the guys behind me take turns.

“Oh fuck, yeah. Fuck, that’s good. I’m going to fill you with spunk.”

I feel the first guy get more frantic – he’s fucking me with force and desperation and then – ah – I can feel him throb and twitch as he comes – hot spurts of it, deep inside me.

He calls me a dirty girl, and slaps my ass as he pulls out. Graciously letting the next one take his turn. And the next one’s had to wait so he’s extra hard for it – almost angry in his urgency to dump his load of cum.

This one talks.

He tells me I’m good, he says I can take it. He says he can feel how wet I am – how much come there is from the last guy. He tells me I’m so fucking dirty, he’s so hot he’ll come quickly. He can feel it coming, he’s going to shoot right in my cunt. He wants me to take it. Take it like a… oh fuck. Take it, you filthy bitch.

I squirm as I feel the second load, and I choke on the host. He grabs me roughly by the hair and starts fucking my mouth. He tells me I’m a good girl. Asks me if I want some more, but doesn’t wait for an answer as the third guy forces his dick into me. That one comes almost straight away, on contact – I can feel it spilling out of me. Buckets of it. I can feel another guy crouch down by my side so he can aim his come right at my tits. He grabs one and squeezes hard, lets out a grunt of satisfaction and then a sigh as the come shoots right out onto me. Painting my chest. Dripping off my nipples.

The host rubs it in. Tells me I’ve done well and that I’m disgusting. That I fucking asked for this – begged for this gang bang. Idly offering me his spunk-covered fingers to lick, he turns to the group and asks if anyone wants to fuck me in the ass.

I squeal, and he shoves his dick back into my mouth – pulling my head right down so I can feel it slamming against the back of my throat. Another guy stands behind me, spitting onto his cock – parting my ass cheeks so that he can push himself inside. He gets the head in, slaps me on the ass. Tells me to push backwards. Tells me to take it. Tells me I’m tight – so fucking tight.

Host pulls his cock out of my mouth and asks if I want it. If I’m going to be a good girl. And it hurts and it’s bad and I want it so much. I nod, and the second guy pushes his dick all the way into my ass – filling me up, stretching me, making me panic. All the while the host is fucking my face, others are touching themselves and watching. Talking to each other.

I push back to meet his angry thrusts. Feeling him going slightly deeper with each stroke. Feeling his cock throb and harden further as he gets closer to the edge. The host tells me I’m good. That I’m a slut, that they’re all watching me. The other guys reach forward – one more pushes his cock into my hair – shooting ropes of spunk into the tangled mess and making me feel like – oh! – such utter trash.

The host pulls his cock out of my mouth, and lifts my head. Orders me to look at him. I stare him down, eyes streaming and mouth split in an eager grin, as he comes all over my face. Hot buckets of spunk drip into my open mouth, splash onto my cheeks, burn my eyes.

The guy in my ass fucks harder – he talks to me. Tells me to look at myself. Tells me I should be ashamed. Cunt dripping spunk, come all over my face, tells me I should be disgusted, that I’m a dirty girl. That he’s going to pump spunk right into my ass.

And as I lick the drops from around my mouth I feel him come deep inside me – gripping my hips to yank me back down to the base of his dick, thrusting so deep into me that I can feel every single spurt.


A gang bang is not very festive, I know, but I’ll stick some fucking mistletoe up or something.

So come on, I got pissed and wrote about one of my favourite wank fantasies on the internet – now it’s your turn, kids. More yuletide filth in the comments box below, or I’ll have nothing to open on Christmas morning.


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  • . says:

    I have no words, just a throbbing erection.

  • Hancliff says:

    Oh yes…. you write very well, you know. You should get paid for this. Stiff as fuck.

  • J says:

    Awesome. I am so wet after reading that. I love to be told what a dirty girl I am, to be taken to the edge of pleasure and to be treated like a slut. Imagine being covered in come like that. I love men to come on my face, and all over my tits. To be in a room full of erect cocks, and to have to satisfy them, to be covered in come, and to be used like this is my ultimate fantasy too.

