ElectraStim Jack Socket: pleasure, pain and jizz on the carpet

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

The most important thing to remember about electrosex is that the smaller the surface area, the more intense the sensation. Where you draw the line between pleasure and pain depends on your own threshold. I like warm, broad sensations. The smack of an open palm. The heavy thwack of a thick leather belt. Electricity that tingles over my skin when he places a full hand on the back of my thigh. Other people like intense, pinpoint pain: the sting of the cane, leaving a lattice of thin red welts to show you took it well. With electrosex there’ll be no marks, but the rule applies: the smaller the surface area, the more intense the sensation. Today I want to tell you about the ElectraStim Jack Socket.

The Jack Socket is an attachment for the ElectraStim flick pack. And if the whole of that sentence sounds like nonsense to you, you might want to catch up by reading my previous post about electrosex, and what it’s like to have an electric vagina.

Long story short, ElectraStim equipment stimulates you with electricity (as opposed to, say, vibrations which you may be more used to). The current runs through you, and makes your skin tingle. Broad contact (via your partner’s hand) gives a pleasant, intriguing tickle. Pinpoint contact is more intense, and if you turn up the dial it can spill deliciously over into pleasurable pain.

I don’t know of any other toys that have worked like this for me: impact play like caning or flogging can build up slowly, with each stroke being either ‘pleasurable’ or ‘painful’, but individual strokes can still only be one or the other. They are binary. You have to choose. On this stroke, I’ll give you pleasure – swinging the flogger against your back so it thuds neatly and pleasurably, scratching an itch. On this next one I’ll give you punishment – swinging it hard through the air and letting the tails whip your sensitive skin.

But with the Jack Socket, you can do both – and it’s all because of this electricity rule: the broader the contact, the less intense the sensation.

The ElectraStim Jack Socket is a weird-looking thing. A hard, black outer ring with a squishy insert the colour of Kryten’s face. It’s open at both ends, has a couple of contact points for wires, and a hole to squeeze electroconductive lube into. I can’t quite work out what it looks like – whether it would be more at home in a display of weird kitchen gadgets or a chamber of modern torture. Here’s a picture, complete with useful instructions…

Electrastim Jack Socket with connected Flick Pack

Image of ElectraStim Jack Socket and Flick Pack taken in my own bedroom – please do not comment to tell me if there is jizz on my bedsheets.

I start in the way I normally would with a new wank toy: telling him to find some porn he likes, stick it on the TV, and settle down while I fumble with sex toys and lube and equipment. He starts the way he normally would: deliberately picking a clip he knows I like, because he’s nice like that.

We watch for a while, I suck him hard. Same as ever.

In a very short time he’s rock solid, with exactly the right combination of nervousness and excitement that I want him to have for a new sex toy. That delicious ‘Goldilocks’ moment – not too scared, not too blasé. I slip the Jack Socket over his dick, and turn on the pack.

He feels – and you will feel, if you try this at home – absolutely nothing at first. Save the nice squishy tightness of the ring, which you’d get from any masturbation sleeve. The tingles don’t start until you turn up the electricity. When they do, with the ring sitting snugly around the base, they’ll feel like tiny ticklish pins-and-needles. Stimulating in a way that nothing else really can, and likely in a way you’re not quite sure whether you enjoy.

“How does it feel?”


We’ve had that conversation before too, with other sex toys like the Pulse. Usually his learning curve for new sex toys goes:

First time: weird.

Second time: nice, but not incredible.

Third time: OK fuck I get it now holy shit don’t stop don’t stop.

With this one, though, there’s no room for uncertainty or ambivalence. It feels intriguing around the base of his cock, so I draw it up the shaft really slowly. Sliding neatly over his thick erection, until the edge of the top of the ring sits neatly at the base of his head.

His eyes widen and – “Oh. Fuck.”

I keep sliding. Slowly bringing the ring up further.

“Fuck. FUCK.”

He’s staring at me with pleading eyes, and I can’t quite work out if he’s at the point of pleasure or pain. I don’t think he can either.

See, remember what I said about contact area? As you slide the Jack Socket up over someone’s cock – right up to the tip – bringing the edge of the ring over the head until it’s no longer connecting with his skin, you lower the contact area. You make the sensation – on the extra-sensitive head of their dick – even more intense. And you can keep sliding, going until just the tip of their cock is touching the Jack Socket, and the only possible conclusion is pain.

He grabbed my hand and pulled it down swiftly, drawing the Jack Socket back to the base of his cock and letting out a whooshing sigh of relief.

“Oh fuck. That was… intense.”

“Good intense?”

“Yes, but up to a point. I’m not sure what that point was.”

So we tested. Slow strokes, up and down. As my hand got closer to the tip of his dick he’d breathe in and bite his lip, ready for the squishy, wet pleasure to turn into piercing, intense pain. Then, on the down-stroke, a hard breath out, a satisfied sigh, as the pain melted back into pleasure.

Up and down.

Over and over.

Pleasure then pain.

Breathe in, breathe out.

And I started getting into the rhythm of it, breathing in and out with him. Storing it in the muscle memory of my right arm – exactly where that magic point was, the line between his pleasure and his pain.

He needs stimulation on the head of his dick if he is going to come. That’s the penultimate important point here. In order to come, he needed to push ever-so-slightly further through his pain barrier than he’d initially thought. Which was a beautiful thing. It combined the angry-wank frustration that I love watching so much, with a bit of ‘taking pain because he knows he needs to’ – a submissive dynamic that we don’t dabble in that frequently. He wanted pleasure, and he wanted to come, but he knew that in order to do that he needed to have a little bit of pain. Crossing that line over and over, on each stroke. A brief spark of intense agony to spur him on to coming.

