End of No Nut November: the cum shot

Image by the genius Stuart F Taylor

Sometimes I get comments on sex stories I tell where people ask ‘where’s the orgasm?’ I don’t always report orgasms like I’m making a tally chart of who came when and how, because for me the cum shot isn’t always the main event. This post though? Oh yeah this post, I promise the cum shot will come.

Last time I left you on a cliffhanger, just as I was about to straddle someone’s dick and ride him until I had milked an entire month’s worth of jizz from his aching balls. Honestly, just writing that sentence is wank-fodder enough, so I hope you can understand why this blog has been tricky to write. I have to keep taking breaks to go rub one out, and that seriously eats into my typing time.

How much spunk is there in an end-of-NNN cum shot?

If you’re anything like some of the friends I’d spoken to about my planned end-of-No-Nut-November fuck, you might be thinking here: “hang on, GOTN, you’re excited about a month’s worth of spunk but… it doesn’t work like that, surely? Eventually the body stops producing more jizz, so you don’t get a whole thirty-days’ worth of spunk just building up then get drowned in sixty-shots-worth.”

And no, you don’t. The body isn’t an infinite jizz-production facility, regardless of how often you release. So it’s not exactly like that. But let me tell you what it is like.

It’s like sucking an erection into someone who has resisted the urge to let themselves orgasm for fully four weeks, so they’re extremely sensitive and excited. The excitement is part of the fun: the way their leg jiggles involuntarily as you run your tongue around the head of their cock, and the little moans they make when you let your wet lips make a tight seal that you kiss back and forth across the ridge of the head.

It’s getting to see the so-eager-it’s-almost-anguished look in their eyes as you straddle them, and feel the diamond-hard tautness of their dick as you slide it – slowly and carefully, so as to savour it all – into the dripping wetness of your own cunt.

See, the joy of a month’s worth of jizz isn’t purely in the jizz. It’s in getting to fuck someone who’s not been fucked for a very long time, with all the horny extras that implies. The twitching, aching, throbbing rigidity of an erection that’s barely been touched. And the frantic, greedy joy of being the one who gets to touch it. Lick it.

Fucking sit on it.

For the month leading up to our shag, I’d been heavily fetishising the idea of getting to slide down the length of his cock. And when I finally got to do it, I realised almost immediately that my fantasies had mostly been focused on that initial stroke: when he slides inside and I can clench and feel myself being stretched and filled. Then, in my wank fantasies, I usually (unrealistically) imagined him immediately coming – in great torrents and with thudding power – fully painting my insides with jizz.

(credit where it’s due: ‘painting your insides with jizz’ are totally his words – I nicked them because they’re excellent)

But reality is so much better than that. Because in reality we’ve already fucked for a while, and in reality we’re both a little bit stoned. So instead of just greedily devouring one or two strokes before succumbing to a spunk volcano, I got to ride him.

And ride him.

And ride him.

Slowly at first, then building speed, feeling each stroke so satisfyingly hard inside me – adjusting my angle slightly, and my tempo, and the swing of my hips, until I fucked my way into a meditative rhythm that I could maintain for long enough to nudge me to the edge of coming.

How much spunk did you get tho?

Thirty days isn’t just about the jizz, it’s about the glorious noises he made as I milked his cock with my cunt. The agonised moans he let out. The delightful twitching judder of his thighs as he got close. The little ‘oh yeah’s when I squeezed myself good and tight around him. The fact that – as he told me afterwards – he could literally feel himself getting bigger and harder inside me as he got closer to coming.

And we’re getting there now. We’re getting to the cum shot, I promise.

Shortly before he came, I managed to. Keeping myself relatively quiet. Stoically (some might say heroically) maintaining the exact same rhythm of sliding up and down his dick while I came so as not to knock him off course.

By now I was so fucking eager for his spunk.

