Guest blog: Mummy role play

Fetish fascinates me. It can be an incredibly difficult path to navigate – whether it’s someone enjoying the kind of pain that scares them or someone role-playing a situation you’d never want to happen in real life. Without it, though, life would be so dull.

I love getting guest blogs from people who have different kinks, desires, relationships and views to me- it makes this blog far more interesting. But this week’s guest blog may be uncomfortable for some of you – it’s about Mummy role play. I’ve published a guest blog before on daddy role play, and understandably it got a mixed reaction: lots of people are uncomfortable with the idea of age play, or the ideal of any role play that breaches the incest taboo.  If you’re one of those people, I’d advise you not to read it. But if, like me, you’re curious about fetish, and want to find out more about why some people incorporate these taboos into their sex lives, then read on.

The guest blogger, who wants to remain anonymous, gives a thorough and considered glimpse into his own desires, and the fun he and his partner have during Mummy role play.

Mummy role play

“Who’s your daddy?” is a phrase so ubiquitous, so much a part of pop culture that it’s gone from being sexy, to lampooning and all the way back to sexy again. The phrase itself conjures the familiar situation of a subservient younger woman with an older gent, or just the perverted delight of a submissive-dominate relationship. It’s a regular part of my own sex life, often whispered on an orgasmic breath. But what about mummy?

Towering above my partner at 6ft 3”, you’d be safe in assuming that I’m the dominant one, and indeed I relish the role, dishing out punishment in all sorts of erotic and creative ways. Handcuffs off to those who love to be dominated, but I’m of the frame of mind that human sexuality is far too complicated to assume that you want only to dominate or be dominated. I surely don’t.

A bit of context is in order here. It first started when my partner and I were fucking, skin still slick and salty from the previous session, and during a lapse in the aggressiveness, I said it –“Mummy.” This utterance wasn’t taboo, as both long time explorers of our sexuality there’s little that remains off-limits. Still, I was nervous enough at her reaction, fortunately it was one of utter filthy appreciation. What followed was a glorious role play in which we fucked as mother and son. The whole event lasted over two hours and has since become a staple of our sex life.

It has since gone beyond a simple role play scenario into something altogether more profound. As a needy individual, both sexually and emotionally, it’s little surprise that I get off on my partner’s maternal instinct and her own near insatiable sexuality. It’s not uncommon for the two of us to lay naked, me across her lap and sucking her nipple. Sometimes she’ll gently stroking my cock until I come, but more often than not it’s just a tender moment that reaffirms our closeness, realigns our love and winds us down from the overbearing stresses of life.

This is probably a good enough place as any to point out that I don’t actually want to fuck my mum. Of course there is a perverse joy to be had acting out the scenario with my partner (that’s the great thing about role play) but by taking on the roles of mother and son we are able to better understand the needs and wants of one another and provide a closeness neither of us can find elsewhere. On top of that it makes us both come hard.

As a bi-sexual cross-dresser I love playing with gender roles, and any chance to invert the norm is an opportunity not to be missed. By adopting the role of son to my usually submissive partner, who guides me around her body, telling me how and where to touch her, I give up any delusions of masculinity and feel bizarrely more feminine in and of myself. I can feel the joys of her body as if it was the first time. There’s nothing overtly wrong with a woman calling her fuck buddy “Daddy”, but for a bloke to call his girlfriend “Mummy” then he’s demonised as a ‘sissy’. Trust me, I know.

Whenever we’re getting our filthy rocks off, whether it’s an energising fuck first thing in the morning, a quickie before work, or a golden shower in the bathroom, calling her mummy is a sure fire way to let her know that I’m feeling submissive. This can manifest in a variety of ways, after all being dominated isn’t just about getting trussed up and introduced to a series of ever increasing anal insertions. No, sometimes it’s just about making sure that I please my mummy.


    • Mike says:

      I’ve always enjoyed daddy daughter roleplay and it’s amazing to play it out. It’s taboo but worth the story time

  • mummy love says:

    I’ve been roleplaying the mummy,son thing for a year now in that time I’ve had three different sons and I confess its a urely sexual thing

  • Iwantamommy says:

    A mature women looking for a son?

