Guest blog: Sex with an older man

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I love a sex story that comes dripping with glee and enthusiasm, and this week’s guest blog does that so beautifully… I won’t waste too much time on a long intro, I’ll just let you get stuck in: this week’s guest blog, by CK, is about sex with older men.

It’s not all Werther’s Originals and anal sex

It wasn’t until my mid 30s when I discovered I enjoyed sex. Specifically that I was a sub and enjoyed being dominated. I dabbled with men my own age and younger, but I was disappointed by their lack of emotional maturity. I know I may just have been dabbling with the wrong men, but it planted a seed in my head that what I really needed was an older man.

Aged 37 I met a 54 year old dominant. His power and charisma swept me off my feet and I was hooked. He was emotionally intelligent and as I was euphemistically speaking “going through some things” or “having a bit of a breakdown” as my GP liked to call it, he was experienced enough in life to help pull me through the other side. We could’ve been something amazing, but life got in the way and he left the country after a few months. But that was it, I wanted an older man.

A year later I met a 55 year old Dom, after a few weeks I consented to be his sub. Up until that point I’d never had an orgasm given to me by someone else, I didn’t think it was possible. One afternoon we went to a hotel room, I’d dressed up for him and he admired my lingerie and stockinged legs. I ran my hands over his soft flesh while he put his collar around my neck and lay me on the bed. I relaxed as he explored me; he was my Dom so my body belonged to him, I surrendered to that thought. His long thin fingers explored and probed, he found my g-spot and finger banged it until I screamed, literally screamed the place down. I’ve never had such a powerful orgasm. He did that three more times that afternoon before bending me over and fucking my arse. I fell in love with him that day; a man technically old enough to be my dad.

I’ve thus far neglected to mention a key part to this story, that man became my Daddy. Age play can make people feel really weird, especially Daddy/Babygirl relationships. Quite early on in our D/s relationship I accidentally called him Daddy and it felt right, neither of us had experienced that dynamic before. We talked it over and it’s stuck. He is my Daddy, but not in a weird way.

My Daddy loves me and nurtures me; he protects me from harm and tells me off when I need it. My Daddy also ties me up and fucks me till my legs tremble and I can’t breathe. My Daddy spanks me until I’m red raw and my cunt juices are running down my legs. My Daddy watches proudly as I show off to his friends how good I am at sucking cock. My Daddy brings me a cup of coffee in the morning, before fucking me properly awake and leaves me with a smile on my face.

I have an impossibly high sex drive, so in addition to him I’ve taken a lover; he’s 68 so he’s 30 years older than me, his kids are my age. We fuck whenever and wherever we can. He picks me up and we fuck in his car, we go to dogging spots and fuck there, occasionally we go to his house and fuck in his bed, or to swingers clubs where he hooks me up with other men. He gives me trembling orgasm after orgasm and I love him for it.

I love older men. But why do I love them so? There’s something about a confident older man, the way they touch me, not hesitant, they know what they’re doing, and they know how to please a woman. They have emotional intelligence and maturity which the younger men I’ve dabbled with just don’t have and they actually listen, or have perfected the art of looking like they listen. They can still be jerks, but the ones I’ve played with have all been gentlemen, they know how to treat a lady.

It’s not all Werther’s Originals and anal sex though. I do enjoy indulging in the lost art of conversation with them, learning about things we crazy kids are too busy to think about. What I do love is riding the life out of a good solid Viagra’d up cock, or being aggressively pounded from behind and looking in the mirror to see a soft fleshed, balding old man fucking me like I’m the best thing he’s done since his retirement do.

You can keep your buff man-children, give me an old man every time.


  • RB says:

    Oh boy, this speaks to me so much. Although ‘older’ men for me fall in the late thirties/early forties bracket (I’m 24), it’s true about their confidence, and patience. When they’ve lived longer their capacity for jealousy and nerves is much dimmer; they’ve gained experience and learned from it, both emotional and sexual. And although I don’t go for the ‘daddy’ thing there is a nuturing feeling there; it’s wonderful to feel looked after. Also: chest hair, and salt and pepper. Hot hot hot.

    …having said that, the oldest man I’ve ever slept with, at 43, turned out to be an emotionally abusive cunt and I ran out of his house in tears, and the man I’ve just started seeing is younger than me but pragmatic and emotionally open and mature as fuck. There are always exceptions to the rule.

  • This has me thinking warm thoughts about an older dom. Yum!

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    I think there’s something to be said for a partner of any sex who’s experienced enough to really know what they’re doing. But that’s probably something women particularly benefit from; since let’s face it, there’s just not so much to know about how to please a guy, sexually speaking.

    Sorry to hear it took the writer 38 years to experience an orgasm with a partner, though. No one should have to wait that long. And happy to hear she’s more than making up for that now!

  • J says:

    Notwithstanding the general hotness of the whole thing, my favourite sentence in this post is ‘It wasn’t until my mid 30s when I discovered I enjoyed sex’. I feel much better about the youth I misspent working out tricky work problems during sex while convincing myself that various ridiculously unsuitable men were The One. I love it when people share stuff like this.

    Also, ‘buff man-children’. Wonderful.

  • Good article. But how much older need they be when you are a sixty-five year-old woman?

    I know exactly what you mean about a viagra’d penis. Hard and sensuous during the act then afterwards, oh boy, holding firm for sometimes another half and hour, just staying connected, filled, loved, occupied, stretched until it slowly, slowly subsides.

    My older man is the most wonderful 67 year-old. He is kind and loving. He has a tongue technique to die for. He’s normally gentle and tender, but gives me the most beautiful vigorous fuck from time to time. We’re not dom or sub, we’re just us. I do what he wants and he does what I want.

    How much older than me is this older man? Two years!!! When we first made love in 1964 that two years meant a lot – the difference between me, a fourteen year old girl and him a sixteen year old boy. We lost touch and found each other again in 2010 and it has been bliss ever since. We’d both had lots of sex during the intervening years, but sex is as nothing when compared to true love.

    The only other older man I’ve had was my abusive ex-husband. Poles apart from my current spouse.

    My older man also writes true erotica and you’ll find his stories here. The only sadness for us is that the years to come are so many fewer than the years which have gone and, despite viagra, our lovemaking is only two or three days per week, although often it is twice a day. Hate to lose the benefit of that wonderful blue sildenafil tablet! LOL.

  • Tmackdaddy says:

    My gf is 55 and I’m 64. Even though we are mature we have discovered that we want a daddy/daughter relationship.
    We’ve discussed our limits and though we are just beginning this arrangement we’re both happy.
    We like exploring the taboo but we both agree we would not do this in real life.

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