  • Anonymouse says:

    Given your lack of responses to your request I feel compelled to answer when before I had shyed away.

    I’m afraid my Christmas fantasy request are all rather vanilla.

    1) A threesome, FFM. Never going to happen as my girl isn’t into girls and the fact is it would probably all be too much excitement for me but by fuck I’d like to give it a go.

    2) A blowjob. My girl jjust isn’t into giving them. I’ve had less blowjobs than anniversaries.

    3) Anal. We’ve tried it before and frankly I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. But the fact it is off the cards 99.99% of the time make me want to do it more.

    Do you know what I’d swap for all of that? (Well most of it anyway). For my girl to have more self confidence, physically, mentally and sexually. That would be more of a turn on I think.

    • girlonthenet says:

      Oh, this makes me really sad. I hope that you get at least one of these for Christmas. Anal, because in my opinion it’s the best of the three.

      If it makes you feel any better, FFM threesomes are a bit like souffles – lovely when you do them right, but they usually involve too much hard work and then turn out shit anyway.

      Hope you have a nice Christmas with your girl anyway, and that at some point between now and the new year she realises that she has every reason to be confident because, you know, she’s got a boy who wants to fuck her in the ass. And that’s pretty cool.

  • bambiinboxes says:

    Oh god, the whole being called & treated like a dirty slut thing …. I’m gonna need a minute!

  • Ash says:

    Absolutely Stunning …. Jaw dropped…

  • girlonthenet says:

    Oh, and I should add that a boy wrote a blog post in response to this. It is extremely awesome, not least because it involves a girl in sheer hotpants, and also cocksucking:


  • Anonymous says:

    Is it cheating if my filthy Xmas wish is to be fourth guy in yours?

    • girlonthenet says:

      Hehe. Yes, it is definitely cheating. Unless you add an unusual twist of your own, like you jizz on my feet, or wear a Santa hat or something.

  • Totally anonymous username says:

    He pulls me close to the wall, into his arms, away from everyone else. It’s fairly dark, but I’m not sure how well-concealed we really are. Nobody seems to notice us, though, me in front, him kissing my hair, my cheek, turning my face to kiss me on the mouth. His other hand rests on my hip and I put mine over it, our fingers locking.

    His tongue enters my mouth, and I lean back against him, feeling myself growing hotter as his cock presses against me. He runs a hand down my side, and I hear a soft laugh as he realises I’m naked under my dress. “Convenient, really.” His hand moves slowly back up my body, resting on my breast, softly rubbing my already-hard nipple through the thin fabric.

    “But then, I knew when I saw you what a dirty girl you were. Spread your legs a little for me.” I obey, unable to do anything else. His hand moves again, finding its way quickly under the loose skirt, sliding up my thigh, over my belly, and down between my legs. I breathe a little harder, and try to stand still as he plays with me, whispering in my ear all the things he would like to be doing to me right now. It feels delicious, and as he suggests bending me over a nearby table, lifting my dress, and fucking my arse until my screams can be heard above the music, my legs nearly collapse.

    “So, you like that idea?” I can’t really reply, but nod slightly. He moves his hand around to the back and touches me where nobody else has. “You’d like a thick, hard cock deep inside here, wouldn’t you?” His finger’s wet from my cunt, and he begins to slip it ever so gently inside. “You’d like to feel it opening you up for – let me guess – the first time? Maybe it’d hurt a little…” his finger is now fully inside, and he presses against me as he continues, “…but I think you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I don’t even try to speak, just squeeze his hand a little with mine.

    He shifts slightly, moving his legs apart so our bodies are nearly at the same level. He lifts my skirt at the back. “I think I can help you.” I feel his hand moving behind me, and his finger withdraws, replaced quickly by something bigger, harder, hotter. He presses the head against me, and wraps one arm round my waist, slips the other under my arm, holding my shoulder, as he slowly pushes his cock into me.

