Guest blog: How to have a hands-free orgasm

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This week’s guest blogger is talking about something I have never done but would love to try: hands-free orgasm. Hot? Fuck yes. I might even have a go at writing a script myself one day.Please welcome George, whose words I hope can inspire you to give this a try yourself… He’s rather skilfully combined a how-to guide (so you can learn how to have a hands-free orgasm of your own) with some excellent filth that should give you an idea of how and why it works for him.

Hands-Free Orgasm: What is it and how do you do it?

Hands-Free Orgasm (HFO) is the outcome of guided meditation and dirty-talking porn’s frenzied fumble in a steamy phonebooth. The promise of HFO is a disembodied voice talking you into rapturous pleasure while you just lie there, trying to stay motionless, wearing nothing but a pair of headphones. Some renditions use ASMR through binaural recording to enhance the effect. Frankly, the whole thing smacked of bullshit when I first heard about it.

I was delighted to have my cynicism so conclusively shattered.

I can only speak for myself, a card-carrying penis-haver, and the source I used was specifically designed for a subject like me, but the premise works for anyone. You need a few things: thirty minutes or so of quiet alone time, a willingness to relax, an HFO recording, and some headphones. The quiet and relaxation are very important – this isn’t going to happen by magic. You have to be in the mood and feel safe that you’re not going to be interrupted, which can be easier said than done. For me, the intensity is also increased when I’ve not had any form of release for a few days. It seems to increase my receptiveness to arousal from just a voice.

In terms of where to find recordings, a search for ‘hands free orgasm’ will get you started. YouTube actually seems to have quite a few sources, although I’ve found mine through Reddit, of all places, courtesy of /r/gonewildaudio, though be warned that there is a real mixture of other content on there, albeit very well tagged. You can search by the HFO tag and F4F, M4F, F4M, M4M, etc.

It took me a few attempts to get the hang of hands free orgasm. Much like guided meditation, it can be difficult to quiet your mind and give yourself over to something external. The first few times I felt something. It was good, but I wasn’t aware then how much further it could go. Still, it was mind-altering to discover that I could have an orgasm that didn’t involve ejaculation. My recent experiences have revealed those first attempts as mere rehearsals for the main event. The last time was… something else. I smile thinking about it – not wistfully at the memory; I mean the muscles in my face contract involuntarily when I recall this sensation crashing through my body.

Hands-Free Orgasm: How does it feel?

I hadn’t wanked in a while, and was carrying that pent-up ache of a couple of days without release. I had a chance for an early night, and decided to treat myself to a little bit of self-fulfilment before conking out in bed.

I slip under the covers, slide off my pyjamas, and lie there, feeling my weight on the bed. It’s cold enough for my skin to feel electrified, that perfect temperature which heightens your awareness of your body. I tap ‘play’, and let the voice wash over me.

Get comfortable. Lie on your back, let your arms rest by your sides. Let’s start by focusing on your breathing. Fill your chest with a deep breath. And let it out. Breathe in. And out. Whenever I say ‘BREATHE’, I want you to go back to focusing on your breathing.

There’s something powerful in surrendering yourself to the voice of a stranger, letting that voice dominate your entire awareness, letting it take charge of your mind.

I want you to relax, and focus on the sound of my voice. I’m going to bring you to a state of relaxation, then to arousal. And finally, I’m going to bring you pleasure. BREATHE.

The hands-free orgasm scripts I’d heard in the past took their time to relax you, to put you into a receptive state before amping up the arousal. This one proceeds more quickly. I bridle slightly – it feels like we’re rushing to the main event – but the knotting tightness in my body pushes that from my mind.

Feel my breath on your neck. Feel my voice as it moves over you, down your chest, then onto your stomach. Feel my voice resting there. Focus on how good my voice feels. Feel how the sound of my voice brings you pleasure. Feel my voice wrapped around you. Feel the sensation of me throughout your whole body.

It starts as a tension in my core, the muscles around my cock clenching, slowly tightening like a fist. The tension spreads, creeping through my body as the voice continues. I feel a repeated downward tug, a snag on my breathing that grows stronger each time. The voice is building a wall, and with each new brick, the weight piled on me is a little more, forcing me to work a little harder to breathe. I know what’s coming. The voice is building me this wall so that, when the time is right, I can rip it down, tearing through it with the force of my climax.

Are you ready? I want you to—

Gentle pulses of awareness radiate out from my crotch. They pin me in place. It feels good, it feels—


I come, the pulses giving way to waves that engulf my entire body. I gasp. I have to fight to breathe, the motion of each breath pulling at that tightness and keeping the pleasure coming. Keeping me coming. My mouth’s pulled back into the widest grin. My entire body tenses, arching me off the bed. Driving my head back into the pillow. My nerves feel like they’d been stroked with Tiger Balm. I glow with cold fire.

I come for a full thirty seconds. Finally, the pressure lets up and releases me. As soon as I relax, it starts up again. I’m still reeling, but I have no choice. My muscles pulse, out of my control as I well up and come a second time. As the rush slows, I laugh, and the movement of my skin against the covers sets me off for a third time. As my body slowly untenses, I regain over myself. I’m exhausted, but still charged with arousal, still feeling hard and full.

I slide my hand down around my dripping cock, greedy for more.


  • The One says:

    Oh face just reading this. Wonderful.

  • Oxyfromsg says:

    I was skeptical about Hands Free Orgasm as well.
    But if you can find the right one then it can be a amazing experiance.

  • Tom F says:

    Even better experience is having someone watch you experience this,

    I’m sure Girl on the net would like to quietly sit in the corner watching a guy go through this.

  • Gray says:

    I would love for this to work, I can’t get under enough 😢, (professionals have tried, medical and entertainers, I am officially impossible) ,it’s nice and relaxing though and it’s nice to have a lovely woman pay me some attention.

  • Masokissed says:

    Wow this is fascinating, but I find it hard to believe I’d be able to cum without touching my penis! But maybe..!

    Thing is, I’d require a FemDom version. It’s certainly already leaning in that direction anyway, with the idea of surrendering to the dominant voice. Not sure if there would be a specifically D/s version of this resource though!

    It could be like a Goddess Worship thing… spiritual tantric FemDom. A concept that makes me tingle greatly!

    I shall investigate further. Thank you guest blogger & GOTN!

  • Oh my…. I have to try this….oooh and try watching as others experience …. Off to try

  • New to this says:


  • crashmatt says:

    I tried this last night, listening to this:

    It was *very* hot – didn’t quite get there, only took a couple of strokes before I came hard at the end of the audio. I think this could work with a few more goes, or with a but plug in place…

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