On CFNM (clothed female, naked male)

Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor

You’re hot when you’re naked. Not quite as hot as when you’re semi-naked, of course – we’ve discussed that before. But there’s something deeply satisfying about your nakedness against my clothes. Me, in jeans and a soft jersey, sneaking into bed and pressing the whole of myself up against your sleeping flesh.

I’ve had a few people ask me to write about CFNM (it stands for Clothed Female Naked Male – presumably there’s also a CMNF, but that might have to wait for another day). For some people it’s a very specific fetish, and they can’t get off without it. For me, it falls into the same category as most fetishes: I’m not obsessed with it, but I can more than understand why other people are.

It’s often a FemDomme thing, a submissive guy bares all but is denied the pleasure of seeing tits in return. I certainly know a few submissive men who like the idea of being stripped bare and used by a clothed, powerful woman who answers only to the name of ‘Mistress’. But I think it’s more than possible to get tingling hot feelings the other way round too. Whether I’m on top, on the bottom, or floating lazily somewhere in between, having a naked guy between my jeans-clad thighs is a very hot thing indeed. I’ll show you what I mean:

CFNM (Submissive girl, dominant guy)

If you’re naked and I’m not none of the usual things occur. You can’t squeeze my tits or bite my nipples as you call me a dirty girl and ask what I’m hoping you’ll do to me. There are fewer words. Naked and needing release, the only thing for you to do is push me down onto my knees, hold my hair and smile as I suck a fresh erection into your waiting dick.

If you’re naked and I’m not then as I wet the tip of your cock I’ll spread my legs wider, letting the seam of my jeans push tightly against my clit. I’ll hold my hands behind my back so that my tits stretch out my top. And I’ll feel the wetness soaking into the crotch of my knickers.

If you’re naked and I’m not I’ll feel dirtier than I would naked. Because I can’t shower off whatever you cover me in.

I’ll feel the wetness in my knickers, and feel ashamed. If you hold my head still and fuck my face, the spit will run down my chin, my neck, and onto the front of my shirt. And I’ll cross my fingers and will you to call me a messy girl again.

Other way round (Dominant girl, submissive guy)

I like to curl up behind you in the morning, when you’re still asleep and I’m awake and dressed, and fit my body neatly behind yours, my thighs touching the back of yours, my tits squashing against you through my t-shirt. It’s CFNM, but with a different tone to that above.

I like, as you stir ever so slightly, to slip one of my arms under your head and around your neck so that I can pinch your nipples and stroke your chest, the reverse of what you do for me when we go to sleep.

I enjoy the moment as you wake up, roll over and see me there – wide awake and eager for you.

When you’re naked and I’m not I have more of the power. I like being able to look at you exposed and cold, and take my time to run my palms over all of you. I like taking your flaccid cock in my hand and squeezing gently until you’re semi-hard.

But best of all I like to keep my knickers on – sliding them just far enough to one side that I can sit slickly down onto your dick while you place your hands behind your head and wait for me to come.

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  • a says:

    For me as a man the CFNM fantasy is more about my cock being looked at, examined, measured up and admired. So my fantasies are more along the lines of being checked out by a nurse, who can’t help herself but to tell me what a beautiful big cock I have and how she must have her wicked way with me. Or a similar thing in an art class/changing room/etc.

    So for example I find a clip such as Matt Hughes in Pure CFNM ‘Big Cock Shower’ incredibly hot despite its evident flaws!

    Fuck I’m horny.

  • LadyGloriana says:

    Still one of my favourite fetishes. He’s vulnerable. I’m powerful. There is an inequality I find desperately cunt wetting. I can fondle, hold, grip, insert (fully dressed whilst I finger his bare arse, see his pupils dilate? Fuck yes). He loves my breasts, my bum and I’m absolutely denying him sight of any and all because it pleases me and frustrates him. His stripped of his armour. He is him not what he wants to show me.

    And me? Saying no, then saying yes as I shed layer after layer becomes itself à power rush. He pleads. I divest. And even when I’m as bare as he is it doesn’t feel like I’m naked. But he’s still naked, vulnerable and so so delicious.

  • Stephanie says:

    Yum (both variations)!

  • NorthernBloke says:

    Great blog post. Reminded me of one of my favourite fantasies. I told my wife about it and we both enjoyed talking it through.

    My version has her and a friend involved. Maybe I was caught looking at her friend’s bum or something and they conspire to turn the tables on me, to inspect me, make me take my cock out, make me stroke it, rub it, make me get myself all breathless and red-faced, then they join in, practice on me, use me as a plaything. *phew* *wipes brow*

    The reverse version has my wife tied to our iron bed, legs apart, in a tight mini skirt, fishnets and a minimal thong and it’s me showing her off to another guy, telling her what a dirty girl she is, us both touching her, kissing her, talking about how she looks, eventually ripping her top down and her tights open. I show him how wet and smooth she is, and we take turns licking and fingering her and using toys on her pussy. Then I tell him what a gorgeous mouth she has too . . . etc etc

    I think the appealing idea of such scenarios is that it allows the submissive to enjoy with all guilt removed. After all, it’s someone else making them do it.

  • Daragh says:

    I had a CFNM experience when I worked with a group of women in an office and on my last day they got me very drunk and stripped me naked. This took place in an apartment (thankfully not in a public place). I enjoyed it so much !! I had flirted with most of them and it was done to pay me back, this was over 20 years ago and I still get very hard thinking back on it. Best of all I did not have to see them again!

  • Jonathan says:

    I’ve had numerous CFNM experiences, many of them completely non-sexual. Art modeling, skinny-dipping, striptease, clothed neighbor, etc.I’m already 68, but still looking for more opportunities.

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