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Guest blog: Couple crush

Sorry – this blog has been removed at the request of the guest blogger. 


  • Anonymous 4982 says:

    Been there, done that.
    When he’s French and broody, and she’s English and got that to die for accent. She’s got freckles and brown hair, and talks politics, philosophy and psychology. He’s got dark hair, brown eyes, and wants to be back at sea doing his marine studies (but is living in an inland city, far from the ocean).
    I met her first; I think at the pub. I saw her regularly on the bus to work. I met him next, at the pub, and at their house, and at mutual friend’s houses.
    And I desired them both.

    It’s a rare thing though. Often you only know one of a couple, or you might only find one of them attractive (the other being too fat/big or skinny, tall or short, muscular or weak). Sometimes I just don’t develop that crush on either of them, and not because they aren’t great people.

    Of course, this was when I had crushes on almost everyone in my little circle. I was going through a crisis of faith in my partner (do I really love them?); not to mention they were on another continent.

  • Vida says:

    Oh god! Good luck! And, failing the miracle, I hope your friendship does endure.

  • “Never say never” … Amen to this :D

  • Chris says:

    Crushes are such wonderful secret pleasures, and this one is extra special. The thing is that attraction is almost never equally reciprocal and mutual, and that’s between only two people. Toss a third, or a whole couple in this case, into the mix, and the odds are against them feeling anything similar. We want it so badly, but it almost never happens. Those we desire most rarely feel the same about us, and those who desire us most we think nothing of in that way.

    You have a double dilemmma. If you confess the crush, the bubble is almost certain to burst. Either enjoy the crush for its own delicious sake, or go for it.

    All of the above said, there’s something that hurts more and lasts longer than rejection. That thing is regret – decades of asking yourself “what if…?” and sighing “if only….”

  • Charlie says:

    Beautifully, beautifully written and now I want a crush on a couple, too!

  • I think if I knew them I would want to fuck and drink tea with them too

  • Ah, surely says:

    Of course, it is worth pointing out that couples also get joint crushes on people…

    • Girl on the net says:

      Of course. I’d bloody love a guest blog on that. Or possibly write one myself if I can do any of the couple crushes I’ve had justice in words

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