Slutty outfit or posh frock: who the fuck am I?

If you look closely you can see The Socks in this photo

It’s a special occasion, so I dress up fancy. I toy with the idea of wearing my standard ‘slut’ outfit (thigh-high socks, tight black top, Doxy butt plug) but ultimately chicken out. What if he wants to chill out when he arrives before we get down to the fucking? Maybe he’ll be overwhelmed by an immediate and clear demand that he get it in me right now please please get it in me? What if the special occasion dictates that we should spend some time on wine and chatting first? So I, a wuss, eschew the slutty outfit in favour of a lovely posh dress – one I wore to a good friend’s wedding before Covid, which I hope to wear to dance at other people’s weddings when the After Times arrive.

I put on lots of make-up, do my hair, and roll on the thigh-highs. Wonder if I bother with knickers or not, and decide I probably should. I’m in ‘dressing up fancy’ mode, after all, so I put my sluttery on the back burner.

This feeling isn’t one I’m used to: I think I’m nervous.

I bustle around in the kitchen, cooking dinner and drinking wine and checking my phone every five minutes to see if he’s on his way yet. And I look really nice, like I’m going to a wedding.

I feel awkward and uncomfortable, like I’m going to a wedding.

When he texts to say he’s on his way, I grin but I’m still tense. Something just feels a bit off. I’ve never really felt comfortable in dresses – the black-top-and-butt-plug slutty outfit is way more naturally ‘me’. In this posh frock I feel a little uncomfortable, like I’m squashing myself into a box marked ‘femme’ when the one marked ‘slut’ is more appealing.

I want tonight to be awesome, because it’s a special occasion, but in my desire to make things ‘special’ I’m accidentally reading off someone else’s script: one which has ‘special’ down as posh frocks and nice wine and not fucking someone the second they walk in the door. I feel like an awkward, slutty goth who’s shoehorned herself into a posh frock but can’t wait to get home and tear it all off.

Then, five minutes before he arrives, I remember that’s exactly who I am.

And I realise what I should do.

I down my glass of wine, run upstairs, and throw off the posh dress and my nice bra. Put on an old bra that’s long-past ready to be chucked away and rummage in the back of my wardrobe for a different dress: a simple, floaty thing with white flowers on a purple background. I don’t intend to ever wear it again, and it’s made of t-shirt fabric that is very very easy to tear.

I put it on, take a quick photo in the mirror so I can remember the last time I ever wore this outfit, then grab the bracelet. Regular readers might remember the bracelet game: there’s a specific bracelet I put on which signals to him that everything I’m wearing can be thoroughly destroyed if he so desires.

The slutty outfit is everything

Now I feel comfortable. Now I feel like me. No longer posh and untouchable and feminine and handle-with-care, but slutty and horny and utterly-fuck-me-up. The switch of dresses and addition of the bracelet makes very little difference to my appearance, but a whole wide world of difference to my current state of mind.

I no longer worry about whether I’m pressuring him to fuck as soon as he gets in – I’m wearing the bracelet, so we’ll fuck whenever he decides it’s time to start tearing my clothes off. No need to wonder if I should keep my knickers on – the bracelet means I’ll keep them, because the more I have on, the more fun it’ll be when he rips the whole lot off me.

Now when I answer the door, I can greet him with a grin: bracelet firmly on one wrist, cunt already wet, ready to be me.

A big fucking slut.


Pile of torn clothes including bra and purple dress with white flowers and a red thong, plus flogger

Image by me, again – apologies


Sinful Sunday

I’m linking this post to Sinful Sunday which is an amazing blogging meme in which people take cool pictures of themselves on Sunday. I so rarely take pictures of myself (because I suck at it) that I always get excited if I can do one that legitimately counts as a Sinful Sunday pic. If you like sex bloggers showing off their sexy bits, click the button below – you’re gonna love it.

Sinful Sunday


  • Oh, fabulous. I love this! Isn’t it wonderful to give yourself permission to be *you* it makes such a difference.

  • MariaSibylla says:

    I loved reading about the bracelet game and I love this post. It’s definitely something I plan to incorporate in the future. I always get so excited when you join Sinful Sunday, your ass looks phenomenal in this photo!

  • Molly says:

    I LOVE the bracelet game. I have already shared the concept with both The Charmer and The Gentleman and I am looking forward to getting myself well and truly fucked up!


  • Exposing40 says:

    Hurrah! It’s always great to see you appear on Sinful Sunday and the bracelet game sounds awesome!

  • fuzzy says:

    And the writing remains awesome. But to digress, based solely on the superficial looks of your rear shot selfie I’d like to scream “RAWR, HAWTNESS”. aHEM. pardon my indiscretion, please, but you’d make a good dog break his leash. ahem. pardon.

  • The bracelet game is such a fabulous thing – I love reading about it.
    Oh and I have to say you have the most fantastic arse in that photo. I know you don’t take images of yourself often but when you do you really treat us!
    Missy x

  • ftandhubby says:

    Yea! You had me worried for a moment. It is so awesome as a guy when a woman makes her desires clear and does not feel the need to be someone else. Now tell us how long it was before he ripped those clothes off. Btw I love that my partner is also a big fucking slut.

  • Phillip says:

    When you play in the Band you can wear what you want. Your photos don’t need apology. The one if you in front of the mirror is a story photo. Who is the stranger. You photos have balance and the have purpose.

  • Bee says:

    I think I need to borrow the bracelet game idea, it’s awesome! And the dressing femme thing, that really resonated with me. I’m not a dress person in general, I’ve always felt it’s something I have to perform because I’m expected to. Maybe I need to explore that a bit more or maybe I should just eschew them and just be unapologetically me instead.

    Also, great arse!

  • Julie says:

    I love the idea of the bracelet game. It’s such a long time since I last wore a dress and think I’d struggle to find that person to be me right now. Great photos by the way.

  • Timmy Lea says:

    Dear GirlOnTheNet. You have an incredible arse. Speaking as a guy with this cock in his hand, I would love to see more photos of you. I realise this isn’t the point but I’ve cum to your voice, and cum to your words, so cumming to your photos seems like a logical continuation.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hi Timmy, sadly one of the things I dislike most about publishing pictures of myself is that if I ever do it, I always have people asking for more. It’s an endless cycle and one I’m not keen to get sucked into. I like words: I find words a lot sexier than pictures – I wrote about this a while ago here: I’m a terrible photographer and I’m not massively comfortable in front of the camera. I do it occasionally if I’m feeling very in the mood but as a general rule I prefer not to. I’m glad you like my arse, it’s kind of you to say so, and there are more pictures of me in the ‘images’ tab at the top of the page if you’d like more. But if you want hot naked *photos*, there are millions of other sites that will be able to cater to that far better than I can.

  • Timmy Lea says:

    Hi GOTH – yes, words for me too. A dom scene I had recently included my sub telling me stories of her sexual history, that being the only time she was allowed to speak throughout.

    But that arse though.

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