  • Totally anonymous username says:

    You know what’s hot about this story, apart from the obvious lots-and-lots-of-cocks? The men not being squeamish about other men’s cocks. GODDAMN, I would love to find a few men who’d be that comfortable around other cocks.

    • Kandy says:

      I 100% agree. I loved the bit when guy #2 entered a cunt that was full of another guy’s spunk. That got me incredibly wet and normally that’s something I enjoy but I was reading it on my phone on the bus, which is nor the best place to get sexually excited.

      MMF or MFM is a huge fantasy for me and I loved that element of this story the most. After all, who wouldn’t want to be the birthday girl ;-)

  • Mags says:

    This will be a wholly inappropriate comment on a day like this, but Jesus Fucking Christ. When you asked for our filthy Christmas wish lists, I was working on something that I never got around to finishing…really glad I didn’t, it would have looked lame, tame and amateur compared to that.

    You made my pussy wet and throbbing almost instantly, my breath caught in my throat and my nipples tingling and aching to be touched.

    The law of sod decrees that you should write THIS when I am logistically further away from my boyfriend than I ever have been in the short time we have been seeing each other. Rest assured, this has only served to ensure that when I DO see him in the middle of next week, there will be no time for niceties or pleasantries or even anything that pretends to be polite conversation.

    No. There will be fucking. Lots of hard, fucking – his cock pounding my cunt, holding my legs wide apart, a determined expression on his face. “You love this, you slut” He’s right, I do – I love feeling used, owned, controlled.

    There will be gagging – his cock so far down my throat that it brings tears to my eyes, his hands in my hair forcing my face down to take more of him. It makes me cry, but it also make my cunt gush – I’m never hotter or wetter than I am when he has fucked my face.

    And then he says “come for me” and holds his hand over my mouth to stop the scream escaping when I do…

    Yeah, Merry FUCKING Christmas. :D

  • Boyvulgar says:

    As previously suggested, this totally did weird and good stuff to me. Merry fucking christmas indeed.

  • James says:

    Your fantasy is basically the same as mine – slight alterations being the fact I’m a man, the host would be my long term female partner, and in the early part of the evening she enjoys herself by fucking and being fucked by a couple of the men she’s invited round while I serve the rest. When she’s finished with them, she then instructs them to use me in much the same fashion you’ve described. I like me men brutal and strong. I like cum.

  • obscureusername says:

    Does it count as a Christmas wish if you get it already? …I don’t care.

    I can hear you gasp for breath and I don’t care. It just makes me wetter, to be honest. Makes me arch up and force your head in closer between my legs. Makes me tighten my thighs against your ears, push my heels into your back.

    Your hair’s short but there’s just enough length for me to pull. Not to pull you away – oh no – I like your tongue and teeth worrying against my clit. I want the feel of your stubble there on my soft skin, want to hear the hitch in your breath when I tell you to put your fingers in me too.

    No, I just want to let you know you’re doing this under my direction. Because I say so. That I could pull your mouth away from this delicious, wet treat at any second if I wished and that it’s only because you please me that I allow you to continue to be there. There, between my legs, mouth wet and hot and open on my cunt. My cries in your ear and my wetness spreading against your lips and tongue as I moan yes, just there, yes, harder, yes, just like that…


  • He never thought it would end up like this. Not with her.

    He’d noticed her when they were both 16 and in the decade after couldn’t shake her from his head. She was shorter than him, and he’d always liked her long straight hair and her small hands, one of which he was holding as they walked across the sand.

    It was a clear and warm night, and on the beach everything seemed so far away. The noises and sounds of a thousand Friday night lights were over the railings where everyone else was. The same people that they had walked among just minutes earlier before she whispered in his ear “let’s go on the sand” in the sultry voice that drove him crazy, her vodka scented breath making his nerves tingle.

    All he could think was ‘don’t fuck this up’. He knew he didn’t deserve a chance with her but in the past month or so, had done everything he could to make sure this night happened. He was a superstitious man, wearing his lucky socks, had given some change to a homeless man during the day and pinched himself occasionally to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating this. He looked across at her, with the sea silhouette as her backdrop as she self-conciously moved the hair from her face. He looked across at her and knew. He wasn’t hallucinating this.

