ElectraStim AXIS – I want to feel the music inside me

Image by me, sorry I suck at photos. Don't be fooled by its innocence - this post is NSFW.

Not something I ever thought I’d experience, to be honest, but courtesy of the incredible ElectraStim AXIS… here’s a blog post about feeling music throbbing inside my ass.

We’ve been playing a lot with music recently. My favourite Saturday afternoon hobby is giving my partner blow jobs to sexy soundtracks, making him lie back and relax while I really settle in – matching the rhythm and force of my lips and tongue to the swell of a particular song. It’s badass.

Even better when I do it while he’s immersed in virtual reality – picking a synaesthesia-inducing game like Rez or Tetris Effect, with thumping music, then blinding him with colours and sounds that swirl and burst in the headset while I work in time to the music, sucking away at his twitching cock… unngh. Yeah.

Something about fucking and sucking to music gets me right in the cunt: reminiscent of teenage humping and the throb of raw need that used to pulse through me when I spotted likely-looking goth boys at grungy gigs.

So today I want to introduce you to a new kind of music fucking, courtesy of the ElectraStim AXIS.

Boring bit: I got sent this for free because ElectraStim is a sponsor of my site, and also because I nagged and begged and drooled until they kindly sent me one. I’ve played with e-stim before, so if you want to catch up on what it is, check out my write-ups starring the ElectraStim Flick Pack and the JackSocket. This is not a review, because I couldn’t possibly be unbiased about a sex toy I’ve lusted after ever since they announced it. I knew I would like it, and I fucking did, so this is basically just a story to wank to.

What is the ElectraStim AXIS?

It’s hard to explain this without going into a lot of tedious detail about what e-stim is and what the ElectraStim control packs do, so if you want that level of detail click the links in the para above and read the background. But basically the AXIS is a pack you can use to control sex toys which conduct electricity. Safe electricity, which can be delivered pleasurably or to create deliciously crackly BDSM-y pain, depending on how you choose to use it.

In previous iterations – like my Flick Pack – there were a few different options for delivering the electricity: turning the buttons up or down (obviously), and using motion gestures to ‘flick’ the pack and deliver a quick whip of tingling electric sensation. With the ElectraStim AXIS, much more is possible. Including this…

Music-controlled electric touch

One of my favourite ways to play with e-stim is actually the simplest. You don’t need any attachments, dildos or butt plugs: just the pads which come with your unit, yourself and one other person.

You know that old cliché from romance novels, that when two people meet they create sparks of electricity? The room crackled with electric potential. His hand on her thigh sent an electric fizz all the way up her spine. His lips on hers sent electric sparks deep into the pit of her stomach. You know the ones. They’re evocative but implausible: barring static, no human really has electric hands.

Except when they do.

I lie on the sofa, legs spread wide for him and towel down to catch the drips of lube and eager juices from my cunt. Because we’re settling into this: this isn’t the kind of fuck you have casually, it’s one you relish and revel in. One you spend time on. He puts one of the pads on his hand, and another on the freshly-shaved, soft skin of my inner thigh. Plugs the wires into the control pack, then turns the control pack on.

When he touches me, we’ll complete a circuit.

When he touches me, the warm, fizzing, electric tingle will run out of the control pack, down the wires, through his skin and into mine. We will feel it where the pads rest, and we’ll feel it where we touch.

Oh, and I should have mentioned: I’ll also feel it deep inside my ass, where I’ve slipped an electricity-conducting butt plug. The ElectraStim AXIS comes with two channels, so you can attach more than one thing, and I am nothing if not a glutton for pleasure.

I want the throbbing kick of electricity inside me, while my partner trails his lightning fingers across my skin.

We’ve set it to respond to sound. Sensors in the machine pick up the track we have thumping from the stereo, and fire out juice accordingly: the louder the notes, the stronger the current. I want to feel the music inside me.

So I’m lying on my back on the sofa, legs spread wide and wires trailing from between them, and he kneels over me in T-shirt and jeans. He is the perfect picture of casual, easy dominance, and when he smiles at me I know he’s excited to play. Entranced by this new twist on power. I want him to be in control, so I let him pick the music.

He begins by checking the dial is set low, then placing the palm of his hand firmly and precisely against my cunt. I feel nothing yet, but I didn’t expect to: with e-stim, the broader the area of contact, the weaker the electric sensation. The corollary of this, of course, is that if you want to deliver a more powerful zap, you just need to switch from palm to fingers…

…from three fingers to one…

…a full digit for just the fingertip…

Building sensation, increasing intensity. Using your body as a lightning rod for the energy that’s being transferred.

He turns it up until I start to feel it – the gentle nudges at the edge of sensation, which leave me wondering if I really can feel it or if I’m just imagining – eagerly jumping on the placebo that comes before the rush. Then he turns it up further and I start to get it – that pins-and-needles tingle that shows the set-up’s working.



