Wanking on the train: I can’t be the only one…

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One of the most difficult fears to overcome is the fear of being weird. That’s partly why I write this stuff – I want people to read it and say “Oh, she does that as well. Perhaps I’m not abnormal after all.” But far greater than that is my need for people to tell me that it’s OK. That I’m not odd. That they do this sometimes too. And by ‘this’ I mean ‘wanking on the train.’

A story about wanking on the train

There’s one train journey I take that makes me uncontrollably horny. Why? I have no idea. Trains and buses are arousing anyway – the rhythmic movement, the fact that you can’t get off until you reach your destination, that there are so many men around – these are all things that contribute to a general feeling of arousal.

But one train journey in particular is worse than others. I don’t know why. All I know is that from the minute I sit down I get a churning, growing lust in the pit of my stomach. Everyone on the train, attractive or not, is filled with sexual potential. And the journey is long enough that there’s no reason to resist wanking on the train, in the toilet behind a locked door.

The harassed-looking parents looking after their children? I could follow the father when he goes to the toilet, and relieve his stress by sucking the spunk out of him – quickly and silently, while he forces his dick into my mouth with an anger born of shame.

The ticket inspector? OK, he’s old – but dirty old – the sort who might take me into the guard room, pull my knickers down, bend me over his knee and beat me because I haven’t paid the right fare.

That guy sitting opposite with the piercings and tattoos could be up for some playful fucking – forcing me up against the wall in the sordid train toilet and pulling out a nice, thick, pierced dick to shove deep inside me. He’d fuck me from behind -a practical fuck with no speaking. As I run through the scenario I can almost hear the sound of skin slapping skin, and his muffled grunts as he comes, before zipping up and getting off at the next stop.

Should I be ashamed of myself?

I have no idea what it is about this particular train journey that sets my thoughts on such things and if I’m honest, I think it’s weird. It’s shameful.

I try to read books, to tweet, to take my mind off the dull ache and the yearning to have someone fuck me – to use me. My cunt twitches and throbs as I think about it, and I feel utterly disgusted with myself.

The guy comes past to collect tickets, and I try to clear my mind of the spanking scenario. I avoid all eye contact with men nearby. I try to stop my right knee from jiggling up and down restlessly. I don’t touch myself. I try not to let my legs brush the legs of people sitting next to me.

And I look out of the window, and try not to think about fucking.

I try not to think about the man on the row opposite, in tight jeans that show off his cock. I try not to think about when the harassed dad last had sex, and how powerfully he’d come, deep into the back of my throat. I try not to think about the boy I’ll shag when I get back to the city, and the force with which he’ll fuck me when I tell him how horny I was on the train.

I try. And I fail. And I leave my bag and my jacket on the chair, stumble down the carriage to the toilet compartment and lock the door.

Thinking hard about the flash-frame fucks I’ve been trying to avoid for the last hour of the journey, I pull my jeans and knickers down to just below my hips, lean against the wall and, with an efficiency born of desperate need, I rub my clit until I come.

As the train pulls into the station and I sit red-faced back in my seat, I burn with shame and look around. I am depressed and dirty and unsatisfied. I am filthy and pathetic and disgusted at my lack of self-control, my inability to resist wanking on the train yet again.

But most of all I am hoping that other people do this too.


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  • Mr. J says:

    I wank on trains. They don’t make me particularly horny but I like a danger wank. I also have a fantasy involving shagging someone on a crowded tube train with everyone around us completely oblivious

  • Mr K. B. says:

    I can’t say a train’s where I’ve had a wank before, shockingly. I can fully understand where you’re coming from, however.

    I fully agree with the level of closeness you tend to get and the vibrations on said train makes for a very interesting experience, and would explain one or two unwanted erections on public transport before during periods of sexual draught for me. Not being able to get off until your stop comes is more to do with your submissive tendancies, I assume? If I’ve read prior articles correctly.

    Funny enough, I came back from Manchester recently on a train and I forgot how much I liked a nice long train ride. Obviously not for the same reasons as you! But still.

    With this article in mind, I’ll have to take trains more often.

  • Littlepurplegoth says:

    I’ve said this before but:

    Sleeper train to Scotland… or indeed from Scotland back to London.

  • Procrasturbator says:

    I’ve never actually wanked on public transport, although I have been very horny and wanted to. I quite like denying myself until I get to wherever it is I’m going though, because it’s delicious.

    I have wanked at work a few times though, because I simply can’t concentrate on what I’m doing if I’m horny. So I have to go to the toilets and knock one out, purely for the sake of productivity. THAT always makes me feel a bit dirty, but also a bit amused that nobody knows what I just did.

  • Fenn says:

    Won’t come as any surprise to you that I’ve done it, including once on the way to a date so I didn’t ‘pop’ too early later…

    Most memorable public transport wank was on a nightbus back from deep dark South London in the really hours. It was mostly empty, I was up top, near back row, but still the a stealthiest ninja wank ever.

    One of the benefits of being a gal is not having to clean up all that unruly come…


  • Sean says:

    On a train journey north, I was placed opposite an attractive work colleague – we’d been dating a short while. Two other colleagues were sat at our table.

    An hour in, I removed my shoe, and let me big toe wander between her legs. I think she enjoyed it.

    The rest of the table was oblivious.

  • Mr Archer says:

    After a particularly heavy and unfulfilling night out, sometimes, just sometimes, I will be going home, off my face with alcohol and horniness, and I still sit on public transport, cock absolutely throbbing in my pants, to the point where I am eyeing any female in sight and thinking of fucking them. When I can no longer take it anymore, I will simply get off the transport, and will knock out out in the alleyway, in a corner that doesn’t look I’ll be disturbed. And when I do come, and it shoots like a metre out of that hole, there’s no better feeling in the world, ever.