    He and she continued to walk, hand in hand. She felt him looking, wanting her as she brushed her hair away from her eyes. She looked stunning in a red dress, her shoes being held and swung in her other hand. The dress sashayed gently in the breeze, clinging occasionally to her fantastic curves. She was a little drunk but in control. She liked the way her hand felt in his.

    Both wanted the other to make a move. It seemed stupid, they’d been friends for years, more than that on occasion. Everything was so easy together… except this one thing.


    He wanted it to be right. As he sought the right words or the right phrase to use, the words that would sweep her off her feet and make her fall in love with him, he started to have the same feelings of self-doubt, that he was never good enough for her and that she was mad to want anything to do with him. He glanced again at her, almost embarrassed that she would consider him in that way. She was about six inches shorter than him, a little more than that with her shoes in her hand. Beautiful wide eyes obscured by straightened light brown hair. Her small nose and mouth made her look cute and sexy before he glanced down at the neckline of her dress, showing a little cleavage. He noticed how the breeze would wrap the dress tightly across her body and exaggerate how shapely her curves were. He loved how she widened at the hips before her short legs completed her. He admired the confidence she had across the sand in her bare feet and how she’d giggle at the rubbish jokes he was telling her.

    She wanted him to take control for once. She looked at his hand holding hers before looking up at his face, his short dark hair above his brown eyes. He was wearing his contact lenses although she liked him better in glasses. Prickly stubble across the bottom half of his face and neck. He was wearing a shiny black suit jacket with a T-shirt under it and she swore she caught him looking at her, awkward, stolen glances as he tried to make her laugh.

    And then, halfway through a sentence, he stopped speaking.

    Wheeling around in front of her, he took her other hand in his and they stared at each other in the fading light. After what seemed like hours, they closed their eyes and leant in to kiss gently. To him, the crashing waves in the distance fell away. The chaos was another world away as he brushed her lips with his.

    She melted as she kissed him, feeling the stubble on her face.

    She had a hand on either side of his face, as if to keep him there as hers forever. His hands were everywhere, he couldn’t believe the moment was real and wanted to take it all in. As her tongue explored his mouth, he was stroking her back and her hair before he finally settled and held onto her hips. Touching her was ecstasy and he could feel her smiling as they embraced, their groins pushing against each other.

    He felt brave. She had an incredible ability to make him feel brave sometimes. He pulled gently away and kissed her neck. She used to hate that, but tonight she felt safe and went with it. She moaned gently as she fumbled around his jacket, pulling it off him. As her nails brushed his arms, she noticed the alcove and leading him with one hand, she walked over to it with him.

    They didn’t miss a beat. He moved back to her lips and began to unzip her dress from between her shoulders. He pulled the dress down to reveal her round breasts. As he bent down to kiss them, all he could hear was her breathing getting shallower as she realised just where this was heading. Her nipples prominent due to her arousal she tore his t-shirt from his body and started to kiss him all over his body. She unbelted his jeans and left him standing in his boxer shorts.

    She could see his penis straining against them as he suddenly pulled her dress over her hips, leaving her in a pair of pink French knickers. Taking a step back, he looked at her in the moonlight, loving how it made her pale body sparkle. He was lost with desire, laying her down on his jacket so she wouldn’t get cold and started kissing her, working his way down her body slowly. He spent a little extra time on her boobs and as he got to her pussy, decided to tease her a little. He kissed the top of her thighs and brushed them on the inside, so close to her before she sat up, pulling her knickers down and pushing his head onto her, making him taste and feel how wet she was.

    She closed her eyes as she guided him, smiling as his tongue flicked at her clit, making her moan gently. She moved a hand down to her clit and started playing with herself as his tongue lapped at her, feeling him deeply kiss her where he’d never kissed her before. He loved how sweet she tasted, how she was trying to bring herself to orgasm, her small patch of soft dark hair above her lips. He wanted to freeze the moment forever.

