Cheeky kisses in public: an ode to anticipation

Image by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor

This real life story about cheeky kisses (and more) in public is written by the fabulous Victoria Blisse, and originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here by Sherryl Blu.

We met online a year ago. Dating app. Swiped on a cutie with a wickedly sweet smile and a profile that drew my attention. To my joy, it was a mutual like and we soon moved to social media, chatting about allsorts but with this rippling lust running as a tightening cord between us.

Chris understood about my shielding, was doing so himself. Significantly younger than me, but with patience and understanding many don’t achieve in a life full lived.

We fell into chatting, sometimes hot, horny and heavy. He introduced many interesting fantasies to me, his creatively deviant mind conjuring out of this world sexual adventures that truly excited me in their uniqueness. He encouraged me to think outside the box, our dynamic forming in an unexpectedly switchy way. With Chris, I want to be in control sometimes. I want to command him, to be worshipped, to bend him to my will as much as I want to be his fuck toy, his good girl.

Sometimes we would just chat about the mundanities of life, sometimes we’d get deeper, opening up to each other about all kinds of things. Always supported. Always given the care needed. I have been confident in this sweet boy from the moment we met. So it didn’t surprise me that when the time came to meet face to face I felt nothing but excitement.

Of course there were anxieties, the North West becoming a covid variant hotspot being one of them. I decided my trip over the Pennines was essential. I’d been waiting a fucking year to get my hands on this handsome young man. I took a covid test, followed social distancing rules. I may be vaccinated but I’m still taking it all seriously. But I had to take the plunge and visit him. A year is more than long enough to wait.

We messaged on and off as I travelled. The excitement bubbling between us. He admitted nerves, I did too. There’s always a little nervousness on that first meet, the what ifs can be cruel. I saw him through the window of the train station and saw his smile grow as he saw me. We embraced, a little awkwardly and walked off to find somewhere to sit and chat a while.

We ended up on a less than comfy bench in front of an imposing building with impressive statues outside. I didn’t pay too much mind to it. I was completely focused on him. I hadn’t even noticed the huge clock face until he pointed it out to me.

Softly spoken with the most lilting of Yorkshire accent, I enjoyed listening to him as much as I enjoyed watching his lips move. We’d been sat together only a few moments when we snuggled closer. It just felt so natural.

The first kiss followed closely behind. He leaned in, I leaned in and before we knew it our lips were against each other. The first kiss was soft and tentative, it moved on swiftly to a second and a third, each longer and more confident as we connected, our lust mixing.

We were both grinning and flushed when we pulled apart.

He looks so sweetly innocent. Cute dimples, soft and sensual brown eyes that radiate calm behind nerdy glasses that suit his slim face. But by God he is not innocent.

He took every opportunity to brush past my boobs, I wore a low cut top to encourage such behaviour in fact. He had his hand on my thigh, squeezing gently, then forcefully and he whispered “Good girl.” In my ear because he knows what those words do to me.

In lapses of conversation, he’d kiss me. Always a good way to fill gaps and also a fabulous way to shut me up when I’m waffling.

The kisses soon lead to nibbling. From both of us. He tasted so sweet, his skin so soft under my lips, when I reached his neck I had to suck a while, then graze my teeth across his flesh. And he gave out the sweetest little sigh.

He bent his lips to my wrist, kissing my pulse point then bit me. I moaned pornographically as that zinged through my veins. Wow, that spot is alllllll kinds of sensitive!

Chris’s kisses sometimes went bitey. Grabbing my bottom lip between his teeth. I of course returned the favour. Sometimes his kiss would graze the tip of my nose and I’d scrunch up my face weirdly in response. He did this quite a lot, apparently my funny face amused him.

See? He’s way more devious and wicked than you’d expect.

His hands travelled over me, I encouraged it with purrs and giggles and moans.

“I’m surprised you’ve not been more hands on yoursen.” He whispered.

I, of course, told him it was a ploy to tease him.

Really I was just enjoying being the recipient of his eager touch.

