Guest blog: Begging and consent

Image by the always fantastic Stuart F Taylor

Listen before I even begin to introduce you to this week’s guest blogger – rmp792 – you absolutely need to know that not only has he guest blogged for me before (about how he fell in love with /r/GoneWildAudio), but he has also written, produced and starred in a ten-voice erotic audio steampunk drama. Yes, I KNOW. Your own CV will never seem as impressive again. While you obviously need to go bookmark that to check it out (Erotic! Steampunk! Drama! I listened to it this morning and it was a delightfully fun way to start the day), first why not relax and enjoy this gorgeous guest post all about the art of begging, and how to weave consent into scenes in which you – or someone you fancy – wants to beg for it…

Rmp792 has kindly recorded this begging story, and post, as audio porn – click ‘listen now’ above or scroll down for text. 

Begging and consent

Ask again, nicely.

My hand strokes slowly, so very slowly, down her body. I listen for the telltale moans of pleasure that my touch elicits. I place a gentle line of kisses along her neck, my hand teasing down to her belly. I feel her hips buck as she lifts herself, trying to bring my hand closer to her most sensitive areas. She’s not bound, not today at least, but she doesn’t want to push too far.

My lips move up to her ear as I whisper.

“What do you want?”

I feel her shudder.

“Touch me,” she replies. I smile wickedly.

“I’m already touching you, if you want something you’ll have to be more specific.”

She whimpers at my response. My hand moving slowly down her thigh.

“My cunt,” she says, “I want you to touch my cunt.”

I smile.

“Good girl,” I say, “now ask again nicely.”

I hear the subtle hints of excitement in her voice this time, the desperation and need.

“Please, I need it. Please, please touch my wet needy cunt.”

My hand snakes back up her leg.

“Good girl. I do so love it when you say please.”

Begging and consent

Consent should be a bare minimum, if you’re reading GOTN’s blog I probably don’t have to tell you that but it’s always worth repeating. Want, need, desperate painful longing – these really are the things we should be aiming for in our partners. When I’m with someone, in any social interaction but especially sex, I want to know that they want me to be there. I want to know that they’re enjoying my presence, and in the case of sex I want to know they’re delighted by my touch. All this leads rather naturally to a specific fetish of mine, I like to hear my partner beg.

I should clarify something here, I identify as a switch, specifically a dominant leaning switch. Control and willing submission are extremely attractive to me, from both sides of the rope, but I’m also quite tender about it. I’m willing to inflict pain but only if I’m absolutely certain my partner will enjoy it, and only if they’ve asked me to do it. For some people, especially those in long term relationships, asking for what you want is easy, for others it’s remarkably difficult. My solution is to ask a simple question:

‘What do you want?’

Sometimes that doesn’t work to elicit a specific answer, of course. But a little persistence can do wonders to help someone articulate what they need, and if it doesn’t then take off the pressure. Not everyone is comfortable having their innermost desires exposed and the comfort and enjoyment of all parties is the most important thing.

That does of course bring us round to the obvious point: just because they ask doesn’t mean you have to do it.

Consent goes both ways

There are many reasons to say ‘No’. Sometimes it’s part of the fun, extending the tease and making them even more desperate. Sometimes it’s because you don’t want them getting too greedy, an act to help keep the boundaries of dominance and submission. And sometimes it’s because you’re not comfortable with their request.

Far too often it is assumed that men are up for absolutely anything in the bedroom. This is, of course, not true but society does place that expectation on us. So it’s always worth repeating: you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

While a certain amount of begging can come about naturally (throwing the odd ‘please’ into your dirty talk is only polite after all), taking it deeper than that should always require a conversation first. Whether you want to beg someone, or want to hear them beg, it helps to make sure you’re on the same page. I know it’s not easy to open with the question, ‘hey, would you enjoy it if I edge you to the point of tears while you beg for permission to cum?’ But it’s a question that is essential to ask.

I’m going to end this guest blog with the continuation of my opening story that involves combining begging with edging, and while I enjoy doing that a lot it’s not something I would ever do without asking before we start if my partner was into it.

