13 of the hottest blog posts (off the top of my head)

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A while ago when I was struggling for blog ideas, Betty Butch suggested a round-up of the hottest posts I’ve ever written. I love this suggestion, not just because it allows me to openly engage in the kind of shameless self-promotion I’d usually have to shoehorn in subtly, but also because ‘hottest posts’ is such a subjective measure that it gives me the chance to pick from a few different types.

When people ask me (as they sometimes do), ‘what’s the hottest sex thing you’ve ever done?’ I am always thrown by the question. It depends on what you mean by ‘hot’. Some people mean ‘most orgasmic sex’, some mean ‘weirdest kink’, some are fishing for group sex or public play. For me, ‘hottest blog posts’ here is going to mean ‘shags I found the most arousing, which I also think I’ve managed to capture pretty well in writing’ or fiction pieces that do things real life probably couldn’t. There are loads of other things that could go on this list, but I went with Betty’s call to pick ones off the top of my head.

So here, with additional comments but no editing or revision, and HUGE thanks to Betty Butch, are a few of the hottest posts off the top of my head.

Hottest blog posts (because the sex itself was amazing)

Fuck me till my nose bleeds – this was one of those shags where his reaction to seeing how fucked up I’d become was an absolute knife-edge and could have gone one way or the other. It was more than possible that he could have called a halt to things and showered me in kisses and concern. I’m extremely glad he didn’t.

He grabs hold of my hair, twists my head round so he can inspect me. He pulls me back towards him with a fierce grip that I couldn’t escape from if I tried, then drawls:

“Ohhhh, you’re a fucking mess.”

Quiet sex – delving deep into the archives, here’s a really abominably hot time someone fucked me in a tent – quietly so his girlfriend in the next tent wouldn’t hear. Let it be known that I wouldn’t make such ethically poor decisions today, but in my defence he hadn’t actually told me he had a girlfriend until she rocked up to join us en route to the beach party.

He bent down and put his mouth just next to my ear, whispered ‘ssssh’ again, and fucked me. With slow, soft strokes, he fucked me. I tried to push back, but every time I did something rustled. He held me down, and kept going – determined to keep the silence but equally determined to come.

Cold air, hard nipples – I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times in my life that my cunt has been as wet as it was on this night. I have rarely hurt and ached to get fucked more than I did then. I don’t know how well I’ve captured that here, but I hope I’ve managed a little of it. This evening was also the one on which I discovered that a mouthful of cold water prior to going down on this guy was extremely effective at getting him even harder. Top night.

I’ve forgotten that we’re outside, and people might hear. Forgotten that it isn’t just us two, cuddled up together under a blanket in private.

In that moment I forgot what time was, and who he was, and what I wanted. All that existed was cold air, hard nipples, and one wet finger tracing circles and circles and circles. Hypnotising me with the need for what comes next. Paralysing me with my own wretched lust.

Number 2 – remember I said I could count on the fingers of one hand the times when my cunt’s been that wet? The first few paras here show another of those times. This is a very old piece about the second guy I ever fucked. The all-night-touching incident still burns brightly in my memory. I ran into this guy many years later, when he was working in a shop in my hometown and I went up to the counter to buy something. I uttered a surprised ‘Oh! Hello!’ and he either didn’t recognise me or pretended he’d forgotten.

I wanted him so badly I utterly ached. We’d sleep at friends’ houses at parties, me lying next to him panting with longing, while he slowly ran his fingers over my nipples. He never tired of the feel of them – the miracle of keeping me on a knife-edge of desire for so long. By the early hours when we finally managed to sleep, my nipples would be red-raw and throbbing with pain.

In which he makes me say please – I really really really love being told what to do. And being told what to do while also bound and helpless, being held firmly in place on this guy’s cock? Fucking YES. This whole evening was amazing, because it started with an excellent round of the Bracelet Game, and it was also the first time I’d been tied and whipped in… years, maybe? This is in the hottest blog posts because I think about this evening a lot, and I am very grateful to this guy who reminded me, even in the middle of truly dark times, that kink could bring so much joy.

It’s been a while since I was so thoroughly trussed up. The feeling of intense vulnerability – being entirely at someone’s mercy – is a lovely thing to be reminded of.

But it’s not the best part.

Watching him wank in the shower – truly still the best voyeuristic experience I’ve ever had. I loved watching him wank, so fucking much. He was exceptionally good at it.