But obviously I took note of his words. Tracing my hand up his arm, twirling my fingertips over his collarbones (unf, collarbones) down his chest, just grazing over his nipple, down over his soft stomach, tracing my fingers lazily there a while before slipping lower and finally pressing my hand to the crotch of his jeans, tracing the outline of his cock as he whimpered so prettily.

Less than two hours together and we were a ball of burning lust.

He whispered in my ear about wanting to take me right there and God, I wanted him to. If it wasn’t for laws and such I think we’d have fucked right there on the metal bench. But instead we decided to go get food. Sat opposite each other we held hands, he took a photo. The second of the day. My smile in it says it all. He would blow me a little kiss now and then and gosh, it was so adorable I think my heart melted a little.

We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary on our date, but we didn’t need to. Walking hand in hand, chatting, kissing and occasionally groping was delightful enough.

We spent some time sat in pretty little park. Snuggled closely together. I loved stroking his long hair, pulled back in a ponytail. Loved having him pressed to my chest, my arms around him, kissing his forehead so tenderly.

I enjoyed being the one snuggled too. As well as the devious things he’d whisper in my ear. I mean, I was doing some of the whispering too. You can’t just let a fella talk about throatfucking you without responding in some kind of way about how much that would be enjoyed.

How hot and wet I was getting. How I wanted to please him. As I whispered such naughtiness I let my hands wander. Fuck, it’s so hot to feel an erection throbbing under your hand in a public place. Especially when you can hear the moans of the penis owner in your ear.

“I don’t think it’d take much to lure you to my lair next time.” I purred.

“I’ll happily come to you,” he moaned in my ear, “in fact I have. A lot, with those videos you send me.”

“Well,” I replied coyly as my fingers trailed his thigh and subtly over his crotch, “I may have come to you yesterday.”

I felt his cock bob.

“Oh, really?” His soft tone gravely with arousal.

“Yeah, after my cold shower, I needed warming up.”

My boiler is dead. So to get clean I had to have a cold shower before my date. That was kinda funny but NOT fun.

“So I looked at photos and videos of you and fucked myself silly.”

It was wonderful to feel his desire, his frustration and need but God, I was teasing myself as badly as him with every touch, every word, every kiss.

And we kissed, oh, how we kissed. When he wanted me to kiss him, his eyes would flutter close and his lips purse. My heart melted every time. My cunt melted every time he jousted his tongue against mine, thrusting forcefully into my mouth. I would thrust back and then one time he caught my tongue between his teeth and Jesus, it felt so good. The pain. The control. The Lust.

We had drinks in a cute, queer café. Flamingoes, when in Leeds, do visit. And afterwards headed to find the nearest public loos. Which happened to be in the shopping centre up several escalators.

The first one I let him go first, so I could discreetly grope his cute lil butt. The next he was behind me, groping mine. The third had him behind me again, I can’t say I wasn’t enjoying the attention.

As we walked across a quiet little lobby he looked at me and reached over, cupping my pubis with his hand.

“How rude!” I exclaimed, gleefully flustered.

“It’s not like you didn’t enjoy it.” He replied.

“Well, I didn’t say that, did I?” I giggled.

On the way back down (ahem) I let Chris go ahead. I gently rubbed at his shoulders, my breasts pressed against his back. He sneaked his hand between us, pressing against the wetness of my crotch beneath the barrier of my shorts. I pressed harder against him.

I was fizzing with arousal and naughty joy. The next set I swear I nigh on came at the exploration of his fingers against my cunt. I was melting and it had nothing to do with the summer heat.

To top off the most amazing date he bought me a souvenir. A lil’ mystery box, I eagerly opened it, wanting to know what Pusheen I’d got. He was in noodles! Which made me titter. Pusheen was in noods. He had got one too and his Pusheen sat in chips, which as Chris is THE chip connoisseur was absolutely perfect.

Just as our date had been. I couldn’t stop grinning all the way home. I’m still grinning now.

And I can’t wait to lure Chris to my lair.


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