After all, if you don’t ask, you’ll never get what you really want…

Please may I cum?

Her breath comes in short bursts, desperate moans escape her lips as I slide my fingers across her cunt.

I press my lips to hers, and she lifts her hips against my hand. I know what she wants, but I also want to hear her say it. I pull my lips from hers and carefully lift my hand. The whimper that springs from her is perfection itself.

“Please please please please, fuck me with your fingers, god please.” The words are fast, desperate, almost unintelligible and I can’t help but smile as I push two fingers inside her.

Her cunt is so wet for me, and she moans so beautifully as I slowly slide my fingers in and out. I begin to kiss her neck keeping my pace slow, agonisingly slow.

Her hips begin to buck and move against me, pushing my fingers deeper.

I trace my kisses up to her ear.

“Do you want me to touch your clit?” I whisper.

I’m almost surprised she can hear me over the sound of her own moans, but at my question she nods quickly.

“Yes please, I… I need you to touch my clit.” Her voice is broken by her rapid breathing and I smile again.

“Good girl, but remember, no cumming without permission.”

She whimpers but nods.

I press my fingers deep and my thumb slides up to find the nub of her clit. I listen carefully for the gasp that comes as I touch it. It only takes a moment.

My fingers slide faster now, creating a steady rhythm matched by the movement of my thumb. Her hips moving in time with my hand.

I kiss her on the lips and hold her mouth with mine as the rhythm of my hand increases. Her moans taste so sweet.

Her whole body is shaking now, she’s right on the edge trying not to let herself go.

“Do you want to cum?” I ask with a wicked grin.

“Oh god please, please may I cum?” She begs. I am sorely tempted to let her, but I did promise to edge her until she couldn’t take any more. And I trust her to take this.

“Not yet.” I reply, and my fingers move faster “ask me again.”

“Please please please, let me cum.” She’s louder now, her desperation is almost tangible.

“One more time,” I say, and almost before the words leave my mouth she reaches her limit.

“Please, god please please please please…” Her words continue, an endless stream trailing off into meaningless begging noise. It’s time to give her what she wants.

“Cum for me.”

My words are like the breaching of a dam. Her moans turn into screams of pleasure as the orgasm she’s been holding back washes over her. I don’t know how long it lasts but it feels like minutes before she stops and I can gently pull my hand away.

“Did you enjoy that?” I ask, with a wry smile.

“Oh god yes,” she replies. For a few moments we lie there together then she looks at me. I see her gently bite her lower lip as she hesitates to ask her question, then she smiles.

“Please, may I taste you?”

I smile and give her permission.


Reminder: rmp792 has recorded this begging story as audio – click ‘listen now’ above, and please do go check out that incredible erotic audio drama too. Seriously: Erotic! Steampunk! Audio drama! It’s got characters, plot, jokes, and a deliciously switchy scene where two people fuck while negotiating the cost of airship hire. Awesome.


  • Jerry says:

    Any thoughts on late bloomers. Virgins in their mid 20s plus?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey, here are a couple of pieces (the second one is quite old so might be a little gendered or out-of-date).

      So there you go, some broad thoughts on the concept of virginity and ‘late’ bloomers (who gets to decide what’s late? Boo, society!). Hope these are helpful but in future if you do have a question on this kind of thing, please could you use the site search box and drop your question below one of the relevant articles. I don’t mind so much if random questions/comments derail my own posts, but I’d prefer if guest post comments could be about the guest posts themselves, because awesome blogs like this one deserve a chance to shine. Ta.

  • pinkgilly15 says:

    This is utterly beautifully written, what a wonderful telling. Consent is absolutely everything and it leads to the most incredible experiences as told here. More please

    • Girl on the net says:

      <3 Thank you for commenting Gilly! I am delighted you have asked for more because rmp792 has already suggested a new topic for another one and I am very very excited to read it =) I won't spoil the surprise by telling you what it's about but I am very excited about it! I absolutely love his work, it's gorgeous

  • A says:

    Omg this is amazing

  • Chameleon says:

    I’m a FemDomme and share your fetish for begging subs. That story was amazing. Perfection, even.

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