Two more notches up, and now the pad on my inner thigh starts pulling – tight against my skin, like it’s trying to peel itself off. The butt plug inside me starts to throb – pulsing in time to the music. It’s not a distinct sensation – not on and then off, on and then off with each drumbeat. It’s more like a collection of waves – the smaller, longer ones prompted by the swell of keening song punctuated by shorter, more intense bursts as the bassline kicks in.

Meanwhile his palm is on my cunt – steady and solid and calming. He slides it slowly down, pushing two of his fingers into the wet slit of my cunt, and removing the rest of his palm: concentrating the electricity. Delivering that music-synched pulse-and-throb to the wettest part of my body.

I gasp, not because it’s sexy – though it is – but because gasping is what you do when you’re astonished, right? When something just fucking works exactly how you hoped it would. It’s the same gasp I let out the first time I ever came, or the first time I got to a position in which someone’s cock hit my g-spot with neat precision. It’s the gasp of ‘I fucking love this, and I do not want it to stop.’

The track swells, and as it does he pushes those two fingers further inside me. Spreading me wider, shoving himself deeper, soothing the intensity of the electricity by providing larger points of contact. Stroking my g-spot with fingers that tingle, then twisting so he can feel the butt plug throbbing against the walls of my ass.

“Can you feel that?”

“I can feel you twitching. It’s making your muscles clench inside.”

We do this for ages. For ever. Until I feel like the music isn’t outside me, but in me. The thudding whoosh of the tune builds, the electricity grows more intense, and he continues to trail his electric fingers over and into and under my skin. Inside, outside, all over me, until I no longer remember what it’s like to feel without this.

One finger circling my clit, firmly at first so I can moan at the pleasure of him using his power in the place I’ll appreciate it most. While we play, he stares between my legs – in awe of what he’s controlling, and mesmerised by the things he is not. Prickling me occasionally with needles of almost-pain, then laying his palms on me to turn the feeling back to pure pleasure

I twitch in time to the music. It is part of me and part of him. It flows through us when we touch – where we touch.

And while it’s happening I think of everything – how I’d like him to fuck me like this, with his cock as well as his hands. Sitting still while I straddle him, and let his dick throb inside me, in time to both the music and the cooperative, rhythmic spasms of my cunt. How I’d like to wank him off like this, and which tracks might be best to use so I can time each stroke of a hand-job to the powerful electricity that we can pump through his twitching dick.

Which songs we like, and why we like them, and whether our love for them is just foreshadowing for the day we could use them like this.

I wonder all this and more, as I squirm under his electric touch.

But most of all I wonder how music used to sound, when I could only ever hear it with my ears.


If you want to buy one, the ElectraStim AXIS is available direct from ElectraStim (who also sponsor my site so if you buy stuff from them you are supporting me and I thank you kindly). The ElectraStim AXIS is £349 which is a lot of money, but it’s a very detailed and fancy bit of kit – as well as the audio input mode it has a bunch of other control methods including proximity control, gesture control and other bits and pieces too – overview in the video below. I’ll probably write more about them later. You can get 10% off it with the code GOTN10, or if you would just like to try e-stim play feel free to pick up a cheaper control unit like the Flick Pack (£99, also 10% off with that code, yadda yadda) or a stimulation bundle which includes Flick Pack plus pads, cock rings and a probe that can be used anally or cuntally for £149 (also 10% off with code, etc etc).  



  • Lucie says:

    This sounds absolutely fucking amazing. Would looooove to take this to a rave (although that’s probably not practical).

    • Girl on the net says:

      Haha yes I reckon maybe a teeny bit impractical BUT you can do what we did and buy a disco light or two off Amazon and then you can have a rave in the comfort of your own home =) On a practical note, anywhere the music will be by default super-loud probably wouldn’t work, because there needs to be noticeable difference between the loud and quiet bits – like if you were using this in a play club with loud background music I’m not sure it’d work using this audio input. However, it does have an audio-in jack so you could achieve the same effect in a loud environment by plugging your phone directly into the AXIS pack, and the music would input directly into the pack, thus the background noise wouldn’t matter. This is how we tested it at Eroticon during the Kinklab, when there was lots of noise and chatter going on in the background – we used Kickdrum by Felix Da Housecat, which works *brilliantly* =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3kDoFLdLOw

      • Lucie says:

        Or maybe I need to make something that responds to frequencies as opposed to volume and then I can have the most physical response to sub-bass possible.
        Would be better than just getting high and demanding to be fingered surreptitiously….,

  • Nick says:

    I always wanted to have sex to Sunn O))), Windhand, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Conan etc.
    I love bass heavy, throbbing stoner doom.
    Being ⚡⚡⚡⚡ to it as well?
    My GF and I would be puddles….
    Nice post x

  • Philip says:

    Get your ‘Gadget’ out! This is one of the most wonderful drum solos I ever heard. Not everyone likes drum solos, but this one is really special. Very melodic and also very long. Don’t know how your ‘Gadget’ will take to it, but I would like to know. If you can’t find it on utube I will send you a link. You mentioned that you needed to know if a link was coming because of security.

    Terry Bozzio. Slow Latin/Klaugfarben Melodie

    It is really a mind blower! Now! Back to the music!


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