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Best sex blogger lists

Sex site Kinkly has just announced its best sex blogs of 2016 – in an attempt to celebrate great blogging, and introduce you to new sex blogs that you may not have heard of before. The list is a good way to say well done to some of the bloggers who’ve written great stuff this year, spread the love to blogs that may not get noticed elsewhere, and hopefully get more people reading awesome things. However, ranking the best sex blogs is a blunt tool, and there are some problems with the system. After a hell of a lot of chatting about this yesterday, I wanted to write down a few thoughts on blog lists and rankings.

The following post will probably only be of interest to you if you write a sex blog, so if you don’t feel free to let your eyes glaze over or head to today’s other post, for kink of the week, which is way sexier.


Two things: top sex blogs and offensive British swearwords

Two things this week starts with a veritable treasure-trove of smut – the top sex blog lists. It’s that time of year when you get to nominate your favourite sex blogs, and nosily trawl through other people’s nominations to find more hot stuff to read. I also found a seriously weird and interesting piece of research on offensive British swearwords, so at the bottom of this post there’s a little analysis of which words are most likely to get you tutted at if you’re visiting the Queen for tea. Let’s go.


5 years’ of sex blogging: the numbers and more

It’s been five years since I started this blog. Which is fucking bizarre when I sit down and think about it. Five entire years of my life – that’s nearly 16% of my time on this planet – has been spent sex blogging. For nearly three of those years being ‘Girl on the Net’ has been my full-time job.

So this post might be a bit meta and involved for some of you, but for others who are either sex blogging already or thinking of setting out, I wanted to give you as honest an overview as I can of what 5 years’ of sex blogging looks like. The numbers, the lessons learned, the mistakes and the occasional successes. Here goes.


Male sex blogs: where are they?

Where are all the male sex blogs? Are there any good male sex bloggers? Why yes, there are. Here is a list of some excellent male sex bloggers.

Much like any sex blog, male sex blogs often specialise in different things, so while you’ll get one that is a treasure-trove of sex toy reviews, you’ll get another that focuses on erotic writing. Still others that are a combination of the two, or something more like my own, which focuses on true stories with occasional political rants. Many are blogs I read often and love, others are ones I am including to make sure I have a full list. If you’re a guy and you’re not included, get in touch and if your blog is active I’m more than happy to add you.

Please click on the links, go and read some of their work, and follow them on the relevant social media channels. Then please continue reading beyond the list, where I intend to utterly blow your mind, and potentially piss you off.