Up and down.

Over and over.

Pleasure then pain.

Breathe in, breathe out.

And I said that was the penultimate point because I left off the final – and in my opinion, best – part.

The ElectraStim Jack Socket is open at both ends. Some masturbation sleeves are closed at the top, so they can capture all the jizz without it squirting out. Makes them tricky to clean, but it means you don’t have to worry about staining the furniture. It also means, though, that I miss out on the money shot. I don’t get to measure the extent of his pleasure by watching spunk shoot with great force or quantity out of the tip of his cock.

With the Jack Socket, I get to watch the whole thing. His wide-eyed panic and surprise as he’s ambushed by an orgasm in the middle of a pain/pleasure trance. The tension in his thighs as he tries to hold back, for fear he’ll spunk halfway across the living room. And finally, superbly, that moment when he gives in to it, lets the head of his cock start to pulse and twitch as he comes all over the carpet.


If you’d like to buy one of these excellent things, you need to get the ElectraStim Jack Socket itself as well as an ElectraStim flick pack to control it. It was provided to me for free, not really in exchange for an honest review because if I hadn’t liked it I wouldn’t have written about it – I am very lazy like that. ElectraStim are also nice enough to support my site by advertising, for which I am very grateful because it helps me pay my bills. Buy stuff from them if you like the sound of it and if you have the money, and use code GOTN for 10% off. Ta. 


  • Curvaceous Dee says:

    …oh my! I think I might need to get my mitts of one of these. You know – for science :)

    xx Dee

  • Jocket says:

    I hadn’t thought about e-stim before but this post (and the one before about couples play) made me curious enough to try it. So far I’ve only used the Jack Socket once, and I get what you’re saying about it but for me it was a bit fiddly and messy. I kept shocking my thumbs on the conductive gel leaking back out of the ports!

    On the other hand, the Electraloop cock rings were omgholyfuckbbq. Combined with the pulse mode on the stimulator, they got me to the point of edging super-quick (it can take forever for me sometimes) and then once I tipped over into orgasm, the pulses of electricity somehow lined up perfectly with my contractions to make it feel like I was being squeezed over and over again. It easily doubled the length and intensity of my orgasm.

    So I just wanted to drop a line saying thanks GOTN for introducing me to e-stim. I think I might invest in the prostate stimulator next…

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oooh thanks for the tip – sounds like I should try out the electraloops! Delighted I could introduce you to this amazing thing =)

  • Sparkler says:

    Very late to this discussion, but thought I’d offer some comments about my own experience for any others reading this post who might be curious.

    I’m a man, very familiar with solo electrosex. Alas I’ve never tried any couples’ electro play with my wife as she’s really not into sex toys, but that’s another whole story.

    The thing I’ve always found curious about electro is how it seems so specifically effective for men. I rarely hear of any women who have tried it and how it worked for them, so your experiences (in another post) made interesting reading. What still seems to be little explored is womens’ solo experiences of it though; I’m curious to know if electro stimulation alone can make a woman orgasm in a way that’s similar to what it does for men.

    One of the other comments on this page refers to the conductive rubber loops. For men, I would say that these are absolutely the best entry point for discovering electro. You just fit them on the penis and add a little conductive gel (although actually KY works pretty much the same). You definitely want some gel/KY though, otherwise you can get hot points from the loops that are simply uncomfortable and can leave (temporary) marks on the skin. You don’t need gel when using the adhesive pad type contacts, only the loops. Also, put the loops on before you apply the gel; if you put gel on first everything gets too slippery to adjust easily.

    Good thing about the loops is their adjustability, that is, you can move them up and down to get an optimum effect. Different positions produce different results. One to the base and one to the tip provides a deep pulse the full length of your cock. I’ll often start that way and then move the lower loop up nearer my head. By shortening the distance the sensation changes to being much more focused, good for extended edging sessions. And electro edging will totally blow your mind. I can float in a gooning, ecstatic state, right on the brink, for 20 or 30 mins. You need to become very familiar with electro and the effect it has on you, but once you’ve learned how to ride it you’ll definitely keep coming back for more.

    Using a butt plug electrode for one of the contacts is another interesting variation.

    For me, one of the real benefits of the rubber loops is that it’s hands-free. I have very sensitive nipples so it means I can go to work on my nips with both hands, while the electro just relentlessly pulses me to climax.

    And electro is not scary at all, even though the idea of it might seem so. In fact, it’s a journey of learning and discovery. Pattern variations, levels of intensity, all produce a wide range of different – but delicious – sensations. I’ll always end up with my Electrastim box on maximum intensity, but build up to that progressively.

    It’s an expensive purchase – even the entry level kit is around £100 – but if you’re sexually adventurous then I promise you it’s an investment you won’t regret; you will never have experienced anything else quite like it. The entry-level package is sufficient – that’s all I have – but I can see the appeal of the more expensive units. With more experience you appreciate the advantages of features on the more expensive units, like dual channel output (running two output feeds simultaneously) and being able to control and customise the pulse patterns.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Thank you so much for such a detailed and helpful comment! I definitely want to try out the cock loops on my partner at some point, and I really like your description of edging with electro – added that to my ‘definitely must try’ list! <3

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