2019 call for sex guest blogs! Got a sex story, opinion or idea?

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Hello! You seem like someone who might be a bit interested in sex – you’re here on a sex blog, after all, so you likely have some opinions and experiences relating to sex that the world would benefit from hearing. Whether you want to try your hand at erotic fiction, tell a story about something sexy you’ve done, introduce your kinks to a curious audience, or educate people on some aspect of sexual politics, I would really love to hear from you. Here are some sex guest blogs that were popular last year, and details on how to submit your own.

How do I submit a sex guest blog?

Put simply, all you need to do is drop a few lines about your idea in an email, and send it over to me. Details for submission are on the guest blog page here, and I’ve given a round-up there of things that tend to work well. This year I’m especially after stories that include ‘first time’ experiences (first time you used a sex toy, first time you read erotica, first time you had a threesome, first time you tried anal play, first time you fell in love, whatever it might be) as well as any stories that include sex toys. But I am basically up for anything as long as it’s legal and interesting.

I accept most of the guest blogs that get pitched to me, so please don’t be shy!

Which guest blogs are most popular?

Here are the top 10 from 2018, to kick things off:

  1. Starting 2018 with my first threesome by anonymous
  2. Her first fucking machine experience by @joannesreviews
  3. Making out with her cunt by Oliveira
  4. She likes to use vibrators to make me come by James Mycroft
  5. What happened when she released me from chastity by Sara
  6. I’ve squirted once, how can I squirt again? by @PinkGilly15
  7. It started with a kiss… by @DivaFoof
  8. Me, myself and I (Masturbation Month) by @ZebraRoseSub [This one is also available as audio porn]
  9. Threesome erotica: a special guest by Kim Taylor
  10. Blow job feedback by @DivaFoof

These are all incredible posts, and I’m delighted to see them getting the recognition they deserve! One of these is my absolute favourite of the whole year, but I’m not going to tell you which because it’ll look like favouritism.

But if you blogged for me in 2018 and yours isn’t on here, don’t be disheartened. Firstly, anything which was posted later in the year is likely to see less traffic (because it’s had less time to build that traffic up). What’s more, ‘popular’ is not always the best way to measure the success of posts, because there are plenty of intangible things that are unmeasurable but still of massive benefit. So don’t be put off if you don’t have a story that looks like it fits on this list – in fact, because this whole thing is about getting different perspectives, if you have something different I am even more keen to hear from you.

Do you have an interesting perspective on sexual politics? You could change people’s minds on something important, and give thoughtful readers the chance to re-evaluate their beliefs. Do you have a fetish (like plushophilia, or macrophilia)? Writing about your fetish can help others to feel less alone. Got a sexy story to tell? Congratulations – I can guarantee you that if you share it here plenty of people will get aroused, and you’ll have added a bit of sexy joy to a lot of people’s days.

Here are a few other guest blogs that I adored in 2018:

And loads more besides. Suffice to say, I love all the guest blogs that are posted here – last year I even started doing some round-ups of great guest blogs from previous years, which I’ll aim to continue this year! I would love to have more of them! I pay £20 for each post, and I’ll copy edit/do SEO/add images so you don’t need to worry about any of that. An idea or story is all you need. You can promote your work if you’d like (it’s positively encouraged – include any and all links you’d like when you send your idea!) or you can be anonymous if you prefer.

If you’re interested in pitching me an idea, check out the guest blog page for more information, and please do get in touch. Here’s to loads more amazing guest blogs in 2019.


  • Zebra Rose says:

    OMG wow, I’m totally gratified that my wanking habits are such a popular read! I love those others; they have provided many a duvet-twitching session. All hail GOTN for providing a platform to encourage other sex bloggers!

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