One month. Thirty days. Countless dozens of messages back-and-forth fantasising about the sheer volume and power and force of it. The ache in my thighs from riding him, and the gutpunch hotness of hearing his noises and watching his face as he got close. The way he gripped my hips and manoeuvred me, like he was angling my cunt to get the perfect speed and pressure at exactly the right points on his thick, unyielding dick… and then he said it: that simple three-word phrase that is my favourite in the whole English language:

“I’m gonna come.”

I squeezed once more, good and tight, and felt it thud all the way from the base of his shaft to the tip before exploding inside me. And no, most of the time you don’t always get to feel someone’s cum shot. It’s a gamble which depends on a number of factors. But this time? I felt every single squirt. One after the other after the other as he pumped it all inside me. The pulse of spunk running up his cock as well as the force with which it splattered inside. All the while he gripped my hips tight, looked down at where his own dick was spearing my cunt, and let out the most fabulous moaning noises.

One more stroke. And another. Cunt clenched tight and pulsed once or twice to make sure I’d milked every last drop from him. Then a glance at his face, which was a delightful and joyous picture of semi-tortured satisfaction. In short: exactly the expression you’d expect of someone who hadn’t come for a month then finally got to blast it all inside me.

No but seriously, how much spunk was there?

As I say, if you’re thinking ‘you ain’t getting 30 full days’ worth of jizz, GOTN’ then you’re technically correct. You are also, however, wrong in the only way that matters. I didn’t expect to get 30 days’ of jizz as I might if I’d asked him to wank as per usual then collect it in a jar like a science experiment. What I wanted was a larger-than-average volume of cum, shot with powerful intensity, really good and deep in my eager cunt.

And that is exactly what I got.

More spunk than I had ever been blessed with before, shot with power and intensity. As I climbed off him, I could feel it gushing down my thighs. When I put my knickers back on afterwards, they were immediately soaked through. There was so much spunk that I realised, for perhaps the first time in my life, I was literally ‘overflowing’ with it. So full was I that I had to cut my post-fuck cigarette short to run inside to the bathroom, as more of it gushed down from my cervix and threatened to soak through my trousers.

Yeah. Fuck yeah.

A lot of spunk. So much spunk. Fucking torrents of it.

If you want to collect your own in a jar, be my guest. And you’ll definitely gather more over thirty days than this guy gifted me on the 1st December. But not, I suspect, by orders of magnitude: there was still an absolute fuckload of hot, sticky cum.

Besides, the joy of the end of No Nut November wasn’t just in the cum shot itself, as I hope this post makes clear. The fun was in every detail of the fuck: the rigidity of his dick, his twitching eagerness, and the meditative pleasure of riding those waves of spunk right out of him.

How do you end a blog post like this? How do you conclude a fuck you’ve been building up to for over a month? If I were a better writer I’d come up with something powerful and hot to end on. The perfect turn of phrase that’ll stamp this on your brain for a good few weeks. But as I mentioned in the first post: this guy’s shy and cute and introverted, and I feel like a perv if I lean too hard into objectifying him. No human is pure spunk-factory, and no date is ever entirely about the jizz.

So here you go: the climax that comes after the cum shot at the end of No Nut November…

Camera pans out to an extremely comfy sofa, on which we’re both sat snuggled up warm under a blanket. Spent and happy and giggling at a film… and eating an entire trifle.


This post is also available as audio, if you like hearing eager sluts talk about how desperate they are for loads of jizz. You can find lots more of this sort of thing at the audio porn hub. 


  • L says:

    This post ‘flowed’ so well. Paced so well

  • Pinkgilly15 says:

    Well that was so dam hot. I’m now contemplating a situation that might be similar, not sure we can manage a month of no fucking, but we can dam try a good 7 days to begin.
    Happy New Year GOTN xxx

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    An entire trifle! You filthy swine… :D

  • Switchington Bear says:

    Thanks for sharing this story, it is hot on so many levels. Really enjoyed reading it.

