Guest blog: Erotic hypnosis, red flags and ghosting

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This week’s guest blogger is Alice, and she’s here to talk to you about erotic hypnosis – the way she played with a guy called Hypnodom. As with a most sex stories, the sexy experiences are coloured by the experiences that happen alongside them. And Alice wanted to tell the whole story here: not just how she got involved with Hypnodom, and the ways they played together, but what happened later down the line, and how things ended…

Erotic hypnosis, red flags and ghosting

“Ever tried erotic hypnosis?”

He was the third person who had mentioned it to me and I was genuinely interested, so I thought I’d give it a try. We spoke on the phone first and got on really well – two hours of my time was gone, just like that. He talked about consent and how I should feel comfortable, which was great, and he also told me how he hated ghosting – he’d been speaking to a girl for weeks and had about five erotic hypnosis sessions with her, then she just ghosted him. He hated ghosting, said it was awful behaviour. He also told me that if there was anything I didn’t like or wasn’t comfortable with I needed to communicate with him honestly.

That’s exactly what I want.

I asked him if I could blog about him because I thought the erotic hypnosis would be interesting, and I was trying to write it in my head as we went along. But I soon forgot about that and focused on his voice – he did have a sexy voice when he used it for hypnosis.

It started small: forget a number for a few seconds, forget your name… just to see how receptive I was. Nothing sexual during the first conversation.

I ended up talking to him twice that day, and I must have spent hours on the phone to him in the week that followed. It got more and more sexual and I really started to like him. That was helped along because he was suggesting that I really wanted to meet him; that I really liked him; that I have loads of confidence and no inhibitions.

The first erotic hypnosis in person

I met him after a week and we went back to mine. I was a little bit spiky but a lot of my defences had been broken down with continual, genuine conversation and hypnotherapy.

When he came over I was so into it that I realised I could cum on command. It had taken a few hours but it was mostly like that from then on.

There were a few times when I played along a little more than I should have, but I am an actress at heart – I even faked it a few times. I felt like I was tied up when I wasn’t, he managed to freeze me and switch holes without me being consciously aware of it.

My favourite thing about it was that the dominance was all mental – nothing was overly degrading or painful. I really felt like I’d found my kind of dominance.

He hypnotised me to sleep every night for a week and I slept so well. I loved how I felt when I was with him, he made me feel enough.

“We’ve had one meet and it was excellent. I’m hoping it continues that way :)”

Half way through that week he asked me to be ‘in a couple’ and I said yes, but told him things with me that start off intensely often burn out quickly. He asked me if I was worried about that and I said no.

Erotic hypnosis – going deeper

I saw him again and it was just as good: during the erotic hypnosis my clit moved to a different part of my body and he brought out my bratty side in a concentrated form. He genuinely enjoyed sparring with her even though she is a pure bitch. He brought out a submissive side too.

He went down on me for a few seconds and them made me cum on command, but after a while I just found that lazy. I got him to get me off the old fashioned way because I wanted a change. He seemed a little bit… miffed I guess, I think because he knew he didn’t have to, so why bother with the effort?

Everything was great until we ordered food: I looked at the app and saw a different name from the one he had given me. Honestly I’d just assumed his parents were really unoriginal but it turns out he’d picked that name – probably because John Smith was taken. He said he’d changed it by deed poll, but all his documents and cards were in his old name….

I’ve changed my surname by deed poll so I’ve actually been through that process. I found out more about his family and it seemed like a red flag. I’d been googling before to find his hypnotherapy business, and he’d told me it was all word of mouth; my rose tinted glasses allowed me to accept that.

Hypnodom knew I’d been a prostitute and asked if I’d like to do it again. I said I’d think about it, which is my code for no. I didn’t need a man holding my hand then, and I don’t now.

I spoke to him normally the next day and then sent him a message about a conversation I’d had with a previous Dom – The Chap, someone I’d known for years. I told Hypnodom that The Chap had asked to play in a few weeks and asked if that would be OK. I thought, based on that conversation, that me asking about fucking another guy would be fine, he’d previously said it was OK. I was trying to act appropriately based upon what we had: I’d never had this kind of relationship and so I was going to follow his lead.

“You may call others Sir, but I am YOUR Sir. At no point can anybody else collar you and bring out your slave side though.”

After that the conversation fizzled out. It limped on for about a week with my trying to talk to him and not getting very far.

The last time I heard from him he said he’d taken on a colleague’s clients (he worked for himself) because they were ill and he was trying to help. Very noble.

It will shock you all to know that I’ve had therapy on and off for 10 years and I can say that whenever a therapist has been ill I have never gone to someone else. In my experience, that would be neither use nor ornament as you have to create a whole new relationship with them. The last thing he ever said was:

“I’ll talk to you later gorgeous.”

Later never came.

To be a qualified hypnotherapist you need to be on a register. You need to have done training. I cannot find him on any hypnotherapy registers for his city, or anywhere, under either name. I am wondering if he is a qualified hypnotherapist, as he said he is. Disappearing wouldn’t bother me so much if he hadn’t gone on so much about ghosting and how abhorrent he found it, if he hadn’t asked me to be in a ‘couple’ and if he hadn’t been liking naked tits on Fetlife while not picking up my fucking calls.

I want to say that it’s not fair and bang my fists on the floor like a spoilt Victorian child but I have too much composure for that.

This one genuinely did make me sad. I don’t get why it ended and I doubt I’ll ever know. I’m convinced it isn’t because of The Chap because Hypnodom suggested he was there while other men paid to fuck me. Did I find out too much with the names? Who knows.

It was truly a Greek Tragedy: everything seemed to happen off stage.


  • melody says:

    A good post and read on the delights and pitfalls of erotic hypnosis.

    I still remember the startled, magical feeling that I’d been put in to trance. The mesmeric voice that took me to somewhere special inside my own head. That feeling that you want to follow their lead, their suggestions and give up control. Not just give it up, but to hand it all to them on a plate.

    Arousal and orgasm are very powerful hooks within trance, they’ll unlock your limits if you’re not careful and this is where you rely on the ethics of the hypnotist. Sadly, you seem to have found one with questionable ethics. One who’s found he has knack with hypnosis and uses it to groom subs.

    You’re right that to practice hypnotherapy a hypnotist must be accredited and registered. However, there’s no such requirement for private or amateur hypnotists. BDSM abounds with sites dedicated to hypnotism, some players are fully accredited and respected, others are very skilled amateurs and become respected. These are probably in the minority, the rest are chancers and some are downright malicious.

    I’d reiterate that if someone is interested in hypnosis after reading this post, do your research first.

    On a personal note, I’ve had over 3 years of sessions with a hypnodomme. She’s accredited but not registered since she doesn’t operate a general hypnotherapy practice. This is fairly common since the themes explored in erotic hypnosis can get a hypnotist struck off if they fail to observe boundaries.

  • Aaron says:

    Technically I can’t say that I liked this post, as it contains some behaviour that seems to me to be pretty reprehensible. But I very much liked the quality of the writing and the insight and consideration that lay behind it. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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