Erotic audio: new sexy stories and new voices!

Ever since I started the audio porn project, I’ve been itching to get some more sexy stories up on the site. There are so many fantastic erotic writers in the world, with incredible tales to tell – both fiction and non-fiction – that it is starting to seem odd that the audio porn section of my site features mostly my own work. Let’s fix that. Starting this week, you’ll see lots of new erotic audio being uploaded to that section, from writers whose work I really admire and think translates beautifully into audio erotica.

New erotic audio

Almost every day from now until the end of January, there’ll be one new piece of erotic audio going up at the audio porn hub. Some are true sex stories, others are pieces of erotic fiction. I’ve tried to include a great mix of stories that spans a range of kinks and tones and tastes.

I say I’ll upload ‘almost every day’ because I might take the odd day off for Christmas or New Year – even sex bloggers need to rest every now and then. The main thing you need to know, though, is that if you keep an eye on the audio porn hub over the next month or so, there’ll be plenty of new smut for you to get stuck into. Pick up your headphones, or blast it out on your stereo if you’re in a place where that wouldn’t be inappropriate, and settle down to hear some sexy stories read aloud.

The first piece is live now – I want my words to make you want, by Tabitha Rayne – which I started with because it sums up so much of what erotic audio is meant to do!

I spent an incredibly exciting day yesterday at the awesome Jukebox Studios in London with some of the lovely writers and readers who are making this project possible, and I’ve also been sent audio and stories from others who couldn’t make it to the studio but were happy for me to use their words nonetheless. So massive thanks to these amazing folk, whose intensely sexy words/voices you will be hearing over the next few weeks:

Every story published will include links to the original author’s site, so I urge you to go check out their other incredible work too – I’m hoping this can be a good way for you to discover and follow new writers, as well as a way for me to increase the variety of erotic audio stories on that section of the website.

Audio erotica – the story so far

Back in 2017, off the back of a blog reader’s suggestion that I could make my blog more accessible, I started recording erotic writing as audio porn. It seemed like a fun way to make my site more enjoyable for those using screenreaders – this incredibly useful technology is sadly not brilliant at translating the hotness of a piece of text into a wankable format. Unless you have a specific kink for it, the eroticism of a sex story can really be hampered by hearing it read aloud in a robot voice.

So I started recording audio porn, and I set up a Patreon to help fund the work. Thanks to the generosity and support of all my lovely Patreons, I’ve managed to record a LOT of sexy stories for the site, as well as host some incredible guest audio posts too. Join us on Patreon if you’d like early access to new recordings and other sexy treats!

Since then, the audio porn page has become by far the most popular section of my website [Get in touch if you want to sponsor some of the content, I’ll be donning my ‘sales’ cap and hawking my wares in the new year]. As a result of its popularity, I keep getting included in lists of ‘top places to find audio erotica’, which is very flattering but a little nervewracking too. I am only one woman. My stories aren’t the only ones out there, my voice is not the only voice. I’d love to bring you more. Sadly I don’t have unlimited money, and I do always want to pay creators, so this erotic audio expansion is on a small scale for now. But if it works I may be able to pay you for your words/voice a little later down the line, so do read on below if that sounds like it could be for you.

I want to record erotic audio! Where do I sign up?


If you’re an erotic writer and you would be interested in turning some of your work into erotic audio, I would definitely be interested in chatting to you about that! Drop me an email hellogirlonthenet [at] gmail [dotcom] with the subject ‘Audio erotica’, send me a couple of links to posts you’d like to record, and let me know whether you’d be able to travel to London to record OR roughly whereabouts you’re based (i.e. your nearest big city) if you aren’t able to travel to London, and I will add you to a list of people to email when/if I can take this project a bit further. Please bear with me though, as I won’t be able to reply until the New Year.


I’ve had lots of people kindly offer their time/skills to record some erotic audio for me. I am incredibly grateful to you for the offer, and I hope that in the New Year I may have the time/money to expand this project further and bring more new voices on board. I’d ask you please not to email me about it right now, but keep an eye on this blog (or subscribe using the box at the top) if you’d like to get the latest blog posts in your inbox, which will include any shoutouts for new voices if I do post those in future.

Erotic audio: enjoy, support and share!

Huge thank you to everyone who has made it possible to do this – Patreons who have been helping me along the way, the fantastic guest writers and voices who are working on creating sexy stories, and every single reader who has listened and shared the work they love.

I hope you enjoy the new erotic audio stories as much as I do, and that they brighten up your holiday season with a selection of fascinating filth. If you would like to support the project but you don’t have the money to do so, all I ask is that you consider sharing the stories/posts you love the most with people you know will enjoy them too. Naturally don’t go sending people porn without their consent, but if you’re here on this site chances are you may know of one or two or twelve horny perverts who would be happy to learn that there are audio sex stories for them to enjoy.

Visit the audio porn hub, pick your favourite stories, and share them if you’d like to keep hearing more.


  • Lola & H.H. says:

    Thanks for this post. Soon Jupiter Grant will be narrating “Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume I: Nymphomania and the Single Girl.” We’re really excited about this project! It sounds amazing. Our book will be on If you have any advice for us, we’d appreciate it: [email redacted]

  • This is a fantastic project and I look forward to seeing it grow and develop, if I could travel to London I would love to contribute but alas that isn’t an option for me.

    • Girl on the net says:

      That’s OK! I have edited that section so it’s a bit clearer – you don’t *have* to be in London, it’s just if I do a session or two outside London I’ll need to try and coordinate with a few people to record at a city that’s near them. It might take a bit more time/logistics but it will be possible if I can find the cash. So if you let me know roughly where you’re based I can try to do a list of people in the nearby area and see if we can coordinate something nearby.

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