Strap me to a table and give me as a gift

Image by the Christmas miracle that is Stuart F Taylor

This post is heavily BDSM-focused, and includes things like extreme pain, spanking, humiliation and some themes of consensual non-consent. If that’s not your thing please don’t read on. If that is your thing, welcome to the inside of my head…

This Christmas I want to be your gift to someone else. Tied up tight in rope instead of ribbon. Bent, spread, and sworn to silence. I want you to strap me with a belt to make me meek and compliant, prepare me so I look just how you want me to: then I want you to give me to someone else.

I like the idea of not knowing who it is. Some stranger whose footsteps sound different to yours when they walk into the room. A guy whose hands are rougher. Bigger. Whose chuckle as he sees me bent over and strapped down sounds ever so slightly more callous than yours would.

When you tie me up, I want you to do so tightly. Not so I can’t escape – I won’t want to. In fact, as the rope slips around my thighs and squeezes me hard it will feel comforting and close. The texture of it around my waist will feel like the touch of your hands, and the tighter you make it the better I’ll remember you while he fucks me.

I want to be blindfolded so I know nothing about him save the smell of his active sweat as he beats me swiftly to warm me up. Lashes with his belt to make my skin pulse and quicken with blood. It’ll throb around the back of my thighs and my arse and come to rest in my crotch – that thud-thud-thud pulse of my heartbeat right at the tip of my thighs, where my cunt is slick and my clit is hard ready and desperate for him to slide inside.

Strap me tightly down so that my legs are spread and my ankles are shackled, and I couldn’t close them even if I wanted to. I don’t want to. I want to stay open for him. Feel his hands all over me – testing, squeezing, smacking, pinching at my flesh. As if weighing up whether I’m worth it.

Let him use me however he wants – to take out frustration on. Gripping my hair and yanking my head as far back as it will go given the ropes that bind me down. Sliding wetly in and out, letting soft moans of satisfaction each time he slams it really really deep inside me. Reaching one hand round to cup one of my tits, and pinch my nipples to make me let out a squeal of surprise, and clench my cunt even tighter around him so he can speed up and then come.

Wrap me up like I’m a gift, and give me to someone else. Let him fill me with spunk and leave me, trussed and dripping, for you to come and collect.

Know that all the while what I’ll be thinking of, as his cock slams into me, and as I grunt with satisfaction when it stretches me out, and as he beats me with his belt and fills me up with his hot spunk is… you.

Blindfold me, gag me and let me be used.

Because it’s the time of year for sharing, and I’m yours to share around.

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