What it feels like to get pumped full of cum

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There’s this moment, just before he comes, that feels like a gear change. There’s a sudden urgency and intensity to his thrusts. The angle changes slightly, the pace increases, and I know we’re mere seconds away from the delicious moment when he comes deep in my cunt. As someone who is a big fan of this, I assumed everyone knew that having someone jizz inside you isn’t just pleasurable from a psychological standpoint: you can feel it too. But recently someone asked me if I could genuinely feel the spunk gushing out, so I figured I’d have a go at describing it. Here’s what it feels like to get pumped full of cum…

Take the first two fingers of your right hand and press them against the pulse point on your left. Can you feel that? The gentle, throbbing movement of blood through your veins? Good. Hold that thought.

The exact question I was asked on this topic went like this: “Can you really feel the cum squirt into you when he has his ‘happy ending’?” Yes. Oh yes. Oh fuck yes.

I can feel it like a pulse, only much much stronger. On a good day, the cum doesn’t just pulse through his cock – it thuds. I can feel those thuds – three, four, sometimes five or more – where the base of his cock meets the entrance to my cunt.


What does it feel like to have someone cum inside you?

This question isn’t just about what it feels like to get pumped full of cum – when we zoom in there’s so much more fun detail to drill down into. Can I feel the squirts of spunk themselves, deep inside me? Are there certain conditions which make it harder to feel him coming? Conversely, what makes it easier to feel him coming? What makes those thuds more powerful, so they have a harder impact on the nerve endings in my cunt?

Let’s take these one at a time, and we’ll start with the bad news first: I can very rarely feel the actual squirts. Deep inside my cunt, I think I am less sensitive – certainly less sensitive than I am around the entrance. I can feel the head of his cock smashing against my cervix if we’re having a vigorous fuck, but it’s a pressure sensation rather than a delicate one. If he comes incredibly hard, I might feel the first couple of squirts, but that’s rare. Usually when he lets go and starts to orgasm, the feelings I revel in are the spasms at the base of his cock. Like the pulse, but stronger: thumping through his dick just a split second before it squirts from the tip.

Condoms make it harder to feel the squirts. It’s a shame, and it’s far from a reason not to use condoms if you need them – condoms can be sexy in other ways. But the fact that the latex is usually wrapped tight around the dick means those delightful pulsing thuds that happen when cum begins to gush forth are slightly harder to feel if a condom’s involved. But while we’re on this subject, there is something especially hot about watching someone take off a condom after we’ve fucked, to reveal that it’s captured a significantly massive load of cum. Why? I don’t know. I just, you know, really really like big loads of cum.

Making squirts more intense

The other thing which makes a big difference is the power of the orgasm itself. The final orgasm of the night, when it may be the third time he’s come, is almost certainly going to be weaker and have less volume that the powerful first-jizz-of-the-day. But if I want to really feel that power, edging him over and over until he can barely hold his spunk back usually does the trick. Giving him soft blow jobs that build in pace and rhythm until he’s twitching, then pulling back so he gets all growly and frustrated, before ploughing back in again, then drawing back, then riding him for a while and stopping juuuuust as he gets close to the crest of the first wave of orgasm… then pausing again until he moans with frustration and lust.

Then – THEN – bending over and telling him to come inside me, begging ‘please please please fill me with cum’ as he really lets rip, pounding me good and hard until the waves start to crash over him and then I start to feel it – that pulsing, intense thump of the spunk gushing through his cock, one thudding squirt after another, then another… All the while his face is contorted with satisfaction, his jaw is clenched and he looks straight at me as I squeeze my cunt as tight as I can around his dick: all the better to feel every single twitch and spasm as he pumps me full of cum.

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  • Now I need to pump someone full of cum…wife…come here! We are stuck at home anyway ;-)

  • ftandhubby says:

    I think this is my partners favorite part of getting guys off. That moment when they erupt inside her and she can feel that throbbing you describe. I think its partly physical (the feeling) and hugely mentally gratifying in that she revels in knowing that she had something to do with making someone cum. She has expressed this desire to me in that she says she has no desire for foreplay with any extra partners, she just wants them to fuck her and cum. Great writing as always- thanks for the distraction.

  • maryann hayes says:

    i dont think i feel when 1 omes but if you in a gangbang you can feel when they cum

  • Mosscat says:

    I love that moment just before he comes – when his movement changes and I know there’s no holding back, his cock swells a little more then mmmmmph

  • Phillip says:

    Well live and learn!

    I can tell you one that comes without any cum. I had the unpleasant experience of failing my PSA test numerous times. I had cancer of the prostate and was lucky to have my Urologist be the Factory Rep. for a robotic surgical machine. Yes, it was scary as HELL and truely cringe worthy. He did a perfect job and it has been years and years with NO relapse. What every guy needs to know is DON’T put off the PSA test. I knew (past tense) several that did.

    With no prostate gland there is no connection with the testes. This means no liquid, as in ZERO CUM. There is still precum produced by small glands just inside the urethra. The really good news is that sexual function (be sure to have an excellent surgeon) is not disturbed as long as no nerves are damaged. The robotic machine allowed for a perfect job.

    ‘Little Phil’ gets just as hard as he ever did! When I cum it feels just like it ever did. Sometimes I think it can even be more intense. Just no cum. It was a small price to pay. Now I find out that one can wait to tell a partner about the surgery as long as cuming is internal. She might ask about it, or she might not. It is less messy and she might wonder. To have a little time before telling of the surgery would be a good thing!

    Thank you GOTN.

    I would tell, anyone who feels like cringing for the whole miserable tale, all the details. Cringe worthy indeed.

  • Hot and interesting read, I do feel a duty to unload a massive torrent, myself!

  • Terry says:

    Hi , my favourite thing is cumshots all different types I love to see me shooting my own cum whether it be by myself or on my wife somewhere, also any porn sites I normally go to the cumshot sites almost every time and I never get sick of watching them for me it’s just the biggest turn on .xxTerry.

  • KS says:

    For the first time in our 20 year relationship, my wife remarked on how big a load I must have had as she could feel it. I blame lockdown. Good job I didn’t pull out for all the mess 😀

  • Carmen Phillips says:

    I love squeezing and releasing his cock while he’s pounding me deep, in either hole, makes him cum so hard. I can definitely feel the first squirt, the warmth of his cum filling me, I love the way he growls, Makes me very happy to take his load.

  • Paula says:

    I am 57 and my husband is much younger he is 45. To be honest we fuck like rabbits. I love it when he cums in in my pussy. I literally can feel him pumping me full and I love it.

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