    I think what I’m trying to say is, I know exactly where you are coming from, I think…

  • I once masturbated sitting inside a cardboard box while watching TV with my younger sister. The new washing machine had come in it earlier, later on I did too. As a teenager I was unstoppable.

  • Vicky says:

    I wank on buses. Only long journeys. I think it’s boredom with me, tbh. Plus everyone loves a dangerwank. Don’t worry, you’re perfectly normal ;)

  • Tommy says:

    This article is one of the sexiest things I’ve read, it made me very horny and I had to wank over it so thanks for that!
    I completely understand how you feel and have myself masturbated both in the carriage and the toilet on the Bedford to London train service very often. One journey in particular makes me rock hard instantly when I think about it, even three years on. I was sat on one of the late trains back from London opposite a very attractive women wearing a short pencil skirt, a thin white satin blouse which I could make out her lace bra through and flesh coloured tights. This, as you could imagine caused me to get an erection and wearing suit trousers and loose boxer shorts meant it was going to be very visible. As I felt it grow and stretch further down my left leg I notice her eyes had left her book to my crotch. She changes her seating position and starts to grip her book tightly almost massaging it. This caused me to get fully erect, you could make out the shape of it perfectly, the shape of my helmet and my shaft following down to the bulge of my balls. I notice her sleaze her legs tightly together and start to tense and un-tense all of her muscles lover down her body. I look her in the eye and can see that she is starting to get clammy and she’s biting her still staring at my cock over the top of her book. I felt like one touch and I would explode, my helmet starts to get very moist and causes a wet patch to start to appear. I hear her breathing getting heavier, she puts down her book looks up and me as she fans her blouse grabs one of her bags and said in an almost a pant, can you watch my stuff and disappears down the carriage. 5 minutes later she reappears not looking as well presented as before and one less button done up on her blouse and skirts slightly skewwhiff. As she sat down and my erection which had subsided in the interim had returned to its previous state and then I notice she is no longer wearing her tights she lifts up her leg and offers me a quick glimpse of her pussy as she crosses her leg and uses the bottom of her stiletto heal to tease my hard on. Grabbing a hand moisturiser from her bag she whispers “your turn” and hands it to me. I grab a newspaper to disguise my throbbing cock run down the carriage to the toilet and had the best wank I’ve ever had. As I return to my seat I hand her the hand lotion back and she told me to keep it. We sat there in silence for a few minutes and arrive at Luton she moved to sit next to me and said “thanks babe”, twisted her body and gave me a rather aggressive kiss, she took my hand and placed it on her breast then took her other hand and grabbed my worn out dick and said “there is a present in your bag” and then got off the train. I said nothing. I waited till I got home to see what was in my bag and discover her tights and French knickers.
    I’ve since, sadly ran out of the hand lotion but I still masturbate with the tights and knickers and take them on the train with me and wank in the toilets with them on the odd occasion.
    So I guess you are not alone Girl on the net

  • barinthus says:

    As many people already said, u are very normal. I entertain the exact same thoughts whenever I travel. I have jerked off on planes, trains, busses, and heck I’ve jerked off while I’m driving! If I happen to sit next to you on a train, dont refrain from rubbing your leg on mine.

  • Me says:

    My wife has masturbated to a climax in a nearly empty train carriage and once on a coach. She’s also rubbed me off through my jeans on a fairly busy train.

    I’ve never done it myself but it’s incredibly horny to hear your story, as it was hers. More tales of your wanks very welcome!!

  • Lee says:

    I’ve succumbed to the desire to masturbate on trains a couple of times. Nothing public, GWR, go to the toilet, lock door, wank. Look in the mirror and fantasise. ;)

    However, one time, I was sat on another commuter train, the zone 1-6 of London kind. No loo, no room.

    There was a young lady sat opposite me. Her face was *beautiful*. So much so, in fact, that something truly odd happened.

    My hands started to itch for a pencil and paper.

    I wanted to draw her face, capture the orange-gold reflected sun gleaming her hair, tell her, in that moment, that god was missing an angel and whisper in her ear “by the way, that’s *you*” and have her understand that right there, I knew what it was like to find a personal Muse.

    Alas, being an ugly lump of a guy, with a beard you could loose a badger in, I kept this internal supernova of sexy feeling firmly within my own skull. Because after all, it would almost certainly freak her out.

    But dang, there’s a sliver of possibility it might have been awesome. =D

  • Jo Constance says:

    Ha! I was just planning to write about wanking on a bus today to commemorate Masturbation Month! I’ll include a link to this page. You are filthy (that’s what I love so much about your blog), but never pathetic.

  • Sarah says:

    In my late teens, I wanked on a train – in my seat, with my coat over me. The guy sitting opposite me blatantly noticed, although that made me more embarrassed than excited. I was on my way home from visiting my long distance boyfriend and I guess I was still a bit het up. I don’t really wank now (I get off on being really frustrated and saving it up, plus I don’t find solo orgasms very fulfilling – I can get through five or six and be more randy than when I started) so I doubt it will happen again, but never say never!

  • YY says:

    You did it without being seen, so you disturbed none when you m’turb’t’ed.

    The idea of a woman wanking is everything than disgusting to me. I don’t think : « Oh ! Poor lonely disgusting female ! » I think : « She’s a woman in full. She hes desires. Her body is a well-working woman body. » I feel proud for her.

  • M says:

    nah, I removed all my stories.. too nawti to throw them all up here in public.

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