Guest blog: peanut butter, jam and my best friend

Image by the always fantastic Stuart F Taylor

Some of my best friends are lovers. And some of my favourite lovers have been truly exceptional friends. I adore stories about those moments where friendship crosses over into sex, or vice versa, and this week’s guest blog explores one of those moments with such playful, impulsive sexiness that you’ll probably wish you’d met her and her best friend too.

So: whether you’ve slept with your best friend, or never even dreamed of it, I hope her story gives you something beautiful to think about over the weekend.

Peanut butter, jam and my best friend

It started with peanut butter and jam on toast. In my face. And that’s what happens when me and my best friend get blind drunk, winding each other up. “Don’t get my jeans,” she admonished, “they’re the only ones I brought with me.” Oops, big mistake. They got smeared. So did my hair. And her top. And we started the whole posturing thing, trying to outdo each other. “If you get any closer,” she ended up saying, “I’ll kiss you.” I didn’t say no, in fact “c’mon then” seemed appropriate.

To insert some history into the narrative, just to annoy you as it was getting interesting, we’d known each other for years and she’d known my husband even longer. He taught her how to use a cane, using me as their ‘model.’ And one drunken night, he’d spanked her whilst I stroked her hair and we all flirted round in a comfortable way.

We had discussed the idea of actually playing together as a threesome, but it was just talk and we all agreed that it needed discussion of wants, needs and boundaries and definitely alcohol to kick off the event. I’m a serial heterosexual monogamist and at 40-ish, the idea of coming into contact with another woman was still challenging. Yet. Yet. Yet. Our idle talk pinned this event down for some undetermined point in the future. Needless to state, we all admitted to wanking furiously to the idea on multiple occasions. It was hot, and quite frankly, my best friend is sexy and gorgeous. If I ever were to kiss another woman, I wanted it to be her.

She approached me with glee, applying her jam-coated hands to cradle my cheeks and she lowered her lips to mine. I breathed her in, though the smell of peanut butter was pretty overwhelming. Her lips were as soft as I’d imagined, her tongue roaming in my mouth and I kissed her back. Off to the side, my husband (less drunk than we were) watched, a wicked grin on his face as he took in the sight of his two favourite women snogging.

As with all good things, they have to come to an end and she said she was going to go up and have a shower. It was late and she needed sleep. Now this is where it gets hazier, but my alcohol-addled brain told me that I also needed to get a shower as my hair looked like that scene in Something About Mary with Cameron Diaz’s hair all spunked up. Only mine was coated in PBJ, so had an additional red and lumpy effect. And stank.

She asked me to pass her a towel but instead I got in. And we kissed some more and tried to clean the condiments off each other. But fondling boobs and playing with nipples seemed more fun. My husband thoughtfully decided to bring up dressing gowns for us, but found us in the shower so jumped in too. And then we were a writhing wet, slippery mess of him kissing us both at the same time, and her and my breasts squished together in a small space, all of our thighs pressing into each other, his cock hard and rigid. And the two most important people in my life moaning in pleasure and I was part of it.

And then it gets hazier still. We all got out and dried off and I climbed naked into bed along with my husband and then she was there too. Naked and gorgeous with us. And very, very real. They tied me to the bed, facing down and tag-team spanked and paddled me, playing with each all the while. And wrote on me with Sharpies. And had a Sharpie fight on top of me. I wriggled free, so I could be more part of it and oh fuck, it was incredible. She ended up on top of me, my husband fucking her from behind and all I could see were their faces and feel their hands on my breasts and her and my bellies and thighs squished together. It’s an indelible memory, the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me.

But again, it came to an end and when I woke up, she’d slipped off back to her own room. Whether it’ll happen again or not, what I do know is that my best friend is gorgeous and sexy and it’s just made our friendship stronger. And she was the first woman I kissed. I’m so glad it was her.


  • Sam says:

    That was beautifully dirty. Loved it.

  • Midlands Man says:

    I think threesomes are something lots of people experience once or twice, and generally drunk. I was picked up by an older couple when I was in my late teens, and the guy very specifically wanted to fuck me while I fucked his gf, a sandwich. I couldn’t do both at the same time – as soon as he was in my arse my cock went soft, so we ended up with him fucking her from behind, on their sides, while I licked her clit, and his cock and balls as he fucked her. It was amazing to be so close up to a cunt being fucked, and to have the taste of both in my mouth.
    At the end he pulled out, turned her over, and buggered her, while I knelt at her face and she sucked me. Her man kissed me, and I never forgot the combination of his bristly kisses at the same time as her soft mouth brought me off.
    More threesomes please GOTN !

  • The One says:

    Not a scenario that I find particularly titillating myself, but it’s beautifully written, and clearly with warmth and feeling. Quite lovely.

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