    Moving his fingers up to her, she sucked on them, making them wet with her saliva, little mmm’s and oooh’s coming from her as her fingers and his tongue worked to electrify her body. He felt another surge of bravery as he began to trace her lower lips with his fingers, gently inserting them into her. He felt her tighten up around his fingers before relaxing and finding a rhythm. He moved her fingers up to her mouth, making her taste her pussy as he made her body thrust.

    She breathlessly commanded him to speed up as she began to moan louder and he could feel how close she was getting. Quicker. He went down on her again, wanting to be as close as possible when she came. Deeper. He flicked his fingers up and sped up when it happened with a loud scream. Harder. She gushed all over his fingers as he withdrew them, leaving a wet patch on his jacket and her, a cummy mess. Arching her back, she dug her nails deeply into his shoulders, driving his tongue deeper onto her sensitive lips. Her first orgasm in six months, she aggressively grabbed his hand, licking her off him before throwing him down and taking his shorts off.

    His cock sprung up as she immediately took it in her mouth. She was in control now and she loved it, working her way down while her hand pulled at the base. She wanted him badly. He was in heaven, he was sure of it, and moved her body round so he could continue to lick her sweet lips.

    He was sure he was going to explode in her mouth. She was so good, the warmth of her mouth countered by the night air, making him feel unlike anything he’d ever experienced. All he knew is that he was ready. He wanted her so badly, wanting to make her cum again, being deep inside her, to make love to her and make her forget everything but the moment.

    She removed her lips from him and straddled him. He was trembling as she guided him towards her pussy. Slowly, he began to inch inside her, filling her slowly and feeling her adjust to his thickness. She was so tight but her wetness allowed her to take it all in. She leant forward and her breasts were in his face. He licked and sucked at her nipples, knowing that the air would cool them quickly and give her an intensely sexual feeling. She kissed him gently while they established a rhythm, slowing building inside her. She loved being on top, it let her be in control as she dictated the rhythm, gently oohing at his constant thrusts, touching her where she hadn’t been by anyone for so long. He could feel himself inside her, all of his cock thrusting up into her, the familiar feeling of his cum rising up his shaft. He kept going, bringing her to the edge before she stopped. “I want you to cum inside me”, she moaned as she laid on her front.

    He grabbed her hips as he entered her from behind, she felt tighter than before as he penetrated her deeper, the new angle giving new sensations to her and him. She reached around and started playing with her clit as she breathily kept saying ‘yes, more, harder,’ words that made him fuck her harder and deeper, wanting to cum deep inside her.

    She could feel an orgasm building up. She didn’t know when she’d last had sex, but it didn’t feel like this. The danger of being outside in the breeze by the beach, the arousal of being with him. After all of their history, this was the moment that would change their relationship forever. He was moaning now, telling her how naughty she was and that she was going to make him cum inside her. She wanted him to cum at the same time as her, and moved her body across slightly to give her a better angle.

    Her pussy started to tense up around his cock, and she let out a huge scream as she came, her juice dripping down his cock as he thrust into her hard and started cumming deep inside her, shooting it and filling her up with spurt after spurt of warm cum. They were both shouting now, lost in each other’s lust before they both opened their eyes at the same time. Looking at each other, she was breathing heavily and slumped forward, he withdrew and kissed her lips, before they both pulled away and whispered ‘I love you’ to each other. He pulled her closer and laid his t-shirt over them as she slept on top of him…

    You’d never guess I was a sexually frustrated bloke, would you?!

  • Anony Mouse says:

    I’m not so great with words or descriptions, but this was ONE of my Christmas presents :

    We have the house to ourselves – all three of his roommates are actually gone at the same time. We’re watching a show on Netflix, laying beside each other on the couch, my head on this chest. It’s a very good show, lots of steamy sex scenes. I slide my hand under his shirt and gently tickle the skin of this stomach right above the waist of his jeans.

