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God, what a boring blog post this will be. Hold my hand and we’ll get through it, and I’ll aim to keep it as short and sweet as possible. Want to remove ads from my site? Here’s how…

I really want to make more audio porn, not just of my own work but with fabulous guest writers too. To do that I need money to pay those creators (erotic writers and voice actors) for their work, and also pay skilled people to edit it into something that sounds lovely to your ears.

In my dream world, I wouldn’t ever need to run ads or charge for content – I could just focus on doing the stuff I love and money would magically rain down from the sky. But it turns out that in order to fund more audio, I need to make money, and the best way to make money without dumping half my content behind a paywall and making it financially inaccessible to most people is to run adverts.

So: I’ve just launched A Thing which allows me to put short (very short, I promise) ads at the start of audio porn tracks on the site. A bit like the ads you hear at the beginning of podcasts, except instead of a podcast it’s smutty filth.

Remove on-site ads

The good news is that if you’d like to, you can remove all adverts (audio ads and banner ads) from my site, if you come and support me on Patreon. You can view Patreon’s privacy policy here.

Support me at any level, link your Patreon account, and you’ll be able to remove adverts so you never hear the autoplay ones before audio porn, and never see the banners here on site. You’ll also get the chance to pick which tracks you’d like me to record next, make suggestions for new stories or topics you’d like covered, and if you support me for $10 or up you’ll also get monthly storytime updates in the form of audio chapters of my first book.

You’ll still see the posts I write about sponsor products, like the fun ones I wrote recently about cloning your dick or trying out a brand new sex machine, because those are part and parcel of what I do. Also, let’s be honest: challenging myself to do Interesting New Sex Things as a result of gifts from sponsors is often some of the most popular content.

There are technically other ways I could do this, but thanks to most payment processors having – ahem – ‘issues’ with adult content, right now I think Patreon is the best (or least-worst) mechanism for giving people ad-free browsing in exchange for a small fee. I have rigorously and diligently stuck to their published rules about adult content, so unless they change those rules, this should work for now.

Support me without paying money

I know that these Weird Times are incredibly tough for many people, and I want to make sure that the content I’m putting out is always free to access. Patreon supporters get to hear new audio first, and there may be other times when I release content earlier on different platforms, but the aim is that every audio porn track I produce will always be available here on the site at some point, accessible for free.

So you don’t have to support me on Patreon in order to hear the audio and honestly I do not ever expect anyone to give me money for my work directly. I am immensely grateful to those who do, as well as to the amazing companies who make super-cool sexy products and who are willing to support me here as well. But if you want to support my work without spending any money, I am always incredibly grateful for you sharing links to posts you enjoy on your social media channels, or emailing them to friends, or honestly even just commenting below the line to say ‘had a lovely wank’ on the stories you enjoyed.

I need some money to make more filth, but I don’t need your money individually if you can’t afford it – I am just bloody grateful that you’re here. So if you can afford it, the option’s there to remove ads if you’d like to. If you can’t afford it, please don’t worry – I’ve done a lot of thinking about different ways I can keep this site funded, especially in light of needing to pay more people in order to make the audio porn project work, and my first and most important consideration is making sure that on-site content remains free.

Admin over, I’d better get back to doing the work which the ads and Patreon pay for namely: More Audio Porn! Fuck yeah! Keep an ear out for new stories coming very soon…


  • Jul says:

    Mmmm yes…payment processors…audio adverts…Patreon’s privacy policy! Had a lovely wank to this alliterative post.

    It’s the worst fucking time to be a broke student. I’m incredibly lucky to have what I need for myself, but so frustrated that I can’t support my beloved bloggers and piquant podcasters, can’t send extra money to Partners in Health or Doctors Without Borders, can’t get takeout every night to support local restaurants or buy big gift cards to support local retailers. And because I had my stupid spleen removed forever ago, I’m high risk, so I had to quit my incredible volunteer gig and can’t do much to help out anyone else. I live in a small, tight community, and many of my neighbors are elderly. That I can’t even run errands for them is a bit of agony. I can’t hug my mom. I can’t *see* my mom. I’m thirty-fucking-six, and I just want my mom and dad.

    Anyway…I’m not trying to woe-is-me. I just love you, GoTN, and I wish I could help. That’s all. I’m so grateful for you in the best of times, and these are not those. My libido is on lockdown, same as my corporeal self, and the only thing that’s prompted me to masturbate in weeks is reading this blog. Your work is healing for my body and soul, and I just wanted to drop you a deeply-felt THANK YOU because that’s what I’ve got right now. Hope you’re finding something to make you laugh, hard, at least once a day.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Haha yeah this one does make for a challenging wank =) And honestly, please please please do not ever feel like you have to support me financially. I set things up like this precisely so individuals don’t need to pay for content (except books, but that’s cos publishers need to make money and stuff). Honestly, you do not ever need to give me money, and I genuinely never expect anyone to. I am so sorry that things are so hard for you right now – I understand your frustration. Things are so horrible right now, and they sound especially tough for you, I’m so sorry to hear you’re in that situation. Thank you for your kind words about my work, they are bloody lovely and you’ve given me a massive boost on an otherwise-quite-sad Sunday – thank you <3 Look after yourself, sending love xx

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