An ode to OTK spankings

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

People who aren’t into spanking could be forgiven for thinking that the whole thing looks a tad painful. Harsh smacks on the bare bottom. Occasional whimpers punctuating the sighs. The sound of stinging whacks on flesh.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. And there’s a delicious kind of spanking that comes not with a squeal and a sting but with calmness and closeness. It’s almost… snuggly? I hate that word. But I love the feeling: squashed tight against someone with my arse exposed, their fingers digging hard into my naked flesh.

Over the knee spankings. Those ones you read about sometimes in books from before the war. The naughty individual is taken over the knee and given a few stern whacks to teach them a lesson. But it’s not always about punishment: sometimes an over the knee spanking works far more like a treat.

I’m not, generally, a fan of massage. I’ve known only one guy who can give me a massage in a way that makes me squirm with delight rather than go stiff and twitchy and ask him politely to stop. But the closest analogy I can think of for a calm, OTK spanking is massage. That moment when someone puts their hands on you and your stresses melt away – causing a sudden and urgent need to lie drooling in a pile.

Some days it’s all I need, and I don’t quite realise it’s what I need until I get it. His hand firmly gripping my wrist, pulling me in one swift movement across his lap. The warmth spreading through my thighs as they press against his. A few words:

“Do you need a spanking?”


Weird word, but the right one. Usually, by eight in the evening or so, I do need a spanking. Not in the punishment sense – I haven’t been a very bad girl. I need a spanking because I’ve been a good girl. Because I’ve spent the day writing and pitching and cleaning and cycling and going over and over the list in my head of all the things I still haven’t got round to.

I need it because I made it and I’m spent. Because I need something to mark the end of the day.

Because I want to feel his hot hands on my skin, and I want to feel them hard. Not a stroke or a kiss or a squeeze: a smack.




Not painful, just solid. More thoroughly and completely there than a gentler touch.

I like the position too. Being held firmly over his lap. Feeling his body squashed tight against mine. The delicious, silky sensation of his fingers slipping down below the waistband of my trousers, then my knickers. Sliding them down to expose my bum. It’s a weird mixture of vulnerability and safety: I’m exposed but he’s holding me close.

And he smacks his palm against me – gently for the first few, then harder until it builds gradually to that sweet spot. Thuddy, without too much sting. A whack rather than a smack. Not whipping his hand away as soon as it’s made contact, but leaving it there on the skin – resting against the blooming warmth of the red mark beneath it.

Sometimes sliding his hand down to dip his fingers into the wetness of my cunt.

Because this kind of spanking is not a punishment: it’s a treat. So when the spanking’s over he’ll fuck me in the same way – gently but firmly. Pushing himself into me with determination and care, and the kind of love that says ‘I’ve got you.’ As if the fuck itself will cure me of the stresses of the day.

Sometimes it does.

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  • RB says:

    …did I write this?!

    I don’t have the experience of doing this with a regular/life partner, but the feeling is the with a Dom that you know and trust; if you’re physically secure against his body then despite the smacks being hard, you know you’re being looked after. It’s tender, in a way.

    And god, sometimes it is a need. Just to be hit and feel the impact to jolt you. Yes.

    • Mark says:

      My wife & I talked about doing different things in our sex acts we liked to smoke weed & watch porno together witch gets us both turn-on she found some fandom porno on the internet about strap-on sex & it really got her hot so we order one strap-on & she talked about it every day we’ll a few days went by &we dident get it yet that night she got ready for bed &we smoked together me setting on the edge of the bed she wares only a T-shirt to bed like always I went into the office & got on the internet and went to the fandom site looking over the different movies & found one about wife spanking husband so I started watching it , I got so turned on with it I got naked & was jerking off to it when my wife got up to go to the bathroom well I left the door open & didn’t see her walking by the room my back was to her as I sat watching this woman who was naked put her husband over her knee naked & was spanking him with her hand & stroking my cock my wife was now standing behind me watch me & the movie I don’t know how long she was their watching but she put her hand on my head & leaned over and told me she was wet from watching me & the movie & I was rock hard at that point & she walked around in front of me & took off the tie shirt she was warring spread her legs & sat on my lap facing me she asked me if I wanted for us to do what we just watch together I said if you really want to yes because I was turn-on by it & she said I know your cock is still hard & we both kind of smiled at each other , she than got up & pulled me up & we went to the bedroom she sat on the edge of the bed & asked me how I wanted her to do it to me & I said anyway you want & with that she pulled me over her lap & spanked me just like we watch in the movie

  • Katrina says:

    I love it! I think that everyone who is new to this and considering spanking for the first time should understand as much as possible about it before doing it. Although it’s an amazing pleasure, it can be scary the first time you experience it.

  • Crazy Knickers says:

    Nothing takes me to my happy place and makes me feel more loved than a good dose of otk spanking. A thrashing with a leather belt makes me blissfully whimpery and vulnerable too.

  • Stephanie says:

    “Usually, by eight in the evening or so, I do need a spanking. Not in the punishment sense – I haven’t been a very bad girl. I need a spanking because I’ve been a good girl. Because I’ve spent the day writing and pitching and cleaning and cycling and going over and over the list in my head of all the things I still haven’t got round to.

    I need it because I made it and I’m spent. Because I need something to mark the end of the day.”

    Absolutely BRILLIANT!

  • Jay says:

    GotN, I am very curious to know how you met your boyfriend. I want one like that!

    • Girl on the net says:

      OKCupid =) It’s the only dating site I’ve ever used, and it introduced me to so many fantastic guys, many of whom are still my friends to this day.

  • @domsigns says:

    Good Girls get Spanked
    Bad Girls get Punished
    This has always been my motto

  • Jo says:

    I have a former coworker who called spanking “external percussive colonic massage”; I think that if it’s done right, this is very fitting! I like it best when a partner starts slow (and gentle) and then builds up rhythmically, then slows the pace and intensity down a little before finally hitting me hard enough to make me gasp. The best part for me is the interlude between spankings when a partner traces their fingers (or a wheel, or something fluffy, oooor anything really, as long as it’s gentle) along my bright red cheeks and my whole body tingles. You’re right — it is a treat. A great spanking takes all the stress away — at least momentarily — and leaves me happy and horny.

  • Laurence says:

    Nice to read an article that explains spanking so well to the uninitiated!

  • I was slippered at school when I was about ten and even the thought of spanking turns me off. Not for me. Mind you, that was in 1960!

  • Firm.



    Words I live by.

    You are right. It’s not a need. I look at it as more of a desire. Everyone loves a good spanking every now and again right?

  • paul GORDON says:

    id love to have my bare ass spanked otk by a woman I live in Pittsburgh

  • Keith says:

    I would love to be taken over a lady’s knee for a good spanking

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