    For me personally, if I’m able to hold off coming for a few days (I am not good at this) I almost masochistically crave for it to be drawn out, to be teased and edged for as long as possible, and have my partner get me desperate and begging before I finally get to come. This definitely feels different from everyday coming to me and does result in a more powerful and productive unloading!

    If only I had the willpower (ha, won’t power more like) to do this more often!

    • Girl on the net says:

      For some reason the word ‘productive’ is EXTREMELY hot to me. Thank you =) Also thank you for your kind words – I’m so delighted you liked this!

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s a really hot blog, GOTN, thank you!

    I am lacking one crucial information: Did he edge himself during that time or did he not touch his cock at all during all of November? Because I think that makes a big of a difference. I did the latter for around two weeks after daily wanking for several years and almost came from the rubbing of my cock against my shorts, it started twitching like I was already on the point of no return.
    Second question: Why did you decide that you want him to come inside of you and not on any other spot for example your mouth? Or is this the plan for this years NNN?
    Next time you could add a prostate massage with your fingers beforehand to produce even more spunk. I once received one and almost drowned the lady as she could not keep up swallowing while I came. Happy new year!

    • Girl on the net says:

      I imagine he touched his dick a bit, yeah. But I also understand that there are some points at which it feels like a bad idea, and so less dick-touching happens so as to avoid the possibility that one will just spaff everywhere a bit too soon.

      Why inside me? Ah, because it’s the BEST. Had we not got tested, I’d have asked for it all over my tits or face or something (or maybe both), but I am extremely obsessed with getting jizzed in, and so when ‘test and cum inside’ became an option, that was the only one my little spunk-greedy heart wanted. I wouldn’t be presumptuous enough to assume he’s doing NNN again this year, or even that he will still want to shag me in 12 months time (12 months is a long time, and I am an irritating arsehole). But I suspect if that were the case, I’d probably say ‘let’s do something different’ and then still end up wanting to be filled in the cunt with jizz, because as mentioned, I love it.

      ‘Next time you could add a prostate massage’ – while I understand why you want to make this suggestion, please don’t tell me how to fuck the men I fuck. I am fully aware of prostate massage and its awesome powers, and I very much enjoy giving prostate massages. I promise I am not ignorant of this thing. However, the way I fuck people is going to be dictated by their own choices, kinks, requests and desires rather than suggestions from my comment section. I hope you can understand.

      Happy new year to you too!

  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry if this came out wrongly worded, I am not a native speaker and I did not intend to be in any way encroaching. I only mentioned it as you never get tired of mentioning that you always aim to get the maximum amount of spunk and this was a game changer to me. And as always both of you have to be into it!

  • ftandhubby says:

    Thanks for another great story! Love it when my partner is “overlowing” with the evidence of a fuck and it’s is threatening to stain
    her pants never mind her panties. As her partner knowing she is going to spend the rest of the day leaking the cum from her fuck (with me or someone else) is super hot! I hope you enjoyed all that cum leaking out of you the rest of the day!

  • Cum4you says:

    I know the feeling so well from a male perspective. I did something similar earlier last year by abstaining while my partner was away for a month – had some near miss wet dreams however. Just managed to hold it back. When it finally came to release date – don’t laugh – I weighed an empty condom. My partner, who was just back from her overseas assignment, suggested I fuck my fleshlight while watching her fuck herself with a dildo moulded on my cock. Your story went along similar lines and when I finally pumped out, and I mean pumped out, there was so much hot spunk captured in the condom. Now, I normally manage about 5-7g(ml) but this time there was 14g (14ml) spunk in the condom! Bet that felt good being pumped in. PS – I fucked her another load less than 30 minutes later.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Holy fuck – you scienced the shit out of that! Absolutely incredible dedication to the load-measuring cause, and I salute you and your partner. These are the kinds of comments I absolutely live for, thank you so much for sharing.