    I feel his reaction press against my arm draped over his crotch. He reaches down and starts rubbing my back- the top of my ass. He would reach lower, but his arms aren’t long enough. I take this as a good sign and move my hand to his now hard cock. Feeling it strain against his pants. I stroke it teasingly, feeling him press against my hand wanting more, wanting a firmer touch.

    I slowly unbutton and then unzip his pants to get better access. His hard dick still pressing against his boxer shorts. I pull it out and begin to massage his ball, rolling them in my fingers. Then I wrap my hand around his dick and begin to rub it up and down. His breath starts to quicken. He’s getting too close, and he wants inside of me.

    He gently pushes me off of him and leads me around the back of the couch and pulls down my pants and thong, leaving them around my ankles as he bends me over the couch. He reaches between my legs and feels how wet I am for him before slowly pushes his cock into my pussy and fucks me from behind. He feels so great- filling me up completely. His hands are on my hips, pulling, I can feel his thrusts getting stronger and stronger.

    All I can think is, “his roommates might come home any minute. How fucking hot is that?”

    He pulls off his pants and boxers completely, then has me step out of mine and leads me to the staircase. We go to the middle platform. The one closest to the front door, where there is a large mirror above the mantle of the fireplace. I lean over the railing, bracing myself, watching him in the mirror, my juices flowing. He reaches his hand around to massage my clit and I feel myself getting closer to orgasm. Then he pulls me to a standing position and pulls my shirt off as we watch each other fucking in front of the mirror.

    We then go to the very top of the stairs and he lays on the floor as I straddle and begin to ride him. I lean back and his cock hits just the right spot and I begin to soak him. I lean forward not wanting to leave a huge spot on the carpet in front of his room and he forces me back telling me that he loves how wet I am. He then reaches up and unclasps my my bra in the front, my breasts popping out, jiggling with every stroke. He pinches one of my hard nipples with one hand and uses the other to play with my clit as I ride him as hard as I want.

    Both our breaths are quickening, both so close, so I stand up and pull him into his bedroom where I remove my bra and him his shirt. Finally completely naked. I move to the bed, but he pulls me back down to floor. This time I’m on my back and he holds my legs above his shoulders. pounding me so hard it almost hurts- I prefer it this way. This always gets me so wet and I begin to flow out again as he uses one of this hands to massage my clit again. I feel my muscles tensing up and the tightness in my stomach. Then finally, I reach the brink and cum all over him. He smiles victoriously as he slows to better feel my pussy twitch and tighten. Tells me he loves making me cum.

    It’s his turn now. He turns me over onto my stomach and lays on top of me, shoving his wet cock into my pussy, squeezing my legs together with his. He holds my wrists and I can tell he won’t last much longer. He begins thrusting faster, harder. He lifts his upper body off of me, only pressing the tip of his dick in and out as quickly as possible. I lie there moving my hips in unison to his, trying to get as much of him in me as possible. Then I hear him groan and he pulls out, pressing his cock between my cheeks and feeling his hot cum hit my ass and back in spurts. I relish in it.

    He holds his dick and rubs the tip of it all over my ass, rubbing it in his come, squeezing every last drip out of it. He then reaches over and grabs a pair of discarded boxers to clean us both up.

    Merry Christmas to me!

    Then we went back downstairs and continued watching our show… right as one of his roommates came home. Funny thing was, he came in right as another one of the awesome sex scenes were playing and he sat down saying “oh yeah.” If he had come home maybe 10 minutes earlier he would have gotten an even better show ;P

  • D says:

    Okay, I am totally subscribing on the basis of this post.

  • Anon says:

    Don’t know how I have only just discovered your site. Spent the last hour and a half reading posts. This one struck me as amusing considering me and my mate had a threesome with an old fling of mine the other night. Poor girl was absolutely covered in come by the end of the night. Abused in the best way!

  • FUNHOU says:

    You don’t write enough of these.

