Guest blog: A little different

Image by the always fantastic Stuart F Taylor

Meet Cara Thereon (@thereon_cara): an incredible sex blogger who I had the pleasure of hanging out with at Eroticon this year. Cara is in what some would call a ‘DD/lg’ relationship – she uses the honorific ‘Daddy’ and refers to herself as a ‘little’, and she regularly plays within this dynamic. I’m saying this up front so that those of you who might find this uncomfortable can click away now, and also so I can state really clearly up front that both of the people who feature in this piece are firmly over the age of 18. It’s a tricky play dynamic to talk about, and an intensely personal thing to describe, and I am so grateful to Cara for stopping by to give such an intimate and thoughtful look into her relationship, and why it works for her.

A little different

Picture it:

A tall woman with medium brown skin and kinky hair. She’s sitting in on of those short, children’s chairs with her knees pressed up under the kiddy table. She’s bent over the purple table, her pink tongue peeking out as she carefully colors a fish red and green. Her breasts are squeezed into a lacy white top and her legs are encased in bright pink footie pajama bottoms.

Her stuffed bear sits near by and she’s wondering when she’ll get to play with her friends. She’s thinking about collars, snuggles, and spankings. She’s wondering when Daddy will let her touch her cunt, or suck his cock.

She’s a happy little.

A man approaches her. He sinks his hand into her hair and yanks it back. His other hand fumbles for the button to his trousers, and once he frees his cock, holds it close to her glossy pink lips.

“Are you a good little kitten?”

She licks her lips for him, her big brown eyes bouncing from the bead of pre-come on the end of his cock to the serious set of his face.

“I’m a good kitten, Daddy.”

He paints her lips with that clear pre-come, holding her head steady so he can add his own gloss.

“Open up real wide.”

Her mouth opens and she sticks her pink tongue out as he glides his cock in deep. She’s a sweet little, an obedient kitten, eager to suck.

“That’s my good girl.”


Some of this is me.

The brown skinned girl who maybe has a stuffed animal of some variety nearby. I like snuggles, being cared for, being directed, and being spanked.

Some of it isn’t me.

I’m not interested in coloring, cartoons, or stickers. I don’t want to look like a little kid, or act like one either. A reward for me is a good girl or a play spanking. I’ll leave play dates with other littles, diapers, and pacifiers. Fuck cutesy clothing and lacy outfits.

Being little isn’t a specific age for me. I’m not a baby and I don’t want to be coddled.

Him, standing over me, using that voice does trigger something in me. I feel small, I feel like I’m not in charge, I feel like he has control and he can do whatever he wants.

This is sexual, too. I want to be used, I want dirty words whispered in my ear that I know others wouldn’t approve of, and I want to be filled with his come.

I know this squicks people out on many levels. Many people make the point that even within D/s relationships, DD/lg can be a hard limit for some people. It makes them think of pedophilia or abuse.

I’m not a child, I don’t want to be treated as one, but I want to be cared for and cherished. I want to let someone else take the lead so I don’t have to handle everything. I want to be kitten, the girl who snuggles my pizza stuffed animal at night, who wants to be spanked, and who is very much still a grown ass woman.

The titles, Daddy and kitten, are honorifics like any other. They also signify the feelings of care I get around him. He’s the Big to my little. He’s the comfort, direction, disciple, and centering I need.

But it’s not all blanket forts and bouncy houses over here. Not when he calls his little kitten his dirty whore.

Being a little looks more like this:

“On your knees, kitten.”

God, the way he says my name, the way his voice changes. It changes something in me. My body melts, my eyes lower, and I just want to please him.

“Yes, Daddy.”

It’s there in the way the pitch of my voice changes. Yes, Daddy, I’ll do whatever you want. Yes, Daddy, I’m your little whore. Yes, Daddy, fuck me and fill me with your come. Make me a big girl.

“I’m going to fuck your face, kitten.”

I’ll gag on his cock while he says dirty things to me. I’ll get wet as he talks about all the dirty things I like, but don’t always feel right thinking about. I’ll beg him to fuck me, fill me, hurt me because that’s what I long for.

I’m a fuckdoll who loves a snuggle and likes when he wants to use me. Because I’m his good little kitten.


To reiterate: both of the people featured in this post are over the age of 18. I realise that this dynamic can be controversial, so I’m going to ask you to please read the whole blog post carefully before commenting. Comments are moderated, and your comment will only be allowed on the post if you show respect for today’s guest blogger, who is sharing is an intimate and thoughtful look at her life.


  • Aaron says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s something completely outside my experience, and most people’s, I suspect, but it’s all the better and braver for that. I hope you found writing it enjoyable, and hope you get invited back as a guest blogger.

  • Any kind of roleplay between informed, consenting adults that works for them is fine by me. All relationships (but most of all kinky ones) have the *potential* to become abusive if one partner is an abusive, predatory or selfish individual, but otherwise playtime for grownups is… playtime for grown ups.
    I liked your description of the way it works for you.

  • missy says:

    Thank you for sharing and I can relate to a lot of what you write about here. Like you, I am not much into colouring and pacis etc so identify more as a middle than a little. There is a sexual side to this for me although there is also the non sexual connection with the silly more mischievous side too. It is part of our dynamic but there are other parts too. It is a pity that it can be misunderstood and I held back in writing about it for that reason. I am glad that you have chosen to share and hope that you find people are supportive and understanding.

  • This was really hot—although I’m not into this particular kink. I imagined how you must feel when you surrender, the ecstasy and terror. I know what might be hot in all this. I’m not some superwoman—there are kinks (even popular ones)—that I just don’t understand. That’s because I lack the specific makeup of people who do. In other words—I’m not them. I will generally always try to understand. It’s very important to me that I know and comprehend the reasons why things happen (I’m autistic). Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your intimate desires. Kisses and Milk!

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