Guest blog: Giggling during a kink scene

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

Hands up: I confess I’ve been guilty of taking sex far too seriously. In the past, when I was young and awkward and terrified of being laughed at, I found it hard to see why I should bring laughter into the bedroom. These days, though, thanks to some fabulously laid-back, horny people, there are plenty of bursts of giggly joy in my bedroom. Few that are as creative as some of @ht_honey‘s amazing examples, though! You may remember Honey from this awesome piece about subdrop. Well, today she’s back with an absolutely gorgeous piece on the joy of giggling during a kink scene. I challenge you to read right through to the end without breaking into a massive grin…

Giggling during a kink scene

Imagine the scene: Tumblresque black and white, soft-focus lighting. Elegantly posed, demure submissive on their knees with hands behind back. Head tilted forwards so that their gaze is cast down towards the floor. The smart, suit-wearing dom approaches from behind them, removing cufflinks and rolling the sleeves up whilst approaching. The highly polished leather shoes match the belt that will surely be pulled from the loops with that irresistible sound later.

As the dom stands in front, the sub takes a slow deep breath before raising their eyes and then their face. The airbrushed beauty of the scene is shattered as the sub bites down on the duck gag, releasing the most ridiculous squeak. 🦆

Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because I love giggling in kink. Anyone who knows me won’t have any kind of struggle to recognise that am a giggler. I have never tried a high protocol scene. I feel as though it may be doomed to failure. But giggling in kink is more than this. For me, I love to build it into every scene.

Giggling in kink can mean so many things but avoiding being too serious is good for all of us. An intense beating can be made so much fun if you add a dilemma into it. For a very lucky sub, that was making them choose which they preferred out of

a) IKEA meatballs and

b) a very mean implement made from IKEA packaging.

This one only worked because they hate IKEA meatballs but the joy of making them declare their preference for the IKEA implement, in amongst them calling me a meanie, made for a lot of giggles.

Apparently, my love of giggling can make people nervous when I say that I am inspired. Personally, I think that making someone with a piggy tail go on a truffle hunt around a house was a fabulous idea. I recommend Maltesers Truffles as the packaging makes them easy to pick up when you’ve banned the use of hands. I should come with a “be careful what you ask for” warning for anyone who wants to explore humiliation.

The other fabulous thing about ensuring that your kink is thoroughly seasoned with giggles is that it makes it so much more fun and easy to go with the flow when plans don’t exactly work out.

For instance, if I was ever to forget that someone’s cock was not a factory installed version and look very confused at just how much the paddle bounced back when I gave their boxers a gentle thwack, I could style it out by pretending it was intentional to produce giggles.

OK, I own up, I didn’t style it out. We cracked up laughing about it.

Giggles as part of play is wonderful, nurturing and energising. Also, if your scene doesn’t allow giggling, how is anyone going to get away with high fiving one of the others when the person receiving the attention makes a particularly fabulous set of sounds and squirming responses?

There is always a place for serious but adding giggles into a kink scene also sets the mood for the very best glares ever from the sub that you happen to be torturing at the time.

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  • I love giggling during scenes and sex too and I have an unfortunate habit of cracking bad jokes during intimate moments leading to hysterics.
    This is a perfect post of silliness for me. Thank you
    Missy x

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