Eroticon anthology – 99p/99c for a limited time

Eroticon Anthology published by Resonance Press, 99p/99c if you pre-order before Eroticon weekend.

There’s just one week to go until we open the doors to Eroticon 2017. Three days left to buy tickets. Seven days for me to write endless lists, phone co-organisers Molly and Michael in a panic, and eventually sigh with relief when I realise they are totally on top of things and I am just an anxious twat. If you can’t come to Eroticon yourself, here’s a great way to get involved and learn a little about the fabulous writers and speakers who’ll be there with us. The Eroticon Anthology.

Every year I’ve been to Eroticon, we’ve ended it on the Sunday by saying we really should try and get together a collection of work from attendees – short stories, essays, poetry and other snippets that show the breadth and brilliance of the writers who attend.

Well, this year we have.

Thanks to Resonance Press – an independent publisher run by Eroticon regular Anna Sky – this year we have a fantastic Eroticon anthology, available to everyone, that includes contributions from a number of speakers and attendees:

Velvl Ryder, Malin James, Eve Ray, Marie Rebelle, Meg-John Barker, Teresa Caves, sub-Bee, Emily Jacob, Jenny Guérin, Ella Scandal, Alun Norley, Ina Morata, Jerusalem “Jaime” Mortimer, Miss Ruby Rousson, cleareyedgirl, Heather Day, The Other Livvy, Zak Jane Keir, F.F. Sexton, Zoë King, Charlie Powell, BibulousOne, Emmeline Peaches and me.

Alongside these brilliant writers, the anthology also features cover art from the fantastic Tabitha Rayne (who is running a life drawing class at the conference this year).

It’s up for pre-order right now, and you can grab a copy for just 99p/99c before Eroticon. That way, when the conference kicks off next weekend, if you can’t be there with us you can get stuck into the anthology and enjoy the work of these fantastic writers. Price will go up when Eroticon starts, so if you’d like the discount pre-order your copy now.

Identity showcases a diverse collection of personal essays and stories by over twenty sex toy reviewers, non-fiction sex writers and erotic fiction authors. It boasts a breadth of talent from a range of new and established writers alike, featuring a truly representative cross-section of erotic identity.


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