  • I’m a boy looking for his mommy long term or live in mommy

  • Larie says:

    i indulge my partner as his Mum in a role-play relationship we have an incredible emotional and sexual connection during this im naturally maternal we both really miss this connection when we aren’t together i dont look on him as a male partner he doesnt fill that role it is like he is my child (no age gap at all)

    • Sebastian says:

      Hello, I just found your comment about mommy son role play and I found it very lovely, with a strong bonding feeling. You 2 are very lucky. I know it is a comment 3 years old, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me asking some questions, I love that type of relationship and find it so soothing, so maternal, no domination or such but something more natural I guess…I like that.
      Well let me know if we could chat evry bow and then.


      • Girl on the net says:

        Hi Sebastian, I’m afraid I don’t let people exchange contact details via the comments on this blog. If you’re looking to meet people I’d recommend sites like Fetlife instead where you’re able to chat directly to others!

        • Sebastian says:

          Hi there, i wasn’t really looking to meet anyone just an exchange of stories and thoughts, I am new here so I am not sure if it is even possible but if conversations are allowed here, it would be fine for me.

          Thanks for looking after this forum!

          • Girl on the net says:

            It’s not a forum, it’s a blog. You’re welcome to chat, but it needs to stay broadly on the topic of the posts because I can’t moderate this like a forum – that’s why I direct people to sites like Fetlife which are geared up for more one-on-one discussion.

          • Sebastian says:

            Thank you very much I will definitely have a look at it!

  • Brian says:

    Hi Im a single guy looking for a Mummy to mother me and breast feed me. Im in South East London

  • Robert says:

    I need a mommy to nurse me and play with me in Orange County, Calif. Ill be a good boy for her.

  • Guy says:

    I think mommy son roleplay is romantic. I’d love to have an emotionally strong and dominant gf to be my low-key mommy. But sadly most women abhor this shit and hate weak men. They want a strong and dominant man.

    • Girl on the net says:

      “sadly most women abhor this shit and hate weak men”

      Women aren’t a homogenous mass – there are plenty of women who like to be dominant and strong, and many women who like men to submit to them in a whole variety of different ways. If you open your mind and seek out women who want the same things you do, you may well find someone who wants the same as you.

  • Mommyfetish says:

    My boyfriend and I met after 9 months of LDR, that too for merely 3 days. In these three days, we explored the kinkiest sides of each other. This also included him calling me mommy while he sucked my tits (while I used a milk carton to pour the milk on my tit- to give him the feel of breastfeeding). He loved it and I loved dominating him. I felt sexier every time he looked at me from down there, directly into my eyes, and said “mommy, feed me mommy”. Even writing this down makes me horny. Now we’ll meet after atleast 6 more months and we’ll have to take a pause over our mother/son roleplay.

  • Andrew says:

    I need a mommy in Orange County

  • GC says:

    My bf just revealed his mommy fantasies to me. I’m totally willing to give it a go but am in no way dominate in the bedroom. Having a hard time finding anything on the internet that isn’t negative. Any suggestions?

    • Jay says:

      Hi GC. Try to tap in to your maternal, caring and loving side. I love my mummys to guide me and reassure me and telling me I’m a good boy goes a very long way! I’d also recommend talking in the first person, ie. mummy’s going to do this and mummy’s going to do that. You need to be in control but unless that’s what your bf is looking for I doubt very much you need to be dominant in the aggressive sense.

  • Max says:

    Hi I’m a 30 year old male looking for a woman to fulfil mom son roleplay in [Location removed]

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hi there, I don’t let people use my comments as a hookup forum as it’s not possible to keep people safe – try FetLife or other sites if you’d like to meet people.

  • Renee says:

    Hi, I had this urge recently to say mama when referring to myself while having sex with my partner. It only took a few seconds for both of us to adjust into this new rp and we were engrossed :).
    We cuddled in ways we never had before and I have to say, This has opened us both up to beautiful part of ourselves that I can’t wait to explore more of

    • Oz says:

      This is just amazing! My gf is 49 and I am 23… we do this kind of roleplay too and is the best thing ever… always makes me feel this warmth inside, makes me feel exposed but safe at the same time. There’s nothing better. If someone want’s to talk about ti, please sky pe me at alfa_horseman at yahoo

  • Prathvi says:

    Any mummy like role play msg me

  • Joseph Wood says:

    I was wondering if anyone would read a role play book. I have amazing scenarios,would anybody be interested in something like that

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