Watches and wanking

He wears a watch, and it’s beautiful.

It frames his big hands so neatly, drawing attention to the curve of his wrists and the tension in his fingers as he grips his cock.

I don’t see it at first. It’s early, and grey, and Thursday. My brain’s only just kicking itself awake when I hear the telltale shuffle of him rubbing his cock in bed beside me.

The rustle of the covers. The tight breaths that go with a swift, functional morning wank.

And I don’t want to miss it, so I open my eyes. Just a crack. Watch the rhythm of his arm just a few inches from my face. Phone held close to his eyes in one hand, and in the other…

He wears a watch, and it’s beautiful.

His grip somehow manages to be tight and casual at the same time. The practised ease with which he squeezes the head of his dick, stroking quickly from tip to base to tip to base, in time to the video on the screen.

Watching feels voyeuristic, and I try to forget that he doesn’t mind, because I like that feeling. That he doesn’t quite know I’m awake yet. He’s not performing just yet – speeding up or slowing down or gripping slightly tighter so I can watch the end throb dark with blood.

He wears a watch.

He doesn’t understand why the watch is beautiful, but it is. It’s a marker – like a metronome – ticking off each shuffle. Each stroke. The watch is like the ink of a tattoo on someone’s skin, or a line drawn with yellow highlighter: this bit is important. Pay attention.

I open my eyes fully and shuffle a bit closer – wanting to drink in the morning-after-the-night-before scent of sweat in his armpit. Hoping I’ll get close enough that when he comes he’ll splash it onto me. Letting me join in without joining.

He notices I’m awake, and flips the bedclothes down further so I can see. The creamy white of the thick duvet sitting just under his left hand. Cupping his balls. Framing his forearm that leads to his hand that squeezes his dick as he rubs it.

He wears a watch, and it’s so beautiful that I’m torn between where to look. I could stare up at his face, as I usually would, to catch the moment when he knows he’s close – that subtle tensing of his jaw, perhaps biting his lip as he strains to get to the climax. Or keep my eyes trained on the metronome-rhythm up-and-down tick of his hand. See the watch framing his wrist and the way the duvet shuffles when he taps it with the side of his fist.

It’s beautiful.

But it’s too late for beauty. I could watch this forever but he knows that I’m horny and wet now. This is why morning sex is so rare – he’ll be late for work if this goes on longer.

“Show me your cunt.”

So I do. I roll over, pull down my knickers and present to him.

He spits on his dick. Pushes it in.

His hands splayed either side of my head for balance.

A few quick strokes, then a shudder. He’s close.

I turn my head to face the wrist which wears the watch. Squeeze my cunt tight around him as his spunk gushes deep inside me.

One, two, three… I can count each and every twitch while I’ve got him gripped so tightly.

And I sigh with satisfaction.

Then he takes his left hand, ruffles my hair, mutters ‘thanks’ because he knows I’ll like that. Then he runs to the shower because it’s 8:15, and he doesn’t want to be late for work.

He wears a watch, and it’s beautiful.


This post is available as audio – click ‘listen here’ at the start of the post, and check out the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 


  • rare deeds says:

    I love to watch their other hand, theit free hand, when they are wanking – the involuntary clenches, openings, stretchings – the signs of their body’s arousal, the marks of their loss of control to their passion… I am enthralled by the ways their hand tells tales.

    (this is such a well written blog, btw – I was thinking how best to describe why it worked so well for me, whilst my eyes wandered vaguely unreadingly over the words…& then the tags – & I lost my train of thought, completely!!!)

  • peter says:

    Perfect, all of it

  • RB says:

    Oh my fucking god, yes. I’ve had a handful of guys where watches and it just adds that extra definition, that marker, and it’s gorgeous. I love hot forearms so anything extra is a dream.

    I like to watch it when their fingers are slamming in and out of me, or rubbing my clit, so vigorous that his arm shakes…yes.

  • DB says:

    Queue lots of emails from guys of their watches

  • Devi Ansevi says:

    Gorgeous imagery. And isn’t technology wonderful? He can watch a dirty video in bed, without having to turn on the light or boot up the PC. Now, if he was trying to watch the video ON his watch, everything gets complicated.

  • The quiet one says:

    Hands, wrists, forearms, watches, that gorgeous little nook just behind his thumb.. so sexy!

  • I liked your use of the watch as a centerpiece to your story. I love to masturbate with a woman next to me watching, but I’m usually not wearing my watch. I enjoyed your story.

  • Random 123 says:

    This why I always wear a watch (tag Sapphire crystal 200 meters divers professional)

  • max says:

    i love this. all.

  • MK says:

    What a great article. Certain accessories can elevate the whole thing. Girls wearing beautiful massive earrings while giving head is one for me. Lovely big ornate ones that clatter the faster her fucking head is moving.

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