Hands free orgasm: the silk handkerchief

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

I’ve always been quite fascinated by the idea of a hands free orgasm. I once found a video of a guy twitching his cock so the head rubbed gently against his stomach, over and over again, for ages, until he came in intense and powerful squirts all over himself. I watched that video so much that if it had been VHS I’d have worn out the tape. This is a fictional story based off an idea that occurred to me while I was out for a walk, which just kind of hit me and felt so ridiculously hot I had to write it to get it out of my head. I don’t know if it’s actually possible, but if you try it and it turns out it is, let me know.

Hands free orgasm – silk handkerchief

It’s only when his dick starts to leak that she does it: holds a silk handkerchief two feet above his restrained body and lets go, allowing it to flutter gently down and land on his taut, shining erection. It twitches, he groans, but no more – no hands free orgasm. He isn’t ready. Yet.

She removes the handkerchief and gets back to work – one fist, lubed and smooth and silky, pumping away at his cock while he struggles against the restraints. He squirms under her touch, and makes agonised noises that catch in the back of his throat.

Then she stops.

She’s been doing this for thirty minutes. Touch, release, touch, release, whipping him into a frenzy of desperation. It’s fun. She likes watching the look on his face – eyes wide, teeth gritted, mouth twisted into a grimace of agony.

She watches him for a short while, until his cock starts twitching. Then she begins again. Pumping fist, tight grip, twisting and squeezing and yanking and letting the ridge of the head catch – ever so slightly – against the ring made by her fingers and thumb.

Occasionally she’ll pause like that – right there, with the head nestling in the crook of her thumb – and tug so gently that it doesn’t slide all the way through.

When she does that, he mewls, and she loves it.

During the next pause, she spots another droplet of precum glinting at the tip. She asks him if he’s ready and he begs ‘please, please please yes please.’

She removes the handkerchief again. Drops it again. His cock jumps but doesn’t squirt.

“Not yet,” she tells him. “You aren’t ready yet.”

She leaves him for an hour or so: trussed up and yowling and begging with desperation. Props the door open so she can hear him from downstairs as he calls to her.

“Please let me come, it hurts. It hurts so fucking much.”

She grins.

When it’s time to return to the room she finds him twisted and squirming – he’s almost managed to slip the ankle shackles, and now he’s lying nearly on his side, thrusting awkwardly into thin air in an attempt to rub his cock on the satin sheets. Not quite the hands free orgasm she’d imagined, and certainly not what she’d ordered.

“Tut tut,” she tells him, and gives it a light slap. The slap only makes him harder, and he groans again.

He won’t get to come yet – not yet. After tightening the shackles she squats over his naked body, yanking her knickers to one side and looking down. The slit of her cunt glistens to match his cock, and she positions herself over it, with just the throbbing head of him inside her. He whimpers again, and she’s tempted to fully sit down. Longing to plunge down onto him, enveloping his cock that’s so hard and taut and eager.

But she won’t. Instead, she places one hand for balance on the headboard and uses the other to rub her clit. A quick glance up at him shows his eyes are still wide, and he’s biting his lip now as he stares at the plump head of his dick nestling inside her.

She wants to plunge it in, but can’t risk spoiling everything. She rubs harder and feels her thighs start to tremble, focuses on the sight below of his straight shaft twitching at the entrance to her cunt. Ready to spear her, if she’ll let him.

Mesmerised by the sight of his taut cock dripping with her own juices, she comes. Lifting herself ever-so-slightly off him as her cunt starts to clench and spasm.

As she comes, she drips wetness onto his stomach, and he moans again. Aching. It’s nearly time.

She uses her fist to beat him closer to the edge: fingers now wet from her own cunt, she grips so tightly that she imagines she can feel the pulse of the blood running through every vein in his dick.

He starts to beg. Please. Please let me come. I fucking need to come, this hurts so much. I’m going to go mad, I’m going to explode, I’m going to weep.

She laughs.

When she steps off him and reaches for the silk handkerchief, he cries out and begs her for her hand back.

“I need more, I need more, please please give me more than that!”

But she doesn’t think he does. And, as happens so often with these things, she is right. As she holds the handkerchief aloft and lets it flutter down to touch him, he jerks his cock to greet it. The head of it rubs gently on his stomach.

And perhaps it was that which did the trick, or maybe she’s really achieved the hands free orgasm she wanted: getting him to such a point that the gentlest touch would be enough to make him come. Either way, she doesn’t care.

Because when the fabric lands neatly on his granite-hard erection, at its first touch he squirts. Hard.

