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No blog today

Every week I post new blogs on Wednesday and Sunday. This week, for the first time in ages, I’m not putting one up. Sorry about that.

Sometimes life is too crowded. Sometimes I’m knackered. Sometimes things happen that mean the post which sounded perfect in my head just needs a bit more work. And sometimes I recognise the irony of ignoring sex in favour of writing about sex because Oh My God I Need To Get Something Live On Sunday.

So: today’s post will go up tomorrow. I will feel massive guilt, even though realistically the world won’t stop turning. If you’re horrified at my efficiency failing, please join my club: feel free to subscribe to get updates when new blogs go up in case I fuck up my schedule again in the future, or peruse the archives if you want some filth in the meantime.

I appreciate that believing people care even one tenth as much as I do is extraordinarily narcissistic. But I currently live in a cycle where I apologise for everything, so one thing extra can’t hurt.

Now I’m off to skive, and spend Sunday doing whatever people who don’t write sex blogs do on a Sunday. What… umm… what do people who don’t write sex blogs do on a Sunday? I’ll investigate.





  • Jon says:

    Do you know how often I’ve seen someone post an apology when they’re late in putting up a blog? Not once. Ever. I usually assume life just got in the way (it usually does), but thank you anyway. Enjoy your Sunday :)

    • Another lurker says:

      A lovely lady who blogged as Poppy St Vincent a few years back was equally polite to her readers – though not as filthy in the content. Interestingly another girl who loved being spanked and writing about it….
      Agree with all the others. Have a day off blogging.

  • Mr Archer says:

    But by putting this up, isn’t this a blog post? You’re getting meta with us all, GOTN…

  • I hope you’re ok. A few things you’ve said recently have got me thinking maybe you’re not. Try not to worry about not posting, we’ll all be here for your next one. Take care, Rebecca x

  • Haha, you’re brilliant. For God’s sake take a day off for a real live fuck!

    We did a story every day from December 2013 to the end of March 2014 when Peter was taken into hospital (fine now) and after that we decided our stories would go up when they were written. So no deadlines now … ever.

    Hope you enjoyed the live sex.



  • An Outsider Looking In says:

    Dear GOTN,

    I’ve read your blog religiously (haha) for a long long time and this is the first time I’ve ever posted a comment. Why now? Because I love looking forward to new posts, I love reading them at work, I love agreeing and disagreeing with you, and I love being constantly surprised by all the sexy and political and fantastically fun stuff I’ve never known about.

    What I want most of all in all the world (other than world peace, a non-fucked climate, hair like Lorde) is more of the above-mentioned Stuff I Love. If what it takes to keep it coming is a day off now and then, bloody take a day off! Take 3! A week!

    I’m sure I’m not alone when I say:
    Please take care of yourself. Do not let this reason for my joy (your blog) be a reason for so much life-stress. You are my very favourite corner of the internet, and I dread the day you stop writing. So give yourself every break you want!

    (this was long, sorry!)

  • Damiane says:

    Take as much time as you need! There’s lots of glorious filth in the archives, and I’m amazed at how much good stuff you put together every week– you deserve way more breaks than you give yourself.

    Enjoy your Sunday sex and get some rest. ^^

  • Girl on the net says:

    Hey – thanks everyone for being so lovely! I’m totally fine, just a bit wiped out from doing loads of stuff. Which is, you know, awesome because I bloody love having fun projects to do (and one of them is particularly awesome and I hope I’ll be able to tell you about it soon), but I get a bit panicky if I don’t tick off my own goals – one of which is the blogging =)

    Thanks for understanding – I have now actually published a blog which was supposed to go up yesterday, and regular schedule will resume!


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