Pulse by Hot Octopuss or ‘How to wank like Batman’

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

Six months ago I wrote a review of the Doxy massager. It did such amazing things to my clit that I nearly fired my right hand, so I have understandably been on the hunt for something that creates similar ‘tear down the walls’ sensations, but for cocks.

To assist me on my quest, Sextoys.co.uk gave me a ‘Pulse’ by Hot Octopuss – a magical dick-massaging device, which I think may well be ‘the one.’ What I really wanted to do was set up a stall in Camden and ask beautiful pierced boys if they’d like me to test it on them, but because I am selfless and giving, I couldn’t in all honesty test a penis-based sex toy myself. So I had it swiftly couriered to a gentleman, and demanded that he use his written eloquence and long-suffering cock to write me a special guest blog.

This is Lewis, and here is his totally unbiased review of the Pulse, by Hot Octopuss. Read it if a) you have a penis and want to find out if this thing is any good or b) you fancy dudes and want to read an intensely hot description of one jerking himself off.


Review of the Pulse by Hot Octopuss – how to wank like Batman

I get endless joy from touching my cock. I like touching it, I like you touching it, I like jiggling my fucking leg while I’m at work, feeling myself getting harder and more sensitive until I’m straining against my trousers with a cheap desk for dignity and trying to work out whether I can get away with running my nails down the length of it one more time.

It’s a wonder I’ve not been fired, really.

This desperate drive for self pleasure isn’t a new thing – my teenage diaries took less than a week to devolve into a meticulously logged masturbation journal, complete with helpful suggestions like “NB: Bag of ice pressed against balls doesn’t chill spunk – just makes balls cold” and “managed to lick the tip again- more flexibility needed.”

I don’t keep a diary now, of course, thanks to both Twitter and the fact that a twenty eight year old man with a spreadsheet of his wanks is less “horny teenage charm” and more “here is my collection of nail clippings from the last ten years”. I do, however, still take phenomenal delight in wanking, whether it’s a quick functional tug in the toilet or a full-on, Sunday morning session that ends with an arched back and a stomach covered with come.

pulse by hot octopuss - i find even this picture so arousing that i might have to have a lie down

Naturally, when GoTN approached me and said “Would you like to review a thing designed to make your cock feel amazing?” my response was calm and measured and definitely not a slobbering desperation to Put My Cock in A Thing.

The object in question was the “Pulse” by Hot Octopuss, a company whose name sounds like a character from a porny version of Metal Gear Solid and whose design ethic seems to be “What if Batman was really keen on touching his junk?”

The Pulse is a hand-sized rubbery business (NB – actually silicone) which envelops your cock like an over friendly stingray. It charges by USB, has several speed settings, and, when you’re not tugging yourself senseless, can rest on your cock so your partner can straddle you to join the fun

I’ll be honest: I was initially apprehensive about reviewing this after GoTN set the bar so fucking high on her Doxy review and those god damn sound files. I’m not particularly vocal when I wank and was desperately worried that all I’d end up with was five minutes of what sounded like a hungry walrus being denied a fish. I’ve also never really used a sex toy specifically designed for wanking before, preferring the god’s honest method of my hand, a bit of spit and maybe something in my arse if I’m feeling decadent.

Still. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The Pulse proudly states that it is the first toy of its ilk that can be used flaccid or erect, as well as being fun with or without lube, so like the pioneers of old, I popped my unerect cock in a thing to see what would happen.

The vibrations are deep even at the lowest setting – a bass rumble that builds into an electrifying buzz as you increase the power – and within a couple of minutes I went from “vaguely horny but nothing special” to “cock straining against the Pulse fuck me this feels good more more more”.

I spent most of my first go in a hands-off way, simply enjoying the new and powerful feelings as the weight of the Pulse pressed my cock against my stomach, the relentless vibrations making me twitch and whimper until I couldn’t stand it any more. Holding the Pulse tight I gave myself quick, hard strokes until I was just on the edge of orgasm. It took a Herculean effort of willpower to let go then, but I wanted the Pulse to carry me over.

Fuck me it did.

I was harder than I had been in weeks. My entire body twitching and desperate. Slowly, achingly, I felt myself get closer. For a man who is normally very quiet when wanking, it was a hell of a shock to find myself panting “Oh god” over and over again as I finally came, covering my stomach in spunk and collapsing into a heap on the bed.

I’m not going to tell you that you should buy the Pulse, but I will say is that I’m going to use it tonight while my partner sucks me off.

I can’t fucking wait.

Thanks Lewis, you have put some filthy-hot images in my head that I will only be able to exorcise with a strenuous wank of my own. I hope that now you’ve read his review, you understand what a massive wrench it was for me to give this toy away, and why even I – a person who is offered free sex toys on an hourly basis – am going to fork out actual cash money to get me one of these. What better way to express my love than by running excitedly into the living room and shouting ‘I’m going to wank you off with Batman’s jizz-extractor!’

If you want to find out more about it, visit the Pulse website, where you can buy one using my affiliate link (so I get a bit of money that helps me keep this site running) also see some dirty hot pictures of a beautiful tattooed guy, like this one:

hot guy with tattoos and snake - omg please take me immediately i don't care how or where


  • Oh my.

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  • Rob says:

    Wow, great review – my cock definitely needs one of these. Batman wanking here I cum. Oops not sure that came out right!

  • Phil says:

    I bought myself one of these as soon as I could after they were made available. The concept grabbed me and hell, I love a good orgasm.

    I love the way it feels even when it’s turned off and it’s wrapped round my cock, I love the orgasms that I get from it. Not big, spurting orgasms but deep, long lasting, pelvic muscles hurting because it went on so long orgasms.

    I love the variety of things I can do with it. Lubed up, or completely dry, completely different. Starting flaccid or hard, two totally different feelings. Feeling that plate vibrating directly under your frenulum, hard and insistent, not listening to your begging to just shift a little bit and make you come just the way you know works… Fuck.

    I dislike the noise. My gods it’s noisy. You can’t sneak off upstairs and knock off a quick one with it. You have to take your time and make sure noone is in the house (or next door) if you care about them knowing you’re having a wank.

    I’m fairly girthy, and find it quite hard to use sometimes. It won’t grip my cock like I’ve seen on other people, so I have to hold it round me. Not a major complaint, as the 360 degree vibration is a-may-zing.

    It can also be hard to turn off in a hurry. The buttons can be hard to reach when you’re gripping hard and want to make it buzz faster. Please god make it go faster.

  • Mike says:

    You convinced me.

  • Tim the Toolman says:

    You had me sold, until I got to the 70 quid bit. Bugger that for a game of soldiers, I’ve got plenty of other things to spend my hard earned cash on. Now, if I was a millionaire, I guess I could get a few. But then I wouldn’t need one, ’cause I’d be able to pay lovely young women to do things instead. Or whatever.

  • I disagree… but this is a genuinely good review, so I’ve no problem with the way it’s written.

    • Girl on the net says:

      I had a bet with myself that you’d say this, ILB =) I know you’re not a fan but so many people are that I can’t help but want to use it like a jizzmilking machine =)

      • You know me too well to assume I wasn’t going to want to get my bit in…

        Can’t argue with public opinion, though, and I am well aware I’m in the minority on this one. Oddly enough though, Hot Octopuss quoted from my review on their website along with a lot of other early reviews (all quotes seem to have been removed on a quick browse through, actually, although maybe I’m not looking hard enough), using (and misquotng) a sentence which referred to my imagination, as opposed to anything to do with their toy!

        I do suppose milking jizz sounds fun. Although I’ll make a bet with myself that you’re already pretty good using your hands for that…

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