Little knickers: a trilogy of sex stories

Image by the fabulous Molly Moore

This trilogy of sex stories focused on knickers, by Molly Moore, originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here as audio by the author herself. Note: story 1 in the trilogy contains some elements of consensual non-consent. 


He pushes me face down on the bed. A hand reaches up under my skirt and grabs at my knickers, drawing them down over my thighs. He leans his body into mine, one hand between my shoulder blades the other roughly pushing into the wet folds of my cunt. He laughs at my attempts to twist away.

“I love it when you fight,” he growls into my ear.

His fingers vanish from between my legs and I curse the traitorous response of my body as my cunt immediately aches for their return but I can feel him fumbling between our bodies and I know he is using that one free hand to unbuckle his belt and then unzip his trousers. He presses himself into the heat at the top of my thighs but my little knickers, still firmly wrapped around my knees are holding my legs just that bit too much together. He steps back and drags them down my legs and off over my feet. I use that moment to clamber up the bed away from him. He grabs an ankle and drags me back into place. He is quick and determined: kicking my legs apart, he buries himself into my cunt.

“Fuck you,” I growl at him.

“No,” he chuckles into my ear, “fuck you.” And he forces the delicate pink lace panties into my mouth saying, “And that will teach you to swear at me, whore.”

He leans his body over mine, pinning me down, and grabs at my wrists just in time to stop me from pulling the panties from my mouth.

“Go on whore, fight me. That’s it: squirm and wriggle, it feels so damn good when you do that”

And I growl into the damp material stuffed into my mouth.


The platform is not empty but it is not busy either. A couple of the seats are taken, a lady sits in one reading her book and an elderly gentleman who appears to be lost in his thoughts sits in another. We are standing down towards the end of the platform furthest from the steps. There is one man standing just off to the side of us. I am barely aware he is there until you speak:

“Take off your panties.”

My head snaps up from my phone and meets your gaze. It is unwavering, there is no smile or softness to it.

“What?” I stammer.

“Take off your panties.”

You say it slower but slightly louder the second time and out of the the corner of my eye I notice the man shift slightly. I glance over at him, he is looking directly at me but when he sees me look he turns his head back to looking down at his phone but I know he is listening. If he was a cat or a dog his ears would be pricked up now in anticipation of what they might hear next.

“Please Sir…” I whisper.

You raise your eyebrows at me. A little shiver of apprehension travels down my spine. I know that look. It means determination, do not defy me, do you really want to do this the hard way? I glance back at the man who is still expertly faking looking at his phone but I am sure he has taken a couple of small steps closer to us. All the better to hear us I guess.

I take a deep breath. Close my eyes for a moment just to let it all sink in and then I look back at you as I reach up under my summer dress and tug at the red satin knickers that are encasing my cunt and arse. They slide down over the curve of my bottom but somehow they wrap around themselves between my thighs and I am forced to reach up the front of my skirt and tease them apart. I can’t bring myself to look at the man but I can feel his eyes on me and the thought makes my cheeks burn with embarrassment. Finally they slide down round my ankles and I bend down and retrieve them. You hold your hand out and I deposit the little bundle of red material into your hand. Your eyes never leave mine as you turn them over in your hands looking for the gusset. When you find it you run a finger to work the damp material and then lift them to your face and breathe in.

I glance round at the man now, he is staring at you and I can see the outline of his erection pressing up against the front of his trousers. We all get on the train together when it finally arrives. The only remaining seats are 3 in a row. I go to sit on the end but you indicate to the other seat which places me firmly in the middle of you and our voyeur. As the train pulls away your hand slides slowly up my thigh and disappears under my skirt.


She wears little white cotton panties beneath her too short skirt. Every time she bends down you get a little glimpse of that pure white material running up between her thighs. You want to reach out and touch her there. You wonder if you feel her heat through the cotton, and if you pressed into her – would she be wet?

There is something about those knickers, with that skirt and those socks and the little sneakers that even after all these years of marriage just make you want to do very bad things to her. To strip her of her innocence and teach her what it is like to be with a man.

She glances over her shoulder at you. A quizzical look in her eye as if she is trying to work out what is in your mind followed by a knowing little smile. She flips up the back of her skirt as she walks away from you. You vow to teach her a lesson when you finally get her home.


This trilogy of stories about little knickers is also available as audio. Click ‘listen now’ above, visit Molly’s website for more of her awesome work, or head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 

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