When he pulls out but doesn’t quite make it…

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

When we’re fucking, and he’s just about to come, there’s always a split-second moment when he has to decide: hold back or let go? If he pulls out quickly and closes his eyes so he can’t see the wet hole of my twitching cunt desperate for him to shove it back in, he can deny himself an orgasm now, but keep it in the bank for another fuck half an hour later. If he lets go, he gets that delightful thudding pulse running through his cock, and the wave of satisfied release as he dumps spunk inside me, but the chances of us fucking again shortly afterwards reduce dramatically. It’s a tricky decision. And sometimes it’s one that he doesn’t get to make.

I’m bent over the sofa when he pulls out, and a little part of me is pleased that he chose to do so: I can keep this butt plug in and he can tease and fuck me for longer, saving his spunk for later in the evening, when I’m even more greedy for it.

A little part of me is disappointed, though, because a little part of me always wants spunk. Fuck the future, I need all your jizz now. Right. Fucking. Now.

As he pulls out, there’s a pause – perhaps a second, maybe only a heartbeat – then he mutters “Oh… fuck.”

He hates that ‘oh fuck.’ It’s an ‘oh fuck’ of despair and sadness and failure. Because that ‘oh fuck’ means ‘I couldn’t hold it back.’

That ‘oh fuck’ marks the moment when he realised he’d pulled out a little too late, and the inevitable waves of orgasm are already coursing through his body, ready to spurt out of his dick and curtail this evening’s shag fest.

“Oh… fuck.”

He feels like a failure.

But to me it seems absurd, that he’d mutter commiserations to himself while doing something so searingly hot.

When he pulls out just before he comes, the two parts of me that are in disagreement about what we want (Jizz now? Or jizz later?) suddenly stop caring. Because all there is for me is this moment: the pause, the silence, then that guttural ‘oh fuck’, uttered in a tortured, super-hot growly voice, as he realises the inevitable is happening.

And then? Ah, then…

Knowing that his spunk is unavoidable, he figures ‘fuck it, let’s make the most of it’ and plunges straight back in. Sliding his fat cock neatly back inside me so he can enjoy the way my cunt envelops him as he rides the inevitable waves. Realising all is lost, and wanting to milk the last drops of pleasure from what may well be the last fuck of the night, he closes his eyes and lets out one final, satisfied moan as he dumps vast squirts of impossible-to-hold-back jizz deep into my twitching cunt.

‘Oh fuck’ indeed.


  • OxyfromSg says:

    I really need to stop reading these at work on a Sunday.
    I love that oh fuck moment. The choice is taken away from you and you can feel the rush of the moment and you just have to let yourself go with it.
    It’s a pure moment of not having to think, just enjoy.

  • anon says:


  • Pinkgilly15 says:

    So hot and so spot on, my man will relate I relate. Wish I could mail words the way you do. Don’t ever stop. Xxx

  • Phillip says:

    Regarding “When he pulls out, but doesn’t quite make it”.

    ONEIDA, NEW YORK. USA…..was a Utopian Community and sometimes as an aside it was referred to as ‘Communism Without a Bible’. I believe they may have had more than one settlement. If it sounds familiar it may be because ‘Oneida’ was stamped on many millions of pieces of flatware, etc.. That was their main business venture and it was quite successful. In fact, they just made the last of the flatware about ten years ago. Not many businesses last so long. The Utopian Comminity did not last as long.

    As birth control, they had what was unique to my understanding. There was no marriage and polyamory was the way they lived. Permussion was the goal and often was accomplished, but often was not. There was no marriage allowed. When the Community was disbanded, 76 couples immediately got married.

    The older (past menopause) ladies taught the young men a way to hold back that was draconian to my way of thinking. It called for a dedication and contol that is beyond my abilities. You will have to read up on this very interesting part of history and the very human desire to have a perfect life where everyone likes everyone and jealousy was an almost forgotten word. You might have to read more than one account to get to all the facts. Wikipedia has quite a bit of information. In an old Playboy magazine from way back there is a good accounting with all the salacious details. It is worth finding. The salacious details are what we all want to know about!

    It is my opinion that the story of Oneida carries within it the fodder for a great piece of Audio Porn that has a history lesson included. It is not a well known story.

  • Paul says:

    I loved this video. It made me spunk rise very quickly.

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