  • Isthisweird says:

    So I read this and I was like “Holy shit?!?!?!?” I go so freaking turned on, and this isn’t even the kind of thing I like. And hey if this is a lot of peoples thing whatever, good for you, but to think I got turned on by it, wow. Never would have thought. Trust me I like my man in control but not that much. I give you props for making this ‘nice’ girl feel rather naughty.

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks for the link back to this one – it’s a personal favourite!

  • Whoops says:

    I know that mistress doesn’t like cum in her mouth.
    Surely her Dom knows that too?

    Obviously, I can’t ask that question. Not just because I have mistresses knickers, slick wet from her arousal following her master spanking her, stuffed in my mouth and taped over. Obviously, as her pet, it’s not my place to ask that question.

    Obviously, as her master gets more worked up, fucking her mouth harder and deeper, hand wrapped in her hair which had been tied in a neat bun until only a moment ago, obviously I can’t do anything to intervene. Not just because I’m bound, wrists to ankles, knees apart, looking up at them less than a meter away as he uses her mouth, grunting, moaning and telling mistress what a good slut she is. My instinct is to obey my mistress, who has told me that I must never cum in her mouth. Obviously, as her pet, it’s not my place to intervene.

    When he pulls her head back, and mistress gasps and her saliva is dripping down her face, and he slaps her, and tells her she’s a good slut, obviously I feel mixed. You mustn’t talk to mistress that way, even though she loves it. Obviously as her pet it’s my duty to know what she loves, so that I may please her. And mistress does so love another man’s cock in her mouth. But she still hates cum.

    He tells her he’s close. He grabs mistresses head in two hands and shoves her back down on him. Mistress chokes and he keeps going, rolling his hips into her. Mistress’s make-up is streaming down her face. Mistress’ dress is torn. Mistress looks like a mess.

    As her pet, obviously, I can’t help but moan in sympathy – and arousal.
    Her masters stops, abruptly, with mistress held deep down on him. His breath is ragged, his eyes are lost, concentrating.

    I feel mistress’s hand reach out and grab the back of my head and pull my mouth over.
    Her master rips off the tape over my mouth in a flash of pain. He pulls out mistress’s knickers and shoves his huge cock into my mouth.

    He thrusts, once, twice, and that’s enough, cumming in my mouth in waves. The spunk is thick and I can hardly stop it falling out of the sides of my mouth as he slowly rolls in and out of me.

    Mistress slaps me gently. “There’s a good pet. I knew you’d step up when we needed you.” She makes me show her my tongue and the mess that her master has made of me. I show her proudly. “Lick him clean” she orders. I do so happily. “You’ve done well pet” She adds,
    before slapping me once more,
    before her master takes her mouth again.

    I knew mistress won’t have cum in her mouth. I should have trusted mistress.

  • Hillary says:

    OK so you have just celebrated 5 years on the blog. For your 10th Anniversary, maybe your Christmas Eve Special, your boy will have to host a virtual gang bang. Well, you can make it partly virtual, with a decent number of your friends around and the rest of us following on line. Your Boy can play Mien Host and live stream it to your followers (who will have paid a fortune to subscribe – all money to go to Charities of your choice).

    Only problem is that you would have to warn the Internet providers to put extra servers on duty to handle the extra traffic.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ummm, thanks but I don’t want to do that. There are lots of people who film/stream their shagging and do it really well – both professional performers and enthusiastic amateurs. It’s not something I’ve ever wanted to do. I don’t even really take many photographs. I appreciate that your comment is meant to flatter me, but honestly I get quite a lot of pressure from people to do more visual things: pics, videos, etc, and it makes me quite uncomfortable.

      • Hillary says:

        Yes, I’m sorry. Some time after I posted the comment I realised the need for anonymity. So you would need to get the Man in your Life (sorry I don’t like referring to him as your Boy) to write some code so that the bodies are all slightly pixilated – o o – and the faces are all massively pixilated – O O.

        He could also have fun distorting the voices.

        • Girl on the net says:

          No, that’s not what I mean. I mean I don’t want to do that kind of porn. I enjoy writing, I don’t enjoy being naked on camera.

