I want you to destroy my cunt

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

For a very long time, I have had the phrase ‘destroy my cunt’ sitting in my ideas bank. It’s a phrase I used to utterly hate, but which I have softened on in recent years, because I am an eager pervert who will usually fetishise almost every phrase eventually (like ‘monster cock‘ which became the same thing). I know that for many people it’s quite an aggressive-sounding turn-off, so if you’re one of them you probably won’t enjoy this. If you’re like me, though, and you have either enjoyed saying ‘please destroy my cunt’ or ‘I’m gonna destroy your cunt’ then you might like this random stream-of-consciousness porn.

I want you to destroy my cunt. It sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Like the very act of fucking will ruin me forever. It won’t, but let’s pretend.

I want you to destroy my cunt.

I want you to plunge your cock inside and fuck me good and hard, so the next day I feel bruised and broken. Grab me with eager hands and dig your fucking fingers into my flesh, leaving dark red marks where you claimed my skin. Do the same with your cock, in my cunt: hurt me.

I want you to stretch me out, till the ache of being filled by you – hands, fingers, dick, dildos, whatever-comes-easily-to-hand – hurts so powerfully that it will last me through at least the next two nights. So when I’m lying in bed alone, remembering how hard you screwed me, I cannot replicate the stretch and ache with dildos and fingers of my own.

Destroy my cunt – destroy me.

While you torture me with all the good/bad stuff that you can think of, whisper promises in my ear that the next time you won’t go so easy. Hurt me, and while I’m hurting, promise further pain if I promise to be good, and harder fucking if you see that I’ve been bad.

Destroy my cunt with your rock-solid dick, and when I worry that I cannot take it harder, take it away. Kneel over me and grip yourself tightly so I can almost feel how much it hurts for you to squeeze it so fucking hard. Trail the tip of it over my mouth and face to smear me with whatever: paint me with quim and precum and spit until the wetness of it makes the skin on my face feel tight and messy, until I’m itching to reach up and wipe it off.

Order me not to.

Let me writhe and squirm for a little while, hungry for cock, while you play with my body like it’s yours to consume and enjoy. Pinching nipples, slapping flesh, yanking hair to get my face in just the right position. Using your hands to finger me roughly, the way you like it, before wiping them dismissively on my tits.

Destroy my cunt with your fingers. Grunt while you do it. Tell me ‘that’s it,’ and ‘good girl’ as you curl your fingers and slam them in and out of me – not to make me come, but to get your dick even harder. Let me drip wetness all over your hands and beg you ‘more’ and ‘harder’ until my eyes roll back in my head and I am practically screaming at you to get your dick back inside me and fuck me all over again.

Destroy my cunt by refusing me what I want.

Put your hands around my throat and tell me to hold still for you while you nudge the wet head of your prick at the entrance to my aching cunt and make me mewl and keen and beg for it. Hold it there, solidly, while I squirm – the head just touching at the entrance but never nudging beyond that aching, needy, throbbing point of no return.

When I get eager enough to start getting angry, to whisper ‘please please please fuck me come on come on get it in me please fuck me’, then flip me over and smother me with your body, nudging your dick at the entrance to my ass instead, so I howl in frustration. Laugh in my ear, bite the back of my neck, and warn me that if I beg you too hard you’ll know even better how to break me the next time.

Break me. That is why the phrase has become so powerful. I don’t want to be satisfied or delighted – have the kind of fuck which we smile happily about over coffee and croissants afterwards. I want to get broken. Fucked up. Sex which can only be followed by crushingly tight hugs and sobs of wild relief and panting and mess and utter, complete exhaustion.

Get me hot like I would crawl over broken glass to have that fucking dick inside me, and when I’m right on the edge of starting to scream at you for it, plunge in again. Hard. Vicious. Each stroke a brutal punishment of its own. Slamming deep inside me till you bruise me and make me cry out, stretching me so I feel like I cannot take it. Pinning me down so I have something to struggle against.

Telling me off, in single words, each punctuated by a fuckstroke:

Take. It. You. Fucking. Bitch.

Then when you’re close to coming, and I’m on the edge too, put your hand over my mouth and order ‘Ssssh,’ before letting loose with the kind of grunts you usually only utter when you’re beating one out – good and hard – on your own.

Make noises that tell me how much you enjoy using me, in the manner of someone who doesn’t see me as a person. When you finally feel those first tingles gathering ready for you to let loose, add that final one percent of speed and depth and power that you didn’t realise you were saving for just this moment.

And pump hot loads of your spunk deep and hard inside me.

Step into my bedroom. Pin me down. Hurt me as much as you need to keep your dick nice and hard. Call me a slut. Make me beg for it. Ruin my whole fucking life.

Destroy my cunt.

This story is also available as audio, because it was literally written purely for the joy of letting GOTN say these words out of her horny mouth. Click ‘listen now’ above or head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 


  • Oxyfromsg says:

    It was a phrase I didn’t like till a girlfriend said it at JUST the right moment.
    Fantasticly written as always.

  • LittleMouse says:

    I did once see a hat that said ‘Break my pussy, not my heart.’

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Mmm, wow! I may not use the exact same words, but I can definitely understand this lust. ‘Bend me, break me, any way you want me…’

    Points also for the honesty in the endnote about your reasons for writing it. :)

  • Laddy Latex says:

    Oh Sweet Mary and Joseph!
    Pure aural delight. The spoken word can be so powerful. Listening to you say those three words had a very positive effect on me. You are so beautifully spoken and that adds even more eroticism to it.
    Thank you so much!

  • ftandhubby says:

    Wow! Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but if getting thoroughly used by someone else’s lust fuels your own I appreciate the emotion. My partner and I feel this way about the men who use her. She does not want any foreplay, polite chit chat or cuddling after getting used. She wants a horny man with a cock that needs release to fill her up and “destroy her cunt” in order to fuel their release. I get it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Phillip says:

    Spanking grown up?

  • Northern Boy says:

    I’ll be in my bunk

  • WOW very well written. I been wanting to write erotica and when I sit down to go and do it i FREEZE! lol. Really loved this post!

  • Chadtheimpailer6817 says:

    Loved it! How do you feel about the phrase “make hate to me”?

  • empathylost says:

    I’m a first on this site but wow. Great dialogue

  • Jo says:

    Let me whisper a little secret in your ear, dear heart. Needing to give that one tiny push to him. a little peek into what I needed from him…I took such a risk. He has always seen the sweet ladylike as such a contrast to what he hoped to learn what I really am. In one of his books in the library in his home, I slipped a tiny folded note with just a few words neatly penned upon the lovely paper: Destroy my Cunt..the URL to your site. Call me, please, darling, after you read this. Weeks go by. A few nights ago, very late, he calls. His beautiful British-Canadian voice, low and throaty, “Two nights from now, leave the back door unlocked. At ten, stand by the door to your bedroom, wait. And, darling girl, I. Will. Destroy. Your. Cunt.” And he did!

    • Girl on the net says:

      OHHHHHHH this is absolutely the greatest comment I have had for a long time – THANK YOU for sharing and I am absolutely delighted that you got your destruction <3

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