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Single life: a romance

I get these bursts of it, every now and then. Like a high. It swells upwards and outwards from the centre of my chest – rushing with a power that’s so much stronger than the first tingles of love. In the beginning, these rushes were so intense that sometimes they’d stop me in my tracks. Make it so I had to pause whatever I was doing and just breathe for a few seconds. In and out. Spine straight, shoulders back, slightly light-headed like you get when you stand up too quickly.



Eroticon 2023: Bumper Deluxe Almost Everything Post

In the week or two following an awesome event, there’s usually a lot of FOMO floating around, so before I get stuck into this mammoth post-Eroticon round-up, I’m first going to urge you to subscribe for updates on the website if you haven’t already – scroll to the bottom of the page and pop your email address in, or follow Eroticon on Twitter, Instagram or Mastodon. That way, whatever comes next, you’ll be one of the first to know. Note, too, that you don’t need to be a sex blogger/erotic creative/Only Fans superstar to come to Eroticon – everyone is welcome, as long as you abide by the event behaviour policy. There are many people who are dipping their toes into the world of sex creativity, or just toying with the idea of maybe starting to do something someday. And even if you never intend to make erotic content of your own, I imagine most sex nerds will still enjoy the talks and workshops. No guarantee that you won’t have been converted into a smut creative by the end, though…


Guest blog: In defence of 69ing

For ages I’ve had it on my guest blog page that I’d love to read guest blogs that contain “eloquent disagreement/rebuttal of any of my own strong and angry opinions” but people rarely ever take me up on it. Maybe they think I will bite, which is unfair because honestly I usually prefer to be the one who gets bitten. BUT NOW I HAVE ONE! Rebuttal! Disagreement! And the hottest kind of disagreement, too! Imagine me rubbing my hands together with absolute glee today, because the fabulous @OxyFromSG (of ‘I sucked my own cock‘ fame, who also writes fabulous erotica as Alec Lake) is here with a guest post in defence of 69ing. The horny position in which two people are top-and-tail and going to town on each other’s genitals is also very often at the top of people’s lists of ‘overrated sex acts’, mine included. So I’m absolutely delighted (and thoroughly aroused) to have the chance to read his defence of the humble (or not-so-humble) 69….


How do I get laid without dating apps?

London has a population of almost nine million. It is one of the most vibrant, exciting, busy cities in the world. At the same time, most of the people who live here (myself included) have an instinctive distrust of strangers, and a powerful desire to not be bothered by one. So how do you meet people in this context? In the past I’ve relied heavily on dating apps. But as most people on The Apps agree, dating apps fucking suck these days. Let’s examine some potential ways to get laid without dating apps, with the aim that by the end of the year I will have DEFINITELY TRIED ALL OF THEM and if I haven’t you can tell me off for wussing out.


Guest blog: My first time with a cis woman

Regular readers will already be familiar with Jenby’s excellent work. I’m going to keep the intro for this very short indeed, it’s just here to let you know that the following contains references to transphobia and violence, and I’m extremely grateful to her for tackling this. Here’s a piece by Jenby about her first time with a cis woman.