  • Paul says:

    That was so fucking hot, I was barely able to make it all the way through the video before coming explosively. I shot 16 hot spurts. The first 11 was really thick, and I hit the bath numerous times – and I only came two days ago! Sorry for mentioning that, but it was so hot. Tbh I could never hold out for an entire month and I would probably be just as powerful after 7 days, let alone a month. I tried this before, but I had a wet dream on the 17th day. There is no way in the firey blazes of hell and damnation that I would ever be able to survive all that time without wanking. I’m not strong enough psychologically, I would go insane. I just feel totally inadequate hearing this.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ah man, your comment runs the gamut of ‘post-wank-sadness’ but it really doesn’t need to. (what I mean by that is you start off saying it was so hot and then end on how inadequate you feel). Pls don’t feel inadequate – different people can do different things, and it’s A-OK. You came really powerfully while listening to it and that is hot in itself =)

  • Pangolin says:

    OMG, Stuarts drawing is sooo sexy! Usually I read these on my phone, but today I’m on my PC and it is really worth it – for the expression on his face, the detail of his dick exploding, and her insides being painted with spunk.
    Also I’m glad to hear you exorcised the ghost of the trifle :-)

    • Girl on the net says:

      This one is one of my brand new favourites – I love how he visualises ‘coming inside’, which isn’t something that’s possible to see in video/image porn. I adore this pic so much! Although EEEEK FUCK, I absolutely did not mean to mention the trifle in any kind of reference to the previous one – is that how it comes across? I just thought it was fun that we ate a massive trifle together, and trifle was chosen because we were gonna get stoned and trifle is great when you’re stoned. Shit. I am worried that I’ve implied something more than just ‘we ate a trifle and it was fun’ here. Thank you for mentioning though, cos I probably need to bear this in mind.

  • Pangolin says:

    I really don’t think it does – I just remember your trifle post clearly because a) I found it really poignant and it resonated with my mood at the time and b) I thought: ‘Fuck, yeah! I haven’t had trifle for years. Let’s make a trifle.’ So I did… and re-activated my lactose intolerance, and regretted it massively :-)

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oh nooooo! Lactose intolerance is a genuine tragedy and I feel for you. I’m sorry to inflict trifle on you, but I hope you enjoyed the sweet trifle-y goodness before the bad stuff happened. Thank you for easing my mind on that too. I’d genuinely hate to be that kind of dickhead who used new fun as a way to sideswipe at someone who I wasn’t having fun with any more. I still love him and don’t want to hurt him. Might switch to profiteroles for a post-fuck snack in future, to be on the safe side. And also cos they’re delicious =)

  • fuzzy says:

    I loved the trifle comment *because* it didn’t seem to have any connection to the other post. I guess we all perceive things through our own reality tunnels, but it seemed to me awesome that you could enjoy one without it having to be linked to your past.

  • Moxy says:

    Thanks for writing this follow up, GOTN.
    One question, post the trifle, did either of you have the urge to go again, or was the “event” enough for the day?! I ask as I think that if I had done NNN, then I would be keen for round 2 pretty quickly, perhaps wanting to switch the end up and finish in a different place for variety!!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey, please bear in mind that the people in these posts are all *real people* and these are *real life experiences* that I’ve written up and then sent to the person involved so I can ask for their consent to publish what I’ve published. This is one of the more detailed stories I’ve written, and it already includes a lot of intimate stuff like messages in the build-up. While I totally get why someone might be curious about the stuff outside what I’ve written, something about these kinds of questions (see the above one about prostate massage too) makes me uncomfortable, because it sounds like you’re giving feedback on a date, and you’re definitely asking for me to share *more*, when for a standard human person (i.e. one who isn’t a sex blogger), what I’ve shared is already more than most people would ever expect to be put out there.

