Fuck me like you mean it: 42 different ways to say ‘fuck me’

Image by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor

“Don’t call me ‘good girl’ unless you plan on fucking the Mario coins out of me.” Ever since I saw that excellent, excellent tweet, I’ve been thinking about hot new ways to ask someone to fuck me. Seriously: ‘Fuck the Mario coins out of me’ has to be up there as one of the best fuckbegs I’ve ever heard. Gold. I cannot promise to do quite as well as that (who could?!), but with big thanks to those on Twitter who chipped in, I’m aiming for quantity in lieu of quality. Here are 42 different ways to ask someone to fuck you.

Fuck me like you mean it.

Fuck me like you own me. Fuck me like you hate me.

Fuck me so utterly and brutally that I invent new blasphemies.

Fuck me till I’m broken. Till I’m messy. Till I hate you.

Fuck me like you’re showing all the others what to do.

Fuck me till my heart sings. Fuck me till my cunt stings.

Fuck the smirk right off my fucking face. And then back on again.

And off and on and off and on until I can’t remember what it was I asked you in the first place.

Fuck me like I’m in trouble.

Fuck me till I see double.

Fuck me like it’s Armageddon and you absolutely have to come before the universe collapses and the darkness consumes us both.

Fuck me like your dick hurts and my cunt’s the only cure.

Fuck me like you’re late for something.

Fuck me till I’m raw.

Fuck me so that when I scream the neighbours think it’s foxes.

Make me wanna worship at whatever church ‘your cock’ is.

Fuck the ‘good girl‘ out of me.

Fuck the ‘good girl’ into me.

Fuck me into a puddle. Into a daze. Into a very fine paste.

Fuck me like you’re high-as-fuck and my ass is the only thing that’ll work to make you come so you have to pound it really deep and hard while you shudder and groan into my ear about what a good fucking girl I am being for you.

Fuck the wind out of me.

Fuck the ‘sorry’ out of me.

Fuck me so hard that I cannot walk for days.

Fuck me till my brain malfunctions. Till I see new colours.

Fuck me with such fervour even Jesus Christ applauds us.

Fuck me like you’re wanking.

Fuck me like you’re working out.

Fuck me till I cry.

Fuck me like you wanna beat the last guy.

Fuck me senseless. Fuck me speechless. Fuck me inside out.

Fuck me so deep it’s almost as if when you shoot spunk you can get me to taste it right at the back of my throat.

Fuck me till I half pass out and wonder if I dreamed it.

Fuck me like you really fucking mean it. 


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  • oxyfromsg says:

    Those are all perfect :)
    Fuck me like your dick hurts and my cunt’s the only cure is just so good

    • Girl on the net says:

      It’s one of my faves. Back in the day, if y other half was wanking next to me in bed and I woke up and whispered’do you wanna put it in me?’ sometimes I could get this glorious little noise out of him as he rolled over and shoved it inside – like my cunt was relieving his dick of that ache. It was so beautiful <3

  • Phillip says:

    “Fuck me like you really fucking mean it”. That is the one! Perhaps one just thinks it? Or perhaps whispers it so low that it is supposed to go unheard? Perhaps it is a reminiscence of the last time? Perhaps it is a sort of prayer? Maybe it means something said to oneself? Like “This is your last chance to make good with me”.

  • Beth in Arizona says:

    Fuck me like you’re wanking is my favorite . GOTN wrote an awesome post on that very thing and it was so damn hot

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Ha, I like ‘Fuck me like you wanna beat the last guy.’ :)
    This one would work well set to music…

    • Girl on the net says:

      I would LOVEthat! Sadly I have no musical talent but if anyone wants to have a go, they are welcome to (and pls share the results with me!)

  • The Once and Future Suicide King says:

    The wife recently hit me with “Fuck me like you’re paying for it.”

  • Sean in Oregon says:

    This might not work for everyone, but “Fuck me like you’re trying to get me pregnant” got me going.

  • LittleMouse says:

    Then there’s that meme doing the rounds where a girl puts on a choker and says “Fuck my throat until this snaps.”

  • Purple Rain says:

    Different energy, but in moments of 2020 overload, I need my partner to “fuck me back together”.

    Great post!

  • Trinc says:

    I was once told of the Rodeo Position..

    Basically it’s from behind holding hair or shoulders,,,,

    “This is fucking hot …God I can tell your sisters”

    Then hold on..

    Then hold on….

    • Girl on the net says:

      I’m going to sound really po-faced here because I know this is meant to be a joke but… I have heard similar jokes quite a lot in the past (tell her she’s ugly and hold on, tell her you have syphilis then hold on, etc etc etc) and honestly I’m uncomfortable with them. The implication that it’s fun to ‘hold on’ to a woman while she’s trying to literally escape? It’s not really funny. As I say, I know it’s meant to be a joke, and I am not telling you that you’re a bad person – I think these kinds of jokes are common enough that I am unsurprised they’re still doing the rounds – but I think as far as jokes go it’s quite a harmful one and it would feel remiss of me not to point that out.

      *However*, in a consensual context, I have (quite a few times) had this kind of sex, where I am pretending to try and escape while someone pins me down and fucks me. And that’s pretty hot.

  • Faustian says:

    Given how many of these involved a smattering of pain or power I give this list a solid A+.

    I was ready to be outraged, in the special you can only be this outraged on the internet way, until I finally read ‘fuck me ’til I cry’. Took a while to get there.
    I like I’m going to fuck your face like it’s my cunt, or I’m going to fuck my cunt until I feel your lips kiss my balls when I’m filling your throat. And mentioning that it’s incredibly frustrating I only have one dick and two favourite places.

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