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Wanking on the train: I can’t be the only one…

One of the most difficult fears to overcome is the fear of being weird. That’s partly why I write this stuff – I want people to read it and say “Oh, she does that as well. Perhaps I’m not abnormal after all.” But far greater than that is my need for people to tell me that it’s OK. That I’m not odd. That they do this sometimes too. And by ‘this’ I mean ‘wanking on the train.’


On piss: why I like it when guys piss on me

If you’re reading this hoping for some lurid and detailed description of a time when I writhed naked with a dude on a hotel bathroom floor, having sex that culminated in me squatting over his face and urinating directly into his mouth, you’ll be sorely disappointed: I want to talk about boys pissing on girls. And why I love it when guys piss on me.


On that sex cinema in Soho

Update 2018: I’m adding new art to this very old post, and I realise that this glorious sex cinema frolic might need a bit of a content warning. It was a deeply pleasurable, intensely filthy thing, which I loved taking part in. It was also intense, as you’d imagine any event involving a slightly-nervous girl, her even-more-nervous boyfriend, and a gang of eager men with erections might be. It might not be for everyone, but if you like that sort of thing I’d like to reassure you that all of this was fully consensual, and I’m grateful to all these strangers for showing me such a sexy time!