Sniffing underwear: Teen angst and the smell of his Calvins

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I never used to fantasise about sniffing underwear. Even during my horniest moments, when I was in the early stages of learning what turned me on, and discovering the answer was ‘everything’, it never occurred to me to try and get hold of a guy’s underwear and hold it over my face, breathing in the heady scent of his cock. Until one day, a boy I was in love with came to visit, and left his underwear behind when he departed…

We found his underwear (soft, tight cotton Calvins, if you’re interested), crumpled under a pile of assorted belongings abandoned by other friends. There’d been some scrambling to get changed before we all went out, if I remember correctly: we’d spent the day hanging at my friend’s house, then in the evening departed to go to a house party. He must have just chucked them to one side and forgotten to pick them up when he packed up his backpack to leave.

I held his pants up for my friend to see and we grinned at each other. He was the only boy who’d been there that day, so we both knew who they belonged to.

The first thing I did – instinctively – was lift his pants to my face and have a sniff.

He smelt amazing, this dude. He wore a scent that was sweet and powdery – like talc and soft towels and hotel bathrooms. Underneath the top notes of this powdery, talc-y scent, was something more musky and intense. More him.

We messed around a little, my friend and I – snapped photos of us holding his underwear and making various sexy faces. One or two in which we stripped off our t-shirts and held his underwear against our semi-naked skin, giggling at the knowledge of how he’d react when we sent him the evidence of our ‘joke.’

After handing the disposable camera to a white-coated person in the chemist, my friend and I spent a nerve-wracking hour or so in McDonalds. We’d paid for speedy developing, but then got worried that when we came back in to collect the prints, there’d be police present to arrest us for making pornography.

It wasn’t really porn, though: just playfulness. And I’m guessing the photo people knew that, because they handed over the snaps with the exact level of bored resignation for which British customer service is famous.

At the time, we played it as a joke. It was funny and endearing, and potentially a little teasing: we found your pants, here’s what we did with them. Playing up to his ego and flirting a little, but with the power of knowing that you don’t have to fear rejection if you can frame everything as a joke.

But beneath the joking and the fun there was something deeper. Something that gave me a more intense feeling, that I knew instinctively not to voice aloud to my friend. I never used to fantasise about sniffing underwear, until the perfect opportunity presented itself. I’d sniffed his pants because it felt so right at the time, and the scent of him summoned lust that kicked me forcefully in the pit of my stomach. In more recent years, when guys have sniffed my knickers (or offered to buy my used knickers), their desire to get a sniff of my cunt has made me feel disproportionately powerful. Because it reminds me of how abject I was with desire for this boy that I loved, and how gleefully I lifted his pants to my nose and breathed in.

Out loud I laughed with my friend about getting arrested for taking lewd pictures, but in private I wallowed in the scent of him: summoning images of this boy caressing my head as I buried it in his lap, or drawing my hand towards the open fly of his jeans so I could feel how hard his cock was. Grabbing my head with both hands and yanking it against his talc-and-dick-scented crotch. I loved him, you see, and at that age I couldn’t love without lust – moaning into a pair of soft cotton Calvins seemed like as good a means as any to soothe my aching heart.

We posted the photos to our friend, who loved the story – and the sentiment. Although he’d never have fucked me, he very much enjoyed the attention that my unrequited lust caused me to shower him in. The next time I spoke to him on the phone, he laughed and preened and teased me.


“You liked the way I smelled, right? Have you still got my underwear? Do you still sniff my underwear?”

I told him no.

I lied.



I was reminded of this story because Sofia Gray – the used underwear marketplace – has just come on board as a one of my site sponsors. You should check them out if you want to either buy or sell used underwear, or even if you just want to browse it because you are as fascinated and thrilled by this horny concept as I am. They didn’t pay me to write this post, and their sponsorship isn’t conditional on it, it’s just that it reminded me of this story, and got me horny for all kinds of underwear-sniffing shenanigans. Do you have a kink for sniffing underwear, or selling your own? I would absolutely love a guest blog about it – pitch me!


  • Phillip says:

    My memory is very long and incredibly accurate. Maybe even qualifying as ‘photographic’. I recently was reminded of something I haven’t had in years. Cherry/Vanilla Coke made from syrups and served at the counter. Pepsi has a cherry vanilla version and it has IT. I had a jolt of recognition and bought more. Then I remembered my night spent at a special friends house. I was with my wife and we had driven all day long. My special friend had the flue and said that she would sleep on the couch. My wife and I could share the bed. My wife had primed the situation as she saw a pair of stainless steel handcuffs on the bedside table. My special friend ‘disappeared’ them very quickly. We then retired to the living room where the ladies drank too much and I drank none having drunk my entire allotment of alcohol years previously. My wife and I got into bed and I smelled the perfume and thought of my friend. Then I smelled something else; HER. I STILL CAN SMELL THE SCENT OF HER IN MY MIND! Back when we all were beasts, pheromones were intensely important and motivating. The motivation lingers a long with the memory. The beast lingers as well.