          • Hillary says:

            We will just have to look forward to a blog entitled F14. We will know that it is not an obsolete jet fighter but the announcement that “My fuckingly filthy fantastically fulfilling Fantasy finally fuckingly filthily fantastically fulfillingly fulfilled.”

  • Paul says:

    Thank you for this video, I’ve been enjoying it for the past week.

  • Paul says:

    I first played it on Monday after discovering your wonderful blog, and it turned me on so much I’ve listened to it every night since, wanking myself hard over it. The first night I listened I hadn’t wanked for days on end and I was hard thinking about various girls I know, and started searching keywords on Google and that’s when I came across your blog. As I listened to this recording I started to masturbate so hard, and as it went on I became harder than I’ve been in ages. I was swollen and thick within minutes getting more and more stiff as the recording went on. Everytime you said the word ‘spunk’ my cock twitched massively and I started to pick up the pace, groaning in the process. My cock was leaking pre cum like a fountain and was so hard it could’ve cracked cement with it. The first time I ejaculated was at the point that you said about the guy who came on you on impact, and when you said there was ‘buckets of it’ I just lost control and shot hot, thick torrents of spunk all over the place. I had to grab a glass and I half filled it. I counted about 13 spurts!! I was so horny, I was shaking. I felt so good all over my body that I had to have another wank about half an hour later. This time I went into the bathroom and started wanking with your voice in my head and kneeled down in the shower and shot ropes and ropes of hot fluid onto the walls. The spurts were thick and violent. It’s strange but there’s so many cases where the second wank is better than the first, well this was no exception. Anyway, I sat down to watch TV for a while and around 1am I started to get horny again, so I started to listen to your recording once more. I started wanking and got hard surprisingly quickly. I was even hornier than before, milking my penis for all it was worth, when after an hour or so I spunked up again. Between 3 and 6am, I wanked to another orgasm and 2 more times, before finally and exhaustively falling into bed at 7am!! I had literally wanked myself dry. The last wank was the hardest, I was on the floor pulling my foreskin backwards and forwards violently trying to get the last few drops out. I didn’t think I was going to be able to manage 6 times in one night, but I was desperate to spurt one last load, and I did. I was encouraged to come again by listening to your voice and looped the recording, of you saying my favourite words. I could feel myself growing hard and was desperate to get the milky fluid out, aching to get rid of it – the skin was flapping over the top of my dick and I was nearly hyperventilating, almost crying, when suddenly I got up and stood over the sink as I could feel the jizz starting to build. As I watched, a few small drops ‘shot’ out and I felt soooooo good. The following day I was spent, but I started thinking about this post again and after listening to another one of your videos I managed to cum again, despite being really, really sore. I managed a wank on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. Then I decided to really go for it again on Thursday and this evening. I’ve not felt so orgasmic in ages and I am so glad I found your wonderful sexy hot, wankable blog. I could listen to your sexy, erection inducing voice forever and your hot, jerkable words. I love hearing your say all the dirty expressions like ‘wank’, ‘spunk’ etc. Nothing makes me hornier. No one writes sexy words like you do. You make me feel so fucking incredibly hot, sensual, orgasmic and sore. God bless x

    • Girl on the net says:

      It’s quite late at night and I’m a bit tired so I am not going to be able to write a comment that does justice to how much I loved *yours*, but for what it’s worth, I am delighted that you enjoyed this so much, and doubly delighted that you took the time to comment in so much detail. God bless you too x

      • Paul says:

        Aww, thank you. I was worried I might have gone a bit overboard after reading back everything I wrote. I wouldn’t want to deliberately offend anyone, but I am glad you liked it anyway :)

  • Radu says:

    Some dudes here are fucking weird. anyway, it’s interesting to see how free you are, you seem different from other girls. makes me wonder how you became so.

  • Simona says:

    Why did you re-record this? The bit at the end where you used to say ”It’s not very festive, I’ll stick some fucking mistletoe up” used to crack me up, lmfao.

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