Sexy link roundup: loss, lust and a straight-curious romcom

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Good fortune, love, happiness and success to each and every sex blogger who remembers to write regular posts giving shoutouts to their sex blogging colleagues. You are heroes, all, and I am sorry I haven’t been as good as I’d like to be lately at joining in. But here I am to share some awesome things I have found over the last few weeks – please do check them out and follow the people involved if you like what they’re creating! Today I want to tell you about a straight-curious romcom,

Chemistry Eases the Pain – Shine Louise Houston

Shine Louise Houston creates amazing erotic queer cinema, and ‘Chemistry Eases the Pain‘ is her new project, a ‘straight curious’ romantic comedy. It’s really close to reaching the funding target on Indiegogo, and could do with some extra help from you to get over the finish line.

“Chemistry Eases the Pain is a short film about reassessing ones self-made sexual identity. The beauty of the queer experience is that we have an opportunity and space to redefine ourselves — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Chemistry is a humorous and heartfelt look at the struggle of change.

“Our main character Frankie (played by Lotus Lain) struggles with her attraction to a straight white guy, Matt (played by Micheal Vegas). It’s here that Frankie encounters shame and ambivalence about her feelings towards Matt and her fear of being rejected from her community.”

Check out the project – and contribute – over at the Indiegogo page.

A taste of submission – Betty Butch

“Buster shuffles backwards, awkward with their arms still behind their back, and leans down in search of the bowl. When their face finds it, it’s not gracefully sexy like an erotic painting might suggest – it’s cumbersome and humiliating. They nuzzle through the fruit, assessing it by texture alone.”

You know how you can go through life feeling incredibly ambivalent towards a particular kink, then one day – BAM – someone shows you an example of it that makes you tremble and go all wibbly? And suddenly you want to shout ‘Eureka! I get it! I fully understand why this is so hot!’? Well, that was me: utterly ambivalent about bringing food into sexy play, until I read this scorching hot post on fruit and submission by Betty Butch.

Your loss – MollysDailyKiss

I shared this about ten times on Twitter when it first went out, and if I didn’t share it here too I’d be very annoyed with myself. Molly had one of her pitches rejected by a national publication because she was ‘too old’ and they wanted writers who were roughly the same age as their readership. AS IF human beings can never learn from people who have more experience than us! AS IF somehow someone’s opinions and advice could only possibly strike a chord with someone if they happen to fall within the same age bracket.

“And all that made me realise that there are some good things about aging. You see 10 years ago I wouldn’t have even pitched my piece in the first place let alone been able to deal with any rejection that came my way. Yes I was upset yesterday, but in the scheme of things only momentarily, and all it has done is made me more determined to make this project of mine work for me”

Read the full post – Your Loss – over at Mollysdailykiss.

Always coming second – Exposing40

Yeah, this is another old one, but I missed it the first time round and it is exceptional so I have to share it here. Exposing40 talks about being a ‘secondary’ partner, the kind of relationships she wants, and exactly why these relationships work so well for her. I would love, one day, to be this good at understanding what I need, and even half as good at being able to articulate it.

“I have always felt more secure in the partnerships where there were wives, partners or in one case a cohabiting parenting partnership, which meant there were or are people and things that must be prioritised over me. Their need to fit me round the structure of family life or their primary relationship means there is an imperative to plan well, which makes me happy. I find deep reassurance in knowing they have chosen to place me alongside much bigger things in their life while never needing to worry that they will one day want more from me than I am prepared or able to give.”

Read the full post – Always coming second – over at Exposing40.

Stroke book salad tossing – ErosBlog

I enjoyed not just the odd extract from this 1970’s ‘stroke book’, but also the fact that the front cover of the book itself shows a ribbon boasting ‘NEW personal ads! Ten pages of ads from people who want to meet YOU!’

Surely the ‘Hot girls in your area’ of its day. Here’s a short extract from the story, but you should click through to see the full post – stroke book salad tossing – over at ErosBlog.

“Obediently, Melanie rolled over. Jarvis’ eyes greedily swept down to the full, firm cheeks of her creamy, translucent ass. He ran his fingers down her back and dug them into the pliant, shimmering mounds of flesh. Spreading them apart, he revealed the sweet winking rosette of her unviolated asshole. It was pink and puckered and looked incredibly tight.”

Sex blogging updates

The 2019 Smut Marathon has kicked off! In case you’ve not heard of this before, it’s a project run by the amazing Rebel’s Notes, in which writers sign up and get a different erotic writing assignment each week. As a reader, you get to vote on your favourite entries, then those with the most points go through to the next round of the competition. I haven’t taken part yet because I think I probably lack the stamina, but I always enjoy reading the entries and voting on my faves each week. Check out Round 1 to get an idea, and follow @smutmarathon on Twitter to follow the next rounds.

Eroticon is less than a month away, and it’s on track to be fucking spectacular. I am particularly excited about some of the political and historical talks this year (see speaker list and schedule for more deets) and getting thoroughly wrecked on the Friday night safe in the knowledge that I won’t have to do a talk first thing Saturday morning. My talk’s on Sunday, and I’ll be on a panel or two as well. If you’re interested in sex, blogging, sex blogging or any related topics, get a ticket and join us. There’s no criteria that says you have to already have your own blog, you just need to be interested in the cool stuff we’re talking about, and willing to abide by the rules that say ‘no taking pictures of people who haven’t consented to it’, which should be standard rules for most conferences, when you think about it.

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