Guest blog: How do you fuck in a fifth wheel?

Image by the quick-drawin' Stuart F Taylor

Thanks to a previous guest blogger, we’ve already been introduced to the unique hotness and challenge of fucking on a narrowboat. This week’s guest blogger – @pervy_thoughts – would like to introduce you to a new sex challenge: fucking in a fifth wheel. What is a fifth wheel? I’ll let him explain…

How do you fuck in a fifth wheel?

A fifth wheel is type of caravan, popular in the USA – you can see some examples over at this website. If you don’t know what a fifth wheel looks like, please check that link first otherwise the rest of this doesn’t make much sense.

Ready? Now you’ve done that, let’s get to the fucking!

Having bought the fifth wheel, found a company to deliver it, then checked my severely depleted bank account it was time to enjoy fifth wheel ownership. The best way to do that is to have an inaugural fuck!

My significant other had been away for several weeks so we were well up for a fuck. At this point you would expect me say we ripped each others clothes off, but we are in a nudist club so that is a step we didn’t need to take. We just jumped on the bed, sloshed lube all over my cock and fucked.

Girl on top, nice steady rhythm but…

Disaster! The whole place was shaking. And I mean shaking – items fell off shelves.

This rather spoilt the mood.

We headed for the saloon, taking the pillows and duvet with us. We positioned ourselves over the main wheels and tried again. Nice steady rhythm.

Success! Less shaking this time. It didn’t take long before we climaxed.

“This is hopeless!” Significant Other said. “Have we got to do it here every time we want a shag?”

Sex on the floor is hot occasionally, but it’s not really the main event.

The problem is that without a pickup truck under the hitch the fifth wheel is just not stable. It’s fine with regular living activities but fucking, even gentle fucking, sets off an oscillation. (I suppose fucking is a regular living activity but you know what I mean.) We have no intention of getting a truck or ever towing. Not that we have the sort of driving license that is needed to do it.

We are not alone, this is a thing and there is a solution. You can buy a brace that goes under the hitch. They coyly market them as a ‘stabilizer’ but they are actually just fucking frames. Shagging struts. Bonking braces.

When you see someone fitting one you can be pretty sure they ran into the same problems we did. And if you’re struggling to fuck in a fifth wheel, I’m glad to help spread the word about the solution!

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  • Mardi says:

    I initially misread the title as saying filth wheel. Was imagining the filth wheel to be some kind of kinky piece of furniture/device that you can fuck in.
    Now I’m just slightly disappointed it’s not a thing.

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