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On why driving is sexy

As ever, I’m giving directions.

“Straight on here,” as we hit the roundabout, and he follows. A quick check in his rear view mirror to see whether anyone’s behind us. They’re not – it’s dark, late, and a much quieter road to the ones we’re used to. He lays a hand on my thigh, pushing my skirt up, never once taking his eyes off the road.

I love watching guys drive

Despite being so old that my fascination with it is bizarre, I find driving incredibly sexy. Not when I do it, of course. On the rare occasions I get behind the wheel it’s less of a journey than a slow, arduous panic-attack from A to B.

But the teenage girl I wish I still was loves watching boys drive.

The physicality of it is hot, naturally. Driving involves lots of showing-off of hands, one of the sexiest physical features. Gripping and releasing the handbrake, curving a hand around the gearstick, gently flicking accelerators and letting the wheel slide smoothly through their palms.

Not to mention that driving, much like playing Xbox, is an activity that requires so much concentration I am barely a distraction in the corner of his eye.

Most importantly, the driver is always the most powerful person in the car. The one who chooses the music, decides when you can stop, tells you to stop mucking about. The driver is the person who decides to pull over.

We’ll get back to that sexy bit now, shall we?

He flicked the indicator when he spotted a layby – behind a row of waist-high bushes, just enough for some vague cover but not quite enough to make me feel wholly comfortable. He parked the car and undid his seatbelt, reaching over for mine at the same time.

I grinned, and looked up at him in the way I imagined I would if I were genuinely nervous. I shifted in my seat, pulling my skirt up further so my naked cunt touched the seat.

“You’re a good girl,” he said, and pulled my face towards him. He was grinning too, not quite happy enough to take the power seriously.

“Do you want to show me your cunt?”

Yes. Always. I lifted my skirt higher and he pulled me forward, pushing my head into his lap with his right hand (his steering wheel hand) while his left snaked down my back and behind to squeeze me. I fumbled with his belt, feeling him rock solid through his trousers, straining to push through the zip.

“Good,” he gave me a hand with the zip, squeezing himself tight as I leant forward to suck him. “Good girl.”

Again, that power, the feeling of his hands all over me. The click as he moved his seat back to give me more room to work on him, to suck him. He wasn’t making me, but he wasn’t asking me either. This stop was just an extra bit of the journey, something he got to decide, in the same way as he’d decide the route or choose when we stopped for a piss.

Bucking slightly against the seat, he gripped the back of my head with controlled hands as he twitched mouthfuls of spunk into the back of my throat.

On the way back, we were quiet. My occasional directions half-whispered as I tasted him in my mouth, and the giggling teenager in the back of my mind squirmed with pride.

“My boyfriend’s hot. My boyfriend drives.”


  • Mr Archer says:

    I’ve seen you post some weird shit on here, but nothing got me going more “WTF?!?” more than this post.

    Bravo, signora.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Why WTF?!?! I thought *everyone* thought that driving was sexy. There goes my plan for a kinky driving school…

      • Mr Archer says:

        Kinky driving school? No, keep that idea. You’ll have all the horny boys joining, including this one.
        After reading your book, I understand that nothing turns you on (apart from cocks) more than hands. You bring them up A LOT…

  • TMI says:

    I definitely get it. Wrists and driving and the staring straight ahead… It is just sexy.

  • A woman who agrees says:

    Yes to all of that. Also, an ex of mine once successfully brought me to orgasm by wanking me off with his left hand as he drove my car skillfully and at high speed on the motorway.

    Even Jeremy fucking Clarkson couldn’t do that.

  • Gwizz says:

    Jeez thought I felt a twitch myself, at the end there…

  • Farmer Dave says:

    Some girls just seem to love riding around on my tractor, for hours sometimes. They’re clearly just as into it as you are!

  • EL says:

    GOTN, that was terrific. You are awesome for noticing how awesome men are when they are driving.

  • first time commenter but avid reader says:

    I agree, and would like to draw your attention to how hot women drivers are too. I love looking out for hot women drivers. Short skirts, legs slightly apart so as to get the pedals, hands grasping gearsticks and sliding the wheel through fingers. An ex-girlfriend used to drive and stroking her thigh, getting further up her skirt whilst she drove, unable to react, we both found sexy as hell and would need to find a layby too. Another great post.

  • Where we’re going, we don’t need names says:

    I learned that driving was sexy as soon as I became a teenage driver. 17 years old, with a hot hatchback and a sudden magnetic hold over the opposite sex. I had no idea until then.

    But oh my, the adventures I’ve had over the years in and out of, but often due to, cars. The only girl it never worked with was my ex-wife. Which is bizarre, because we were both massive petrolheads.

    But from teenage fumbles the moment I parked my little firecracker red hatchback up on a country lane, to hours and hours of mutual masturbation from the passenger seat of a hot hispanic older woman on a cross-state US road trip, to the years when I was old enough to buy sports cars and lazily drape my left arm over a girl’s shoulders while she sucked my cock all the way along the motorway (don’t do this at home kids!) … driving is hot. Being a driver is hot. Being a passenger in a private bubble of steel and glass with a hot girl controlling the drive … that’s hot too.

    I’ll always remember a tricky long-distance relationship in the days before t’Internet, exchanging actual written letters across the Atlantic, and me awkwardly trying to explain that I really miss the sex but I’m still thinking of her … her reply the week after being page after page of describing how I was at my hottest when driving her around. She loved the control, the power … basically exactly what you’ve described, Miss OnTheNet. So thanks for triggering some memories.

  • pataphysician says:

    A short film (and book, 2 actually) on why cars are sexy.

  • Karen says:

    I find I can often tell if a man’s going to be good in bed, and if he has a nice cock or not, by the way he drives. I’ve found that men with inadequate skills tend to drive around like idiots, exceeding speed limits and tearing around corners like they have something to prove. If a man drives aroind sensibly and doesn’t make you grip the door or feel nervous, then you know you’re in for some real fun.

  • Scientist Mike says:

    Girl’s hands can be sexy too, although admittedly I only realised this today. Earlier I went to a strings concert feeling rather horny. Looking at girls hands as they manipulated their stringed instruments got me thinking of them jacking me off. Ungh!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Mmm – I think most instruments are hot (not just stringed ones, although for some reason I find the bass guitar particularly sexy) because they do exactly this – draw attention to hands. God, I love hands.

  • jenny says:

    I love cars and watches – nothing gets me hotter than seeing a man grip a gear stick with a quality time piece on his wrist. It’s just hot. So hot. Totally. Fucking. Hot.

  • Leslie Edwards says:

    I like masturbating for a man in a car while he’s driving. Knowing he’s occupied and can’t do much more than look, I can display myself, go at what speed I want, cum when I want, or even stop and pull my panties back up to tantalize him. My orgasms are frequently more explosive in a car. A truck driver found that out one day, he was passing us as I had an intense and very vocal orgasm, with the window down.

    I also like wanking a guy while he’s driving. Knowing, again, he can’t do very much about what’s going on. Stroking that hard, erect cock fast, then slow, then stopping, teasing the fuck out of him. I like looking at his cock (especially if he’s well hung) standing straight up out of his pants as he drives. Gotta be careful when you make him cum or otherwise it can get messy. Usually putting my mouth just as he shoots does the trick.

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