There’s water pouring down his body as he soaps himself up, and his dick is swollen and red and thick. He steps slightly forward in the shower, so the water runs down his back, and then he takes a handful of soap suds and starts to lather up his junk.

Maelstrom of fuck – I almost didn’t include this because it’s so recent I figured most people would have read/heard it, but fuck it – it was an extremely hot experience and it was one of the first posts that sprang to mind when I read Betty’s question.

Her holding my wrists and looking into my eyes while he flogged me. Him doing the same after offering her a go. The eye contact, good God. Staring someone down as they hold you for a whipping, unsure if your expression is touching on ‘fuck me’ or ‘fuck you‘. And even those moments of eye contact paled into insignificance compared to the ones where they made eye contact with each other, ignoring me completely and grinning and giggling conspiratorially, like gods descended from Mount Olympus to do bad, bad things to my cunt.

Hottest blog posts (because the sex was unusual/creative)

Belt and Fleshlight – this one could have gone in the first category too, to be honest, because it’s also one of my hottest nights. It involves a belt round my thighs, a Fleshlight, and an extremely creative use of a very specific dildo.

I stay still, as I’m ordered, while he positions each one in the right place: real dick pressed up tight against the Fleshlight, fake cock at the entrance to my real-life, aching cunt, and he pauses for a second to give me a chance to beg “pleeeeease.”

Spitroast with a fucking machine – one of the things I don’t talk enough about in this post is the sheer joy of being able to tell people ‘yeah I own a fuckmachine.’ But I did talk a lot about how fun it is to get spitroasted with one. We tried DVP with the machine too, but the spitroast is my favourite.

Fuck, slide, gag, choke. One, two, three, four. Fuck, slide, gag, choke.

Nice surprises – this is a VERY old one from the archive, about a guy I knew a long time ago and a friend we met who had hyper-evil, giggly, extremely creative Domme energy. This is a little role-play scene we played in which I thought I was going to get beaten or punish-fucked, but got given my first ever enema instead…

I was horrified and humiliated and horny and confused, but that didn’t prevent me from being desperately curious. So I did as I was told. I lay face down on the bed, pulled down my knickers, and she gave me an enema.

That sex cinema in Soho – for the first few years this blog was running, this story was the most popular post on site. It’s basically a big old free-for-all in a sex cinema: it was terrifying and extremely fun.

Initially there was just a lot of touching and pulling; guys pinching my nipples and squeezing my tits like they wanted to prove it was all real. It was a bit painful, and quite scary. I started squeaking a bit as guys did things that hurt, or made me nervous, like pulling my hair or putting their hands round my throat. There were at least 3 behind me trying ever so gently to push things into my mouth.

Hot fantasies/fiction pieces

VR porn voyeurist wank café – does what it says on the tin. What do you mean you don’t understand what it says on the tin?

A whole group of gents are rounded up to test the latest Oculus Rift technology. Sitting together in a room with headsets on and headphones plugged in. Swiftly they become immersed in the scene, and each of them starts touching himself.

Competition: gang bang with a twist – those of you who know me already won’t be surprised to learn that the ‘twist’ is I have to fight them off. Consensual struggle-fucking, but this time with a whole team of men…

He walks forward, grabs my hair, orders me to spit on it before he begins. I do. Then I brace myself: palms flat on the floor, knees slightly apart to give him easy access to my cunt. Head bowed like a marathon runner trying to focus before a big race.

The aim of the game is for him to come inside me before I throw him off.

Share your hottest blog posts!

I’ve noticed a few stalwart sex bloggers on Twitter lately saying they’re disillusioned with writing – they feel disconnected from their blogs, or frustrated that they’re not seeing the kind of traffic they used to or would like to. At the same time there are some incredible new writers revving their engines and setting up blogs of their own. If any of you – long-term bloggers, newbies and everyone in between – are up for joining in and sharing your hottest blog posts too, I would love to showcase your work.

So! Whether you’ve been blogging for years or you started during Covid, if you have a few sexy posts under your belt, I’d love for you to do what Betty’s suggested for your own site too! Write a little round-up of the hottest posts off the top of your head (it doesn’t have to be 13, it could be 3 or 33 or whatever you like!) and then drop me the link in comments. I’ll add links above the fold to make them easy for people to find. There can never be too much good smut in the world, please share your awesome work.

Other people’s awesome blog posts!

Huge thanks to those of you who have already joined in with this! Click through to read other bloggers’ selections of their own hottest blog posts…


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