Guest blog: The most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I wish I could remember my most powerful orgasm. Although I don’t believe in an afterlife, I like to think that if there was one, you’d get some ‘life stats’ before you passed over to the other side. Someone would tell you what your happiest day was, and you’d get to relive it. You’d get a tally of how many people, over the course of your existence, had nursed a giant crush on you. And you could see footage of your most powerful orgasm.

Although I can’t remember my own most powerful orgasm, today’s guest blogger can remember his. He is here to tell you all about it –  as well as the hot fuck that produced it – in deliciously pervy detail. Enjoy!

The most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had

There is a broad spectrum of ways to cum. I’ve had friends who can literally hit the far wall with the power of their shot and those that ‘fountain’ themselves in what seems like an impossible amount of thick, creamy semen. Personally I’ve always come in the same way; my cock twitches and shoots two loads. The first a few inches away and the second much closer but far more substantial. The first is usually the one that my partner feels, whilst I tend to miss it, caught in the sensation of the immediate follow up of the one behind it. It should however be stressed that ejaculation is not the same as orgasm for a man. This is definitely a recount of the latter.

My partner at the time was a woman called Victoria, who out of respect I won’t dissect but who had the most amazing hips, bottom and breasts that were the perfect size and weight to fit in the palm of my hand. We had been meeting for quite a while at this point, snatching time out of similarly busy schedules and commitments to enjoy each other’s company a rut like horny teenagers anywhere we could find enough privacy to enjoy ourselves, along with a few places that weren’t.

Today we’d met at a local pub not too far from my place and made small talk as we sipped cokes on a lazy summer’s evening after work and caught up on our lives, all the time smiling and eyeing each other across the table. When we couldn’t take it any more we went back to her car and almost immediately began to kiss and roam each other’s body with a frenzy usually reserved for horny teenagers and not for ‘responsible’ adults.

My fingers found their way quickly inside her panties and she swore under her breath as one raked across her clit and buried itself deep inside her. She was wet, and I could feel the heat radiating from her womanhood as she panted “we need to find somewhere you can get inside me” before breaking apart and setting out down the road in search of a place to screw.

We drove down a country lane, as was quickly becoming our custom in the summer months, and before long found a quiet little unused rambler’s path. Pulling up fast we ambled a way down it to be out of sight of the road and to ensure that nobody was within a few miles of the spot before lust took over and we were all over each other again.

Her panties left discarded in the car, I now had full access to her wonderful pussy. This time her hands dug into my shoulders as her legs went weak and she panted against me as my hands brought her to a fast orgasm. I held her upright as she caught her breath and fed on the flushed colour of her cheeks, the faces she made and the noises of her as she came.

When she was in control again, or at least wasn’t able to stand any more, she crouched down and expertly stripped my cock from my trousers, freeing it to the warm afternoon air and grinning up at me before greedily sliding the length of it into her wanton mouth. I could have happily stayed that way for some time, but we both knew that this was a warm up and partial prep for what was to come next, and after a minute or two she left my cock slip from her lips slick with saliva.

Standing again, she hiked up her skirt and bent over in front of me, presenting that lovely arse for my approval. We’d often fucked more traditionally, but both of us had come to relish the fact that only I took that lovely bottom, it was my piece of her to possess. We were tested, clean and trusting, and Victoria craved cum in a way that I adored. Wasting no time I bent over and licked the length of her puckered bottom, leaving it wet and dripping equal to the state of my aching cock before standing up and lining my head with her puckered lips. Applying a gentle but firm pressure I relished the feel of her giving way around the tip of my cock and then sliding the full length of myself up inside her.

“Mmm fuck,” she groaned, and rubbed her arse firmly against me, grinding just enough to encourage me to pull out and thrust back in again a little harder. She gasped in a mixture of slight pain, intense pleasure and pure lust before biting her lip and growling deep in the back of her throat for more. I pulled out far enough to feel the air on my shaft before thrusting in harder, and though she rocked on the spot she merely spread herself further open for more.

I reached under her dress and pinched her nipples before taking a firm grip of her hips and starting to reach a rhythm of thrusts. We both knew I wasn’t going to last long, not as randy as we both were and simply because this wasn’t some kind of porn shoot, it was a real, honest, hard fuck. The kind that’s short, sharp and intense. After a moment I began to pick up pace and she shifted to get a better footing to ensure I didn’t push her over, swearing under her breath and encouraging me in a sexy, rasping voice.

It was at this point that things began to change. As I approached the tipping point of ejaculation my ears began to ring, and I could detect a weird fuzziness around the edge of my vision. I lost my rhythm for a second, but quickly found it again as the need to cum overtook me, slamming into the back of this beautiful, sexual creature I was enjoying with a renewed strength.

Then suddenly I exploded: once, twice, three times inside her with a power that I’d never experienced before. Stranger still I kept going, literally spewing deep inside her as my head span and I went dizzy. My cock as deep as it would go and still twitching away out of my control.

I staggered back spent and almost fainted. My god that was the most intense thing I had ever experienced in my life. Victoria took a second to relish the feel before standing and kissing me, realizing how violently the moment had taken me. After checking I was alright she giggled and commented that we should get back to the car before semen started to dribble down her legs, and there I practically folded into passenger’s seat to recover.

I’ve fucked a lot before and since that faithful afternoon, but I’ve never experienced an orgasm quite like that.


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