      Questions like this didn’t matter so much when it was my ex and I, because he was very used to this weird job that I do and I could answer questions honestly knowing what he would/wouldn’t be happy for me to share, but when it’s new people who I don’t know well (and who don’t know me that well) I have already got consent for writing the story as-is, and adding more to it in comments would involve guessing at what the other person might be happy with. Maybe we did fuck again. Maybe we didn’t. Maybe I got a migraine and had to go home. Maybe he got drunk and passed out and I covered him in a blanket before getting a taxi. Maybe he, or I, burst into tears because the sex had reminded us of some past relationship trauma that suddenly surfaced. Maybe the house burned down. Maybe we fucked again six times in a variety of positions all over the house and I’m saving those for future blog posts. Maybe we fucked again but he didn’t want me to write about that one. As I say, I get why you’re asking, so I’m not having a go, but I do want to explain why these kinds of questions (did you do X? I’d have done X!) are rarely going to get a detailed reply.

  • TTKMAXX says:

    Loved this story. It reminds me of the best blow job of my life and the biggest mouthful of cum my wife had ever dealt with!
    I had an enforced break from sexual activity after I had to get circumcised a few years ago. After the procedure I was told no sex or touching for 3 weeks!
    My newly freed cock was super sensitive and after the pain died down I found myself getting hard just from walking as it rubbed against my trousers! After a couple of weeks we were both desperate to fuck but not allowed, we were both irredeemably horny all the time.
    As the 3 week mark approached we decided a full on fuck might be too risky and so agreed oral was the way forward.
    As my wife started licking and sucking my new dick it was obvious I wasn’t going to last long and she took it deep in her mouth, soon after, my cock unleashed a load like I’d never experienced into her mouth, which she gratefully swallowed.
    It was amazing, but even after 15 years together neither of us have the patience to wait that long again!

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    I also read the ‘trifle’ comment above as an intentional reference to the previous blog about the breakup. But I guess you just love trifle, and that’s totally fine. :)

    • Girl on the net says:

      Damn, thank you for your input! I am annoyed with myself that it didn’t occur to me, but I’m gonna be way more careful with trifle references in the future! (not a sentence I ever thought I’d write!)

  • Paul says:

    I know :) Reading it back now, it comes across as a very schizophrenic post. I wrote it in the heat of the moment after coming and was experiencing all these conflicting feelings. I started thinking about wanting to hold off for a month etc, etc. Also, I sometimes cry when I wank, which sounds kind of weird, but I haven’t had sex since my girlfriend left a year ago and I think the emotions are a bit still mixed up. I was a bit worried I might have written something that might have offended you, and I’ve been resisting coming back to check, but I’m so happy I didn’t. This sounds a bit like a letter to my shrink haha. But seriously, thank you as well for the warm, reassuring things you wrote back to me. You didn’t have to and I really do appreciate it. You are a beautiful person for doing it. Bless you.

  • Northern Boy says:

    Tremendous, thank you

  • Porky says:

    I saw this on Jackinchat.com and really enjoyed reading it. Well written too. Nice to see some still have the skill of writing English correctly regardless of the subject matter. Jane Austen would have been proud.

  • PreciousBodilyFluids says:

    Such a great story & beautiful illustration :) I find it very hot reading a woman’s perspective on getting filled with spunk & enjoying it. The times I find a lover who enjoys getting filled with huge loads are the best.

    Your story reminds me of something I did with an ex girlfriend. I’d been away on an international vacation for 2 months, made sure to avoid touching myself for at least a week before returning to her. Loads of built up anticipation for the sex we’d have when we reunited. When we finally got to it, she was on top for awhile & my first orgasm inside her was massive. The kind where I feel the liquid flowing out of me, and she gasps with pleasure feeling the throbbing. She kept riding a bit afterwards with the huge load of spunk inside her. When I pulled out it was such a wonderful mess. Her vagina opening covered with it, and it dripping out of her. All over her outer lips & inner thighs as well. But that wasn’t the end of it. She sat on a counter & we kept on going at it. And then I finished by taking her from behind & laying her down on her front. Great position for milking out every last drop when she’s a spunk filled slippery mess :)

    Had at least 2 big orgasms inside her (maybe a 3rd smaller one but I can’t remember) during that wonderful fuck marathon

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