  • ftandhubby says:

    I can’t believe there is only 1 comment to this post so far! Thanks for sharing your story and its wonderful to know some of you ladies enjoy what has typically been cast as a fetish mostly enjoyed by men. Your story struck a nerve as it was not some random guys scent you got to enjoy but someone you knew and smelling his scent gave you a more intimate knowledge of him. I’m guilty as well. Had a friend staying with us while she was going through a break up. A night of wine and fun left me thinking she wanted to be seduced by us but was too shy to initiate anything. My partner and I had talked it over before this happened and decided the timing was not good and I deferred to her jusgement in this area. I went to bed before doing anything I’d regret and left the two woman to their wine. The next day atop her laundry basket in in our laundry area were her panties and yes I inhaled.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oooh intriguing! Also hot =) I am really curious now as to whether something would have happened – I feel like leaving your knickers deliberately is probably a hint, right? But I am bad at reading people so I always have to just ask. ‘Umm… do you want to bang? I feel like you might want to bang but I am bad at this, so if you don’t like no worries but I thought I’d kick myself for not asking.’ #NotSexy

  • fuzzy says:

    The scent of a woman is an integral ingredient in my attraction to her; the other big one is her intellect. The more fragrant the better; i love wet dirty musky funky sweaty pussy and ass (with good hygiene as a fundamental, but let’s assume she hasn’t showered *today* and it’s been a good day; maybe she was working in the yard, and she’s horny and wet and and her panties are effulgent and a bit soaked a little extra funky and maybe she peed in the garden aisle and just pulled her panties back up and …ok i need to stop now. Anyway, the scent of a woman can drive me cray-cray all on its own.

    And I don’t know how many times in my life I’ve come back to my residence and found a woman there dressed in one of my man-shirts and a pair of my underwear – inevitably aroused and waiting, with her hair down and that look in her eyes.

    I don’t know about buying a total stranger’s knickers, but i’d buy the used scented panties of a hot writer anytime.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Aw, thanks! I am flattered that you’d buy my used knickers. To be honest I have considered selling mine before, but always been a bit shy about weird peripherals (the terrible state of my cheap-ass pants, whether I’d be able to vacuum seal them properly to preserve the scent or it’d just be destroyed in the post, etc). But I shall think on it and if you want some I’ll have a go – as long as I’m allowed to blog about it afterwards, ofc =)

      • Moondog says:

        On the topic of post… I sent some undies home to my partner whilst overseas, which took about 3 weeks to get there. Not vaccum sealed, but I did pop them in a sandwich bag. He said they weren’t as strongly scented as the ones I had left before I went, but they were still very unmistakeably me 😊

  • Newly outed Panty Sniffer says:

    Thanks for sharing! I can relate; been sniffing my wife’s panties for some time (been married for 5 years) – and up until 4 weeks ago she was none the wiser. It was very much done in the shadows; but we had a very ‘open’ conversation recently and I decided to come clean about my panty sniffing fetish along with some other interests e.g. spanking; BDSM. She was open to everything, asked questions mostly around why?! Lol. I explained her scent drove me nuts – all in all a good conversation and happy for me to continue. But the thing is since the convo; there has been nothing…. no panties left by ‘mistake’ or on purpose. She’s made the odd jokey comment. Not sure if shared too much at the one time; or maybe she’s not OK about it as she said she was?? A bit disappointed to be honest + reluctant to bring it up again. Anyone else had a similar experience where you shared a fetish with your partner, it started promisingly and fizzled out just as quick?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Wow, that’s awesome that you’ve been able to talk to her about it, and it also sounds like she had a really positive response. If I’m honest I think I’d have been a bit taken aback if it’s been happening for years and only found out about it 5 years in, so the first thing I’d say is you may need to give her a bit of time. Four weeks might seem like ages if you’re keen to start exploring a bit more with her, but it may be that she needs to get her head around stuff and think about how she feels and the ways she might be up for enjoying it with you.

      The other thing I’d say is that it’s not massively clear from your comment whether you’ve been explicit with her about the kinds of things you want. It can be really hard to know exactly how to cater to someone’s kink, especially if you’re also juggling your own desires at the same time, and you want to make a match which works for both of you. If I were you I’d have another chat with your wife, in a super low-stakes, low-pressure scenario (like over dinner or a glass of wine or something, when you have no intention of insisting you both immediately go to bed/try stuff out in the next few minutes). Tell yourself that you don’t expect anything to happen right away – don’t go in with a specific list of requests or a timeframe by which she *has* to do anything. Just broach the subject with her again and say ‘hey, remember we talked about this? I’d really like to do some of it sometime if you’re up for it and I’d like to know how you feel about that.’ Then listen, listen some more, ask LOADS of questions. For example ‘do any aspects of this turn you on? Are there any fantasies *you* have (along these lines or any others) that you’d be interested in trying?’

      Go in with the aim of exploring her desires rather than just fulfilling yours, and be open to hearing everything she says. It may well be that the answer is ‘no’ or ‘not right now’ or ‘I’m up for it but with this slight twist that makes it hornier for me’, or it may just be that having spoken to you about it before and expressed curiosity, she’s waiting for you to be more specific in what you need so she knows how to handle it and has the confidence that she’s doing things which genuinely arouse you. I’ve certainly tried to fulfil people’s fantasies before and got nervous that I wasn’t doing it in the right way, so that could be a possibility too.

      Basically, I think my advice would be: don’t focus on your disappointment that she hasn’t immediately leapt into your fetish and done what you want, focus instead on how curious she was when you first brought it up with her. Nurture that curiosity, develop the same curiosity for how her kinks/desires might meld with yours (or how they might differ and you can explore other things too!) and keep the conversation as open, welcoming and low-pressure as you possibly can.

      • Newly outed Panty Sniffer says:

        Thanks for replying!! Some really useful advise; glad I posted! And I take your point about finding out after 5 year might’ve taken her aback!! Although I’m sure I drunklt mentioned it years ago – which prob helped reduce the surprise! Had contemplated taking the easy approach (or guys approach!) cos I didn’t want to bring it up again – i.e. getting caught in the act (on purpose) or buying her some panties to almost force a revisit to the conversation. Prob not the best idea I’ve ever had!!! But you’re right it merits another discussion! The reason I’m replying is by my wife’s own admission she has a low sex drive, so when I’ve broached the subject of her desires etc… She tells me she doesn’t have any. Surely all women do though?? Cos I’d be more than up for exploring anything she was into!!! I never asked if any aspect of my kinks turn her on though. But that feels like I’m turning the convo back to my needs/desires!? Your comments made me think back to the original convo – I was explicit re the panty fetish. That wet panties (if she’s been horny during the day) were a massive turn-on. But I think this was more the fantasy to be honest. Most of my panty sniffing induced masturbation has been from her woren panties that smell of her cunt; plus she’s doesn’t self-pleasure (like ever) unless we’re together and I’m in charge of the toys so I think getting wet panties was even more unlikely. So prob need to clarify this better! Interested on your take on approach it with a partner with a low sex drive. And i’ll keep you posted on how convo #2 turns out!!

  • Banquo says:

    This is a fascinating subject. I’m a long-time panty sniffer, but have never disclosed this to my wife. I don’t know whether she suspects that I have this kink, but it’s never been mentioned. We used to talk about our sexual preferences quite a lot in those early days, but at that time I didn’t know that panty sniffing was as common as I know it is now, and I worried that she might think it was a disgusting perversion.

    Once, many years ago, I nearly got caught out. I’d got home early from work and my wife wasn’t due home for over an hour, so I thought I’d have plenty of time to knock one out before she got home.

    I checked the laundry basket and was pleased to see there were a pair of her bikini style panties in there. Thongs weren’t very common in those days, I’m glad to say. There’s wasn’t nearly enough gusset in a thong to absorb all the sweetness that leaked out of her cunt, for my liking. As I always did, I made a mental note of their position in the basket so I could put them back where I found them when I’d finished with them, so paranoid was I of the consequences of being found out.

    I had a particular method for getting the maximum pleasure in the minimum time which was essential when I knew I didn’t have long to get the job done. I’m a big fan of the long, relaxed wank, when the opportunity arises, but this wasn’t one of those occasions. So it was into the bedroom, grab a couple of Kleenex on route to deal with the clean up efficiently, trousers down and sit on the edge of the bed. I’d get one of her soft underskirts to slide up and down against my balls as this, along with the delicious smell from her knickers, would give me an almost painful hard-on extremely quickly and guarantee I’d blow my load in only a couple of minutes. So I’d lie back, feet on the floor so I could tense my thigh muscles at the right time, gusset positioned carefully over my nose after detecting the most pungent spot, one hand holding the underskirt and moving up and down for testicular stimulation, and wanking pretty furiously for the fastest possible happy ending.

    As usual, it didn’t take long, and I wiped the spunk off my stomach, redressed, underskirt back in the drawer and Kleenex down the toilet.

    By the time my wife got home, I was stripping wallpaper in the living room, as we were in the process of decorating. She went upstairs to get changed, but when she came down she asked if I knew why a pair of her knickers were on the bedroom floor. I nearly blurted out a confession, but in that instant the paranoia kicked in and I just said she must have dropped them herself before she went to work. Did she believe me? I never knew and nothing further was said, but I was doubly careful not to leave any evidence on future occasions when i was home alone.

    Getting back to your original post, GOTN, I was surprised that you’d found the smell of your boy’s pants arousing. After all, the only thing men are likely to leak is piss, which I guess could be arousing in itself, but it sounds like there were other scents as well. I’ve read a few forums relating to panty sniffing, and any females that contribute usually say that they wouldn’t be tempted to smell their men’s pants, but elsewhere I’ve read that women may take a man’s unwashed shirt to bed with them when they’re not together for any reason, so we’re not so different after all. By contrast, my wife’s had a variety of smells depending of the time of the month and how active she’d been and even along the gusset they could vary from pissy at the front but scented with her secretions further back, both of which I found arousing.

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