Hard enough that dark patches appear on the silk. His dick starts pumping faster, and the liquid seeps through the delicate silky threads, staining them with the spunk he’s been so desperate to let pour forth.

Mesmerised, she watches him drench the center of the handkerchief, observing every detail of his spasming cock as it finally lets go, and his face twisted in grateful satisfaction.

As she unstraps his trembling wrists from the restraints – and his ankles, and his waist, and his neck and everything else – she registers that his cock is still twitching. She places one hand firmly over it – pressing the still-solid flesh against the softness of his stomach. He writhes and squirms and continues to twitch at her touch, whimpering ‘thank you’ over and over, until she silences him with a kiss.


This post is available as audio, read by the sublime Molly Moore. Click ‘listen here’ at the start of the post, or check out the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 


  • Camomile says:

    Ah, that’s lovely!

  • hopey says:

    Oh wow. That’s just delicious.

  • Pinkgilly15 says:

    Goodness hot as fuck, knew from the Facebook post it would be.
    Have I ever experienced anything similar. Well I definitely have for myself. I can almost climax just from getting my bloke off , particularly if I’m just kneeling alternating between blowjob and hand job..I also feel close to exploding when pegging..it’s the power of it and his face scrunched up and his whimpers of pleasure.
    I experimented a lot with redit hands free orgasm spoken words and almost again got there. A great book also to read is Come as you are Emily Nagoski (made the uni library buy it🤣) I also attended one of her talks. Definitely worth a look, more at the technique she uses to help those who may struggle with orgasm..it can really help with this.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ooh that is awesome! I am envious that you can almost get there! I feel I may have once or twice but I’d love to be able to do it! Thank you for the recommendations too!

  • fuzzy says:

    totally hot story, made me wriggle in my chair.

    Similar techniques can be explored through learning about tantric orgasms, “ruined orgasms”, and other such. they’re very effective. I don’t understand the term “ruined orgasm” myself; similar orgasms and ejaculations have been some of the most intense i’ve ever experienced.

    I’ve known multiple women who could orgasm from a very wide range of trigger activities, including nipple stimulation (solely), neck stimulation, etc.

    I’ve known men who can ejaculate from sheer excitement; unfortunately all too often this regarded as a “bad thing”, and people are trained (or train themselves) not to explore those pathways (can you say “premature ejaculation?”).

    I’ve definitely orgasmed from having my partner orgasm.

    If you can achieve the position with a partner, Yab Yum is one of the most intense experiences. Once you are in the position, neither one of you moves any more than a gentle minimalistic rocking as you hold and touch one another. No thrusting is permitted, and the longer you can drag it out the more intense the final result will be — some people practice in fact to orgasm with no ejaculations (some tantric practices again).

    there’s a whole world of this out there, and it is awesome. and the exploration is ever so much fun (and that anticipation thing).

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ahhh I just googled Yab Yum and I feel like maybe I have tried it before, but never with much gusto. I am adding it to The List =) Thank you! I have always been fascinated by (and a little envious of) people who can come hands-free – there’s an amazing guest post over at Hot Octopuss’ blog by a writer called leandra Vane, who can ‘think herself off’ – https://www.hotoctopuss.com/guest-blog-leandra-vane-on-disability-and-sex-stigma/ I love her description of it, and doubly love the phrase ‘thinking myself off’

      Thank you for the position tip!

  • JMurgatroyd says:

    You describe the ejaculation making dark patches on the silk.
    Well, I remember sometimes masturbating into a sock in the past; and if I were really, really worked up, the semen would shoot THROUGH the fabric when I cummed…clean THROUGH…as if there were nothing there :-D That’s what that reminded me of.

  • VisiTor says:

    Absolute sexy.
    I’ve discovered your blog today and I’m sitting here on the sofa, clothed, semi-hard, wet with precum for several hours. What you described is something I’m trying to achieve listening to specific hfo (sometimes hypnotic) audios.
    Doing that, I discovered something else: When I’m about to cum, if I’m able to focus and tighten my muscles, I can make myself ejaculate without really having an orgasm. But it’s not spurts, it’s cum flowing out slowly. Sometimes a spoonful or two. And there’s not feeling of being finished and done, like after a real orgasm. After a moment, I can achieve this again with the same result.
    So far, I’ve not managed more than three times, though. That’s when I usually lose focus and can’t clench anymore and that’s when there’s contractions and spurts – and the orgasm after which I need a short break.

    Thought about filming